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Pine-Strawberry Happenings writer bids farewell with final column

I had an opportunity to meet with the new Pine-Strawberry Happenings columnist Carol Reed, and I’m convinced that you will all be thrilled with the energy and fresh ideas that she hopes to bring to the column.

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Kids perform in Talent Show Feb. 23

Well it looks like there was a steady stream of supporters at the fund-raiser for Carl Norris on Saturday.

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Teens learn about politics

I hope to see many of you Saturday, Feb. 12, at the Bruce Thompson Senior Dining Room to support the bake sale and silent auction for Carl Norris.

Pony Express rides into Pine next Wednesday

Well it was bound to happen — winter has returned! Some stores have seeds and patio furniture prominently displayed, and I admit I was tempted, but deep down inside I knew it was all too good to be true!

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Builders Club donates to food bank

Honestly, this has been the craziest weather I’ve ever seen (and I was born in Nebraska!). I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed the T-shirt weather, but then the biting wind arrived just in time to remind me that winter is still here. Who knows what will come next?

Many deer and elk spotted around Pine

I was mentioning to my husband how I’ve been seeing deer everywhere I go in Pine lately. One day recently I saw eight deer scattered in three different locations.

Cold temps continue to cause problems

The snow is melting, but the troubles from the freezing temperatures and snowdrifts continue to plague many folks.

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Communities of Pine, Strawberry still digging out

The local buzz is all about the incredible snowstorm that hit the state last Wednesday.

Many contributed to bless others this past year

Well, we may not have had a white Christmas, but it appears we will usher in the new year with lots of moisture in the form of snow. I’m sure all the kids are glad that they get to do some sledding before heading back to school on Monday.

Christmas is great time to count blessings

Merry Christmas everyone — I hope that you have a truly blessed time with your friends and family over the holiday season.

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