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Wildlife drinkers improved in Unit 23


There are a number of wildlife drinkers that have been built over the years to catch water when it rains and used later in the drier times which are frequent in Arizona.

Time for fall trout fishing


Fall has arrived, and that often dictates storing the fishing equipment and breaking out the hunting gear. Many archers have been in the field for a couple of weeks attempting to tag a deer, while archery elk season is just beginning.

The bulls of fall are starting to call


To an outdoorsman, there are a few predictable signs that wildlife exhibit at different times of the year. The gobble of a wild turkey in the spring, the salmon run of an Alaskan summer, and the bugle of a bull elk in the early fall in the mountains of the West are all benchmark events in nature.

The Mexican Gray Wolf expansion into the Tonto

For many years there has been an experimental transplant population of Mexican Gray Wolves on the Arizona-New Mexico border. This area is located in the sparsely populated Blue River area, White Mountain Apache Reservation and the Gila wilderness.

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Get in shape for fall hunts

The results are now in from the Arizona Game and Fish Department lottery drawing for deer, turkey, sheep, and fall javelina hunts and are available on the Internet — go to and follow the directions posted.

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Knoll Lake offers a cool, solitary retreat

The Mogollon Rim rises more than 1,000 feet above the general landscape with rock cliffs that form a plateau of thousands of acres of dense conifer forest.

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Rim blackberries are ripe

By about the third week in July, the first crop of blackberries are beginning to ripen on the vine and these bushes will continue to produce berries through the Labor Day weekend. So it is time to start exploring some of the old haunts to see which canyon has the ripest and best fruit. There are numerous locations under the Rim that have berry patches, but most of them are off the beaten path.

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Big Lake - big fish

Summer trout fishing in Arizona is a popular way to beat the heat of the desert and maybe catch a few rainbows.

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Bear Canyon Lake — worth the trip

Sometimes it’s so tough to drive by a lake for another destination, which may be a few miles further where you are planning to go fishing for the day.

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Mississippi River experience

A couple of weeks ago on the spur of the moment, I had the opportunity to journey to LaCrosse, Wis., which is on the banks of the upper Mississippi River.

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