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FaceBook pictures posts – are your kids safe?

GPS systems, especially those included on our smart phones, have made life much more convenient. Finding restaurants, mapping vacation routes, and even getting out of the woods alive are some of the benefits. But this new technology also makes it easier for criminals to track us down and cause harm. A recent report by an NBC news affiliate in Kansas City showed just how easy it is for predators to find children based on photos taken of them with smart phones. Here’s how it happens: Someone innocently snaps a photo of their child, a friend, or of themselves to post on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. The GPS on the phone applies a Geotag to the photo that contains the exact longitude/ latitude where it was taken. Once this photo is shared publicly, the geolocation tags are also shared publicly. Bad guys can use simple software to extract the location where the photo was taken. The scariest part of this whole process is that it happens within minutes.

Make your home work time as efficient as possible

If you’re lucky enough to have a boss that lets you telecommute, or even luckier to not have a boss at all, working from home is a great way to be more efficient and save a little cash. Granted, there are plenty of distractions trying to get you off your game: kids, pets, television, the refrigerator. With a little practice, you can master these distractions and really get into a groove when you work from home. But one distraction that you can’t just ignore is technology inadequacy. You have to take care of that once and for all. And once you do, it’ll be smooth sailing.

Slow is better when dealing with technology changes

Heraclitus was a Greek philosopher (I know, I hadn’t heard of him, either). He believed in the theory that “the only thing that is constant in life is change.” We can accept and enjoy a child, for example, as something that is constantly changing (or maybe something that always needs changing). Change is a good thing. If you’ve been on Facebook recently, you know that change can often be frustrating. But it does not need to be so. Without getting all philosophical, let’s take a look at why technology changes, and why that is a good thing.

Searching for supermodels can be extremely dangerous

The Internet is full of scams, viruses and unwanted surprises. But don’t be surprised if you search for a celebrity and wind up in the middle of a whole lot of trouble. McAfee, a computer security software company, has released its “most dangerous searches” list, and if you’re not careful, your search for a Project Runway recap involving Heidi Klum, for example, might just be the thing that lets a virus loose in your computer.

What your children should know about computers

School is back in session. And while you may have a temporary relief period during the day, the homework assignments, impromptu projects, and other schoolwork will undoubtedly pile up. But don’t let the teachers have all the fun. You can teach your kids a thing or two that will set them up for success for the rest of their lives.

Secure your voicemail

Phone hacking — It’s not just for big news organizations. Recent news has shed light on some phone security issues here in our own back yard. A British news organization is being accused of hacking into voicemail accounts to get tips and leads on big stories involving celebrities, politicians, and members of British royalty.

Tablets: Are they out to take over the world?

Are tablets (including iPad and other models) out to take over the world? Well, it seems that they are, whether they want to or not. Recent popularity of the tablets has really opened the door for a ubiquitous showing of these “smartphones on steroids.” Soon, there will probably be some form of tablet in every household. Let’s take a look at why.

Facebook a great source of free stuff, but be careful

Facebook is a great tool to share vacation photos that make your coworkers jealous, keep track of your teenage kids, or stay up to date with recent news. But did you know that Facebook is also a great place to get free stuff?

Tips and tricks to take advantage of YouTube power

You’ve seen the power of YouTube. There have been many lost work hours spent watching anything from double rainbows to playful kittens. Heck, YouTube even started that whole Bieber-fever nonsense. It is a powerful tool. We wanted to share a few of our favorite YouTube features with you. These features kind of fly below the radar, so you may not be using them yet. But they will make your YouTube experience a lot more fun.

A look at the pros and cons of Google Docs

For years, we have all pretty much used Microsoft Word for our word processing needs (or Corel WordPerfect for some of you old-schoolers). But now that the computer market has changed a bit, new options are being brought to the forefront.

E-readers become staple on American landscape

You’ve seen them. They’re all over the place. On the plane, in the bookstores, at the park. E-readers have become a staple in the American landscape.

My computer’s been hacked ... now what?

We focus a lot on preventive maintenance in regards to computer security.

Who should you trust for computer repair?

Would you take your car to some stranger on the side of the road who is holding a sign that says “cheap repairs?” Or worse yet, would you allow your child to be seen by a “doctor” at the mall, simply because she has a stethoscope and a clipboard?

Be careful not to fall for charity scams

It’s too bad that we have to continually remind our readers about the scams associated with natural disasters and their aftermath.

Automate your computer maintenance

It seems like everything is automated these days.

Beware of tax time scams from hackers

As if tax season wasn’t stressful enough, now we have to worry about hackers, too. Tax time isn’t just busy for accountants — the bad guys know they can make a few extra dollars, too.

Internet TV is revolutionizing the way you watch movies

A Payson mainstay, Blockbuster Video, is closing its doors after many years of service … and it’s a trend that is happening throughout the United States.

Is your business or office ready for a centralized server?

As your business grows, so do your technology needs. You may have more staff, more programs to run, or more locations.

Important to have a backup system in place

When it comes to our personal health, most of us try to practice a certain level of “preventive maintenance.”

Still paying for e-mail? You’re getting ripped off

Hopefully, you’ve realized that e-mail is free.

Time to tidy up and organize your e-mail inbox

It’s 2011, and it’s a fresh start for all of us. One of the best things we can do to eliminate a little stress is to clean out our e-mail inboxes. This is really a simple process. It doesn’t require any coding, hardware maintenance, software updates, or new systems. But it does involve time and discipline.

Are you ready to make the switch to Windows 7?

There’s been a lot of discussion around Windows 7 in the past months, and there’s been a lot of “wait and see,” too.

Will iPad or some other tablet device replace the laptop?

You’re probably right in the thick of holiday busy-ness: shopping, attending parties, and trying to get last-minute work projects wrapped up so you can enjoy the big day.

Blogging 101 — don’t miss out on the fun

Have you started testing the social media waters yet? Maybe you’ve posted a few updates on Twitter, “stalked” a few old classmates on Facebook, or broadcast your daughter’s dance recital on YouTube. But even with all that activity, you might be missing out on the bread and butter of all social media: the blog.

PCI security compliance is now mandatory

PCI security compliance is something every business (at least those who deal with credit card transactions) has to deal with at some point. PCI compliance ensures that all data sent and received during a credit card transaction is dealt with appropriately and protects the sensitive information of the purchaser.

Computer Guys bring expertise to Rim Country

Misbehaving computers are most people’s nemesis.

WiFi security concerns: Don’t follow the sheep

We’ve all seen the benefits of connecting our electronic devices to a Wi-Fi network.

Christmas gift recommendation No. 1 — laptops

We’ve barely thrown away the rancid pumpkins and are still working on polishing off those leftover Smarties, but it’s not too early to start thinking about Christmas gifts.

Internet Explorer 9 — changing perceptions?

Microsoft has developed a reputation as the “Evil Empire” among some in the computer world. And the main culprit that has led to the negative feelings has to be Internet Explorer.

Vocabulary for some well-known computer security violations

When you are dealing with computer security issues (which most of us are on a daily basis), it’s important to know the jargon.

Videoconferencing with your home computer

The future is here. Recently, tech companies Cisco Systems and Logitech announced that telepresence videoconferencing will be made available for home use.

How to detect your computer’s cry for help

You’re no stranger to complaints ... you get them from your kids, from your co-workers, your spouse, your boss, and maybe even complete strangers on the road.

Discover the hidden gems of Windows 7

Many of you have been using Windows 7 for quite some time now. Others may be thinking about an upgrade or a new computer purchase. Either way, there may be some hidden features that you are missing out on. We’ve compiled five of the most useful tricks you may not know about ... enjoy.