Andy Towle


You might visit and view Andy's latest escapades, which include a column titled Against the Light.
Photographer since 1970. Has been in these major fields of photography; commercial, medical, scientific, portrait, photo-journalism. His other abilities include graphic design, writing, lectures on photography, and amusing his friends by inserting foot in mouth when least expected; he has designed ads, brochures, business cards, etc., written articles and stories, given talks on his adventures in photography and provided photo lessons to those who ask. The major portion of his career has been as a commercial, portrait/wedding, and photo-journalist photographer. He is also a Mac geek of sorts, but never seems to learn enough to satisfy his curious nature.
He has traveled the United States, in his younger days, on the strength of his thumb. Towle has also lived in Europe, but prefers the US. He settled in Arizona in 1992 and has no plans to leave, except to travel to other places around this country. He is currently writing a book about his different careers and where that has taken him and plans to begin a GPS website about...well, that's still a secret.
He likes to take long walks, with camera in hand and capture those fleeting early morning moments of fantastic light before the sun rises, and sometimes during and after, but those moments are unique, rare and special. Ah, 'Before the Sun Rises' could be a name of his current book in the works, but it isn't.
He enjoys the company of close friends and the excellent and lively conversation they bring to the table. Of course, he is always observing people, and the follies of man, no matter how inane or brilliant.
He has won a fair amount of awards from the Arizona Newspaper Association (20 or 21, but who's counting?) for his photographic efforts and continues to push that shutter to capture that fleeting 'decisive moment'. Thank you, Henri Cartier-Bresson, for the enlightenment. You might visit and view Andy's latest escapades.

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Photographer's farewell

Jerry Garcia sang it best: “What a long, strange, trip it’s been.” Amen.

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Payson globe-trotter tells tales of travels

Mavis Denofsky pestered me for months. It was my own fault. We grouches are like that.

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In the nick of time

Confession: Sometimes I need prodding. Don’t get me wrong — I love to shoot. It’s like breathing; can’t hold it in for too long. Still, sometimes I get stuck to my chair. But, then, when the editor suggests it might be a good idea to get to the lake and capture that mist before it’s gone, one moves.

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Enjoy latest landmark

You’ve probably noticed the brightly painted, Arizona-themed elk down on Main Street, just past McLane.

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Dutch oven delights

The Payson Senior Circle took a break from its usual Lunch and Learn format with a Dutch oven cooking demonstration and reward at Rumsey Park. John Swenson, Marie Lyles and James Feezor got together and prepared a meal in several Dutch ovens.

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Art in the Park

Local artist Heather O’Berg launched an Art in the Park program recently (June 3 to 7), at Green Valley Park.

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Murder Self-Defense?

I set out to get a quick shot of Rim Country Middle School Resource Officer Michael Hansen impressing students with his bullet-proof vest and air of authority — but these days you never know what you’ll find when you actually get inside a classroom.

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Kids’ calm courage can soften even a curmudgeon’s heart

I’m a certified curmudgeon, one of those grouchy people you cross the street to avoid. But somehow my editor keeps sending me off on articles that are supposed to melt my heart. Ha, good luck with that.

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Cupcake Cutups

Library squeezes cake decorating event into Art-rageous week

Katie Sanchez, children’s activities coordinator at the Payson Public Library, and Monica Vaughn, cake decorator par excellence, waited patiently, as children slowly trickled in to the all-purpose room at the south end of the building, Thursday, Feb. 21.

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Riding into an epic past

Photographer on the trail of the Hashknife Pony Express finds a buckskin time machine

Lots of people dream of the Old West, but have to settle for movies and daydreams.

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