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The truth about the turkey torpor

The Healthy Foodie

My dog, Ginger, sprawled on the floor — head on the floor between her paws, front legs on either side of her ears, eyes rolling to watch me walk back and forth in the kitchen in what looked like utter exhaustion.

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A safe place to practice recovery

Don Lees struggled throughout his life.

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Middle school musicians win honors

Rim Country Middle School music teacher Daria Mason rounded up 28 band and choir middle school students to perform at the Arizona Music Educators Northeast Region Honor Festival at St. John’s High School on Nov. 18.

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Educator’s first lesson involves character

David Callahan now running Payson Community Christian School

David Callahan, the new administrator for the Payson Community Christian School has a cherubic face with eyes that twinkle.

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Payson High School students need your vote

With just a click of their mouse, Rim Country residents can help Payson High School students eat healthy snacks.

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Gold and other treasures: FR 1705

I live with a conundrum. I adore hiking in strange areas, but fear going alone and getting lost or hurt with no one to help me. So for two years, I’ve sat at home staring out longingly at the forest stewing over this dilemma. Then I heard about the Payson Packers. The group meets every Tuesday morning in the Stage parking lot before heading off to hike the hundreds of forest roads, streambeds and trails of the Rim Country.

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Judges: We must listen to the victims of violence

In the middle of the night, a woman’s partner cuts off her hair and in a rage stuffs it in her mouth.

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Cooking up a lesson in chemistry

Culinary and science kids team up to devour physics of baking

Measuring, mixing, beating, pouring and baking the Payson High School students used muffins to learn how the leavening chemicals affect the density of the cupcake.

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How can you survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

PHS drama students offer helpful hints

The Payson High School Theatre Department performed a public service for the community — instructing everyone how to keep safe from the impending zombie apocalypse.

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Crazy drug policy

Are we addicted to incarceration?

The ASU Morrison Institute’s State of the State conference keynote speaker former Police Chief of Mesa and current District Attorney of San Francisco George Gascon believes so.

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