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Werewolf, vampire war makes for a movie mess

At the Movies

Underworld: Blood Wars Kate Beckinsale is back in her fifth outing playing ferocious vampire warrior Selene in Underworld: Blood Wars.

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Foul humor covers deeper story

Why Him? R-rated comedies have a well-deserved reputation for foul language and bizarrely gross situations.

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Visually delightful; emotionally powerful

We humans are pack critters. Without our pack we do not do well. We get lonesome and bored and by and by we get crazy.

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

At The Movies

All the familiar elements of our favorite “Star Wars” movies return in what some might say feels more repetitive than original. Fair enough.

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Moviegoers will long-remember ‘Arrival’

We all love a well-done space alien movie. This one has Quebec-born director Denis Villeneuve at the helm.

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‘Rules Don’t Apply’ is a very touching film of love

Warren Beatty has had one of the stellar careers in 20th century American cinema.

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‘Fantastic Beasts’ has lots of magic, wizard duels and romance

Harry Potter does not appear in this film of magic and mayhem. His birth happens some 70 years after the events shown in “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.”

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‘Dr. Strange’ easily most visually spectacular film of the year

Ohhh Emmmm Geee. “Dr. Strange” easily takes the cake as the visually spectacular movie of the year. This one you may want to see in 3-D. The movie guys went all out.

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‘Hacksaw Ridge’ is truly a must-see movie

We see lots of movies with great derring-do, but rarely do we see a movie that actually depicts the true-life heroism of an actual American hero.

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‘Inferno’ is a fast-paced action, a complex mystery, top-rate acting

Actor and movie star Tom Hanks hits the threes twice this week. He stars in the third in a series of movies taken from the pages of Dan Brown’s very popular books in the Da Vinci Code series.

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