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Weekend outings go astray

Two people were taken to the hospital when weekend outings with family went astray, leaving them bruised and battered.

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City manager pay: $144,000

6 months severance – even if fired for cause

Just a few months after the Payson Mayor Kenny Evans criticized an employment agreement that gave then-town manager Debra Galbraith six months severance, the town could hand out a similar agreement to Galbraith’s replacement.

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Star Valley approves staff bonuses

Council also debates dangers of bounce houses

The Star Valley Town Council had a busy meeting Tuesday night, making several decisions that affect the park and law enforcement protection. They also voted to give town staff members a $500 bonus.

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Cellphone sex busts

Sex with minors, sending naked photos

Five Payson residents are facing charges for underage phone sex, including two teenage girls who under a new Arizona law face charges of sending graphic photos.

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Dad drowns saving 6-year-old daughter

Tragedy struck in the depths of Fossil Creek on Monday when a 41-year-old father of four died after he plunged into the water to save his daughter.

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Man dies at Fossil Creek Monday

A 41-year-old father of four died Monday afternoon in Fossil Creek reportedly trying to save his daughter.

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The Tao of Rim Country paddleboarding

There are several ways to approach paddleboarding for the first time. You can meekly step on the board, clutching your paddle in a state of panic.

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McDonald’s exec insists, advertising still key to success

He invented the Happy Meal and worked on some of the biggest advertising campaigns for McDonald’s, including jingles you are probably still humming today.

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Pot dispensary owners in bitter civil war

Charges fly as owners contend for control

The owners of Payson’s medical marijuana dispensary remain locked in fierce court battle as a receiver continues to manage northern Gila County’s only pot dispensary.

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Food Bank broke

Realtors launch food drive

The Community Food Bank fund has just $19 left in the coffers, so the Central Arizona Board of Realtors has launched its fall food drive just in time.

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Was shooting really self defense?

Payson Police still gathering evidence in shooting death

A Payson man who said he fatally shot a Payson business owner in self-defense Saturday has not been charged and police say it will take some time for them to wrap up their investigation and make a final call on whether he will face charges.

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Smash-up on Beeline snarls traffic

A Thursday morning crash on northbound Beeline Highway just outside the Pinon Cafe blocked two lanes of traffic for an hour as paramedics treated the drivers.

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Accident briefly blocks northbound Beeline Highway

A crash on the northbound Beeline Highway, just outside the Pinon Cafe Thursday morning, blocked two lanes of traffic as paramedics treated the drivers.

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Man dies after shooting in Home Depot parking lot

Police consider incident a case of self-defense after altercation

The owner of Crosswinds Restaurant died Monday afternoon after he was shot three times Saturday afternoon in the Home Depot parking lot.

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Domestic violence nets brief jail stint

Girlfriend reconciles, pleads for boyfriend despite two incidents

After two domestic violence altercations with his girlfriend in less than a year, a Gila County Superior Court judge Monday sentenced a Payson man to jail, probation and a lengthy term of community service.

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Still waters: Paddleboarding Roosevelt Lake

I have tried calming my chi with yogis. I carry a yoga mat in my car. I have learned how to sit motionless for hours, and I even have an app on my Kindle that guides me through calming meditational scenes. But nothing has come close to the peace I found floating on an inflatable lime green paddleboard.

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Forest Service accidentally severs CenturyLink fiber optic

Less than a 100 feet from a post warning of underground lines, a Forest Service construction crew severed a fiber optic cable Monday afternoon near Pine, knocking out service to the region for 13 hours.

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Sheriff’s posse members arrested

Two longtime members of the Gila County Sheriff’s Office Posse were arrested Tuesday at their Pine home on drug charges.

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Pot dispensary seeks longer hours

The Planning and Zoning Commission Monday recommended the town council increase the medical marijuana dispensary’s hours.

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The Beeline Guesthouse a charming bed and breakfast in Pine

On the north end of Pine sits a large red home with a wraparound porch and plenty of flowers for the elk. Sitting on one of the earliest sites developed in the area is the Beeline Guest House, a bed and breakfast.

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Better business from head to toe

From a small, rented room to one of the largest salons in town, the transformation of From Head to Toe Salon took 20 years, but is a model of success.

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Children struggle to master reading

Study: 34 percent of kindergartners not ‘ready to read’

A family keeps just a few books in the home, preferring to put a child in front of the television.

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Country club neighbors protest 16-lot Payson subdivision

A group of homeowners are upset with plans to build a 16-lot subdivision alongside Chaparral Pines.

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Council debates waiver to benefit airport business

If the Payson Town Council waives fees for one business, will it set a bad precedent?

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Payson Town Manager: New role for an old hand

From a Wyoming high school, he set out to become a town engineer, but never dreamed he would one day end up heading up an entire town.

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Cop crashes

Accident closes highway

The Arizona Department of Public Safety is investigating a crash involving a Gila County Sheriff’s Office deputy and an SUV Saturday that sent four people to the hospital and closed State Route 87 for more than three hours. Deputy Cole LaBonte will continue to work while DPS conducts the investigation.

