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More Christopher-Kohl’s FD introductions

Hello again, fellow Creekers. Christopher Creek’s own Jeff Daniels was the technical “wizard” behind the scenes of The Shelby School’s spring production of “The Wizard of Oz.” He ran the lights and sound for the show on Friday, May 3. He is pictured here with his granddaughters, Emma and Occean Helmick.

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Never too soon to get ready for fire season

Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner. I have to admit the only thing I really ever knew about it until recently is that it was a holiday on May 5.

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CKFD helps residents with cleanup

Hello again, fellow Creekers. Here are a couple of things I should have had in last week’s column:

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Chirstopher-Kohl’s Fire Department news

Hello again fellow Creekers. This week all of the news is related to fire and fire service. Let’s start with another installment of Better know your neighbor.

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Meet your neighbor: Cris Lecher

Hello again, fellow Creekers. Well it is time for another installment of “Better know your neighbor.”

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Fuel reduction cutting finished — for now

Hello again, fellow Creekers. The Christopher-Kohl’s Fire Department is extremely proud to announce that the cutting portion of the fuel reduction grant is over.

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Events blossoming to welcome spring

Hello again, fellow Creekers. As a reminder, there are two events this Saturday.

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Christopher Creek getting ready for spring

Hello again, fellow Creekers. Wow! That was sure one doozy of a storm. We sure have had an interesting winter this year. I’m not sure if that was the last big snowstorm or not, but regardless it seems like the community is ready to “spring” into action!

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Know your neighbor: Linda Digman

It’s time for another installment of “better know your neighbor” — this week I had the pleasure of interviewing Linda Digman.

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Many beautiful places to visit in Arizona

Hello again, fellow Creekers. Gas prices have gone up 32 days in a row and seem to continue to be on the rise.

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