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Autumn has arrived in Tonto Village

The beautiful autumn season is here. The weather is perfect, the apples are falling and the temperatures in the early morning are around 39 degrees. What could be better? The squirrels are scampering around either playing or fighting over acorns, I can’t tell, but they are fun to watch.

Memorable road trip comes to an end

I’m back! My husband and I took off for Iowa on Sept. 4, traveled to Des Moines, Iowa, Berwick, Pa. and Rawlings, Md.

Modified Motorcycles visit the Village

The Village was roaring over the weekend, literally! The Modified Motorcycle Association held its yearly rally in the Village.

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Area enjoyed major monsoon storm Monday

Monday evening it poured! I’m not sure how much rain fell in such a short time, but it came down so fast, my rain gutters couldn’t hold the water and overflowed.

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Seven Shelby students cast in Missoula play

The summer is moving along too fast. There are only nine days left to the month of August. The monsoons are now hit and miss, teasing us with sprinkles almost every afternoon, so I guess that season is just about over.

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Missing monsoons

What happened to the monsoon rains? I am wondering whether the season is already over.

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Monsoon weather causes Rim Country to bloom

I love the monsoon weather! Plants that I thought were dried up are now coming back.

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The summer is passing by too fast

August! Already! The summer is passing way too fast. I haven’t even had time to go fishing!

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Wet weather a blessing – mostly

The monsoon storms have arrived with a vengeance causing damage throughout the Rim Country. Tonto Village was fortunate in that no major damage has been reported. My back yard rain gauge measured 3.75 inches of rain since Tuesday morning.

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Hope the rest of July is calm

The past two weeks have been sorrowful, hectic and enjoyable.

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Rim residents reach out to fire victims

The residents of the small community of Tonto Village opened their hearts and their pocketbooks to help the families of Yarnell on Saturday, July 6.

A tragic week for so many

It’s been a hard week for so many. How do I begin this column? There has been so much happening that I feel numb.

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Village says goodbye to two great guys

Tonto Village is in mourning this week since learning of the passing of one of the Village’s longtime residents, Charles “Charlie” Terry.

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In spite of Valley heat, Village was quiet

This past week has been pretty rough on the Snyder family. Illness has plagued us for more than two weeks now and the doctor has diagnosed bronchitis.

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Preaching to the choir about fires

Happy Flag Day! For those of you who do not realize it, today is the day to show your patriotism and fly Old Glory.

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Find fire conditions on Internet

The U.S. Forest Service has announced it has a brand new Web site that can be checked out for fire restrictions.

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Fireflies in need of volunteers

The big Memorial weekend is now behind us. Tonto Village was full to overflowing with part-time residents enjoying the cool weather and primping up their cabins for the summer.

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Tonto Village ready to celebrate

The big Memorial Day weekend is here, which means to Tonto Village a surge in visitors and part-time residents opening up their cabins for the summer season.

Shelby School’s ‘Wizard’ was wonderful

Last Friday afternoon my husband and I attended a performance of The Shelby School’s version of “The Wizard of Oz.” What a great production these kids put on — from first-graders to high school age. They outdid themselves in a very enjoyable performance.

A recipe to celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo — meaning the 5th of May — is this weekend. It commemorates the Battle of Puebla in which outnumbered Mexican troops defeated the invading French soldiers.

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Village busting out with blooms, birds and more

The month of April is just about over — there are only about four days left. The Village is still showing off with the fruit trees busting with blooms and the iris and tulips are just starting to show off, along with the wild grape hyacinths.

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Sights and scents of spring in the Village

The air smells so sweet with the blossoms just starting to come into full bloom on the apple trees.

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Hope this latest storm didn’t ruin gardens

Tonto Village was covered in white on Tuesday morning. What a shock that was. I am positive that the calendar says April, synonymous with spring, warm weather, flowers, etc.

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Loving all these beautiful spring blooms

Spring is a wonderful time of year with a feeling of renewal as all the flowers and trees come to life.

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A treat for Easter from the Fireflies cookbook

The month of March is just about history with only this week left, but it is a very important Holy Week for Christians as well as for the Jewish community celebrating Passover.

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Spring beginning to flirt with Rim Country

This past week has definitely improved over last week. For one thing, no more snow!

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Wild weather keeps us all guessing

What a week! Tonto Village was hammered by a blinding snowstorm last Friday, which continued into Saturday.

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Spring is starting to make her mark

If I didn’t know that the Rim Country is expecting another storm this weekend, I would think that spring has sprung.

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Tonto Village residents more than ready for winter to come to an end

February is gone! Come on March and warmer weather and hopefully no more snow.

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Snowstorm brings activities to a screeching halt

Tonto Village is pretty much hunkered down from the snowstorm, and activities have come to a screeching halt.

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Take it easy when shoveling all the snow

What a weekend! I thought that the snow would never stop.

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Already seeing signs of spring

According to the groundhog in Pennsylvania, we will have an early spring. From what I have observed over the past few weeks, that may be so.

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Weather causes plenty of TV worries

OMG!!! The weather has been just crazy! Just about everyone in Tonto Village has had some kind of issues with this unusual weather.

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Jump in temperatures sings spring

The month is going too fast. Next week is the last week of January!

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We were just wondering about winter

Brrr! Talk about being cold! Tonto Village has experienced frozen pipes, drafty windows and plenty of icy streets.

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More cold weather coming our way

Is it cold enough for you? If not, wait a few days; the weather people say that it will be getting colder.

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Watch your step until sun melts the ice

Tonto Village has turned into a winter wonderland in the past few days.

One blotch on Christmas spirit in the Village

I hope that all my readers had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends and that you got everything that you desired. This year my husband and I decided to stay in the Village. Our second daughter and our son-in-law came up after Christmas to visit with us for a few days and enjoy the rest of the snow.

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Look at the date on the (Mayan) calendar!

Oh my! Look at the date on the paper ... The world is supposed to end today. I haven’t heard a time when this is supposed to happen, maybe you will have time to read this column before the end comes.

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Forecast for winter weather lifts spirits

The weather forecasters have announced that there will be some rain or snow by Friday. Whoopee!!!

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No winter = a drought of holiday spirit

Where did winter go? There has been no rain or snow in a few months now and according to the weather reports I listened to, the precipitation is not on the horizon.

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Shopping season slips into high gear

Today is the last day of November which means that the holiday season gets under way in earnest.

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New battalion chief has first duty

Since you are reading this column on Friday, Thanksgiving Day is over, except for the leftovers. How many ways can you fix leftover turkey?

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Before the next big cold snap, make sure you get those chimneys checked

There was frost on the pumpkin this past week! In fact it was downright cold.

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Start getting ready for Christmas now

By today, everyone should know who will lead our country. I pray that whichever candidate won that he leads with the Lord’s help. Our nation is on the brink of ____ (you can fill in the blank).

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Glad to see political ads on TV ending

Oh! My gosh! The political ads will stop after Nov. 6. Will anyone miss them?

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Village gets haunted Friday night

The scariest and spookiest and the most fun for kids is almost here. Of course it has to be Halloween day

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The fire season seems to be hanging on

The fire season is not over. On Oct. 14, about 10:30 a.m., a fire was reported to the Forest Service and Tonto National Forest.

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An electrical Friday the 13th all week

I cannot believe these past two weeks.

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Hunters enjoying Rim’s great weather

The outdoors has been the place to be this past week; the weather has been perfect.