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Out of rope: Climbing Weaver's Needle

After hiking four hours and climbing up more than 3,400 feet, I stood with a mere 10 feet of rope in my hands. Above me, my father clung to the side of the spire only a few feet from the top. Looking back at the rope, I shouted up at him, “Dad, you've only got a few feet left.” “What!” he shouted back with a coarseness to his breath after laboring up the crack with several pounds of gear strapped to his harness.

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Father and son tackle Humphrey’s Peak on snowshoes in the winter

While most people hike Humphrey's Peak in Flagstaff during the cool spring and fall months, Morris Brown and his son are the kind of people that like to reconnect in zero-degree temperatures, under weighty packs, over death-trap crevasses and high up on icy mountain peaks.

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Shuttle service takes off

After just a few years in business, the Payson Airport Shuttle has expanded from one van and a few trips to the Valley each week to three vans and four trips a day.

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Motorcycle crash proves fatal

A Valley woman died Saturday after her motorcycle crashed into a guardrail north of Payson.

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Commission confronts controversies

Backyard chickens, marijuana dispensary hours and guests camped out in driveway RVs will all present the Payson Planning and Zoning Commission with a chance to make some decisions on hot-button issues.

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A different kind of mountain bike race in Pine

Fire on the Rim race spurs camaraderie, community support

The riders wove through the forest north of Pine Saturday in one of the state’s most difficult mountain bike races, struggling to cope with a narrow, rutted, rocky path that sent one rider after another into headlong falls.

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Child abuse case awaits trial

Couple insists they did not cause baby’s injuries

A Payson couple still awaits trial on charges of abusing a 20-month-old baby so severely its eyes doubled in size.

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Addict pleads for help

A woman who admitted to using methamphetamine for the past two decades was sentenced to two years of probation Tuesday, Sept. 8.

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LaRon Garrett to take helm in Payson

The council will vote Thursday to appoint a new town manager — but Payson didn’t have to look very far. Assistant Town Manager LaRon Garrett, currently serving as interim manager, is expected to take over.

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Second chance despite drugs, endangerment

A Payson man was given an opportunity to get his life on track after pleading guilty to child abuse and possession of drug paraphernalia after police reportedly found marijuana and a marijuana plant in a home the man shared with his 7-year-old daughter.

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Cagey thief hits theater

Police are asking for the public’s help after someone got into the Sawmill Theatres early Sunday morning and stole cash from an ATM machine.

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New rules for community garden

Payson is considering putting some restrictions on community gardens, but only to uproot potential problems that could sprout as the garden continues to grow.

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Deaths ruled murder-suicide

Police believe son in February filled home with carbon monoxide

Investigators have concluded that a Payson teen killed both himself and his mother by filling their home with carbon monoxide fumes in February.

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Rollover blocks Highway 260

A 27-foot Penske rental box truck rolled Tuesday night on State Route 260, forcing another vehicle off the roadway to avoid the swerving truck, according to the Gila County Sheriff’s Office.

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She’s sorry for ‘poor decisions’

But says she’ll reunite with her boyfriend when he gets out of prison

After her boyfriend was sentenced recently to 4.5 years in prison and a lengthy probation sentence for multiple thefts, a Payson teen was sentenced Tuesday for her part in the crimes.

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Fatal crash spurs questions about chase

Young man dies as he flees police on motorcycle

Police are investigating the tragic chain of events that led up to the death of a 20-year-old Payson man Saturday night after he reportedly sped away from an officer who tried to pull him over.

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Best hikes for you and your dog

Roundup readers offer their favorite trails

Where are the best places in Rim Country to hike with a dog? Never has a Roundup Facebook post delivered so many comments from readers.

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Time Out ready for ‘Domestic Violence Awareness Month’

The Time Out Shelter, Inc. will mark its 22nd year in Payson Oct. 25 and on Thursday the Payson Town Council declared October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

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Gila County Superior Court back to full strength

More Payson hearings possible now that Chambers has been sworn in

After several months of getting by with just two judges, Gila County Superior Court got a little help. Bryan Chambers on Monday was sworn in as the new Division I judge.

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Tonto Natural Bridge State Park visitation rebounds

Rim Country's most popular toursit attraction booming

Rim Country’s best-known tourist attraction has made a striking comeback with visitors in the past two years. During the recession and budget crisis, frequent closures drove visitation at the Tonto Natural Bridge State Park down to about 60,000 annually.

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Drainage rules eased

Logo makes us officially cool

The Payson Town Council is considering loosening flood control and drainage rules to remove “an unfair burden” on developers.

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APS will cut trees in Payson around poles

In an ongoing effort to protect both the community and its infrastructure, APS is planning to clear all vegetation within 10 feet of power poles.

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Blaze averted

Firefighters from Payson and Star Valley rushed to Denny’s Wednesday afternoon after kitchen staff smelled smoke.

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Addiction’s heavy toll

Fuels crime spree of teenagers

A Payson teen who said a drug addiction fueled a series of thefts and burglaries was sentenced recently to 4.5 years in prison and 84 months of probation.