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The quiet lull before jump-starting the fall activities

This weekend promises to be a quiet one. Likely the “flatlanders” will be gathering their energies for Labor Day weekend, and the weekday quiet may well extend through the weekend.

Strawberry Elite’s steak fry this Sunday

Hungry? The Strawberry Elite’s annual steak fry is from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., this Sunday, Aug. 21 at Rimside Grill. Enjoy a mesquite-grilled steak dinner with cowboy beans, cole slaw, potato salad, rolls and Texas sheet cake, all for $15 per person. Musical entertainment will be provided by Trouble in Paradise.

Second Saturday Shop Hop is Aug. 13

ne day about a week ago, I was riding through Pine on my motorcycle on my way to a meeting. Around Payson Concrete, I met a fellow driving an old, faded John Deere tractor.

Tease photo

Mountain bike race this weekend

In one of my first columns, I introduced you dear readers to Walt “Stud” Hatfield, a regular at the Senior Dining Room in Pine. This past Monday, I attended his farewell party as a lady in Kansas has snagged his heart and he is leaving all the Pine ladies in the lurch, though rumors abound that some may follow him! Barbara Brandt, his self-proclaimed main squeeze, jumped into a picture I took. Stud remained the gentleman he is and declined to identify his favorite ladies.

Excited about the future, sobered about leaving P-S

One of the fears I had when accepting this gig of writing a weekly column, was what happens when I have nothing to write about. I keep a file of upcoming events throughout the week fed by your e-mails to me. This week there was nary an e-mail. Thus I have to think out loud about what’s on my mind. Right now what is on my mind is an impending move from Strawberry. I am excited for the future, but also sobered by what I am leaving.

Mountain bike race is two weeks away

Getting older comes with all sorts of different baggage. It happened again this past week. I think it is the gray hair. This is not a “guy” problem, however. How unfair! Do you know how some store clerks in their effort to be polite and not knowing your name, will use “Miss” or “Ma’am” or even worse “Miz”? I think I have it figured out.

Lazy days of summer are just starting

Has this been true of your summer thus far? Not me. I have had a young man come to help me one day a week. We have cleaned out two sheds, given away unwanted furniture, made a run to the landfill, torn down the dry-rotted deck, raked pine needles, cemented in a gate post, and a gazillion other jobs.

Dry rain was new experience for house guest

That little picture of clouds with diagonal lines beneath them is showing up regularly on my Internet weather forecaster site. More importantly, those diagonal lines have become actual rain! Well, sometimes. An interesting rain phenomenon was experienced by my house guest this week. He is from the Pacific Northwest, so rain doesn’t make him as giddy as it does us. He experienced “Arizona” rain. That is when you feel the drops but don’t get wet. He noted that he had heard about dry heat, but dry rain was a new experience! Whatever kind of rain we have is more than welcome.