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Schools hope for the best

Could be the best of years for Payson schools — raises for everyone (finally), reading specialists for the little tykes, mentors to help teachers boost test scores, a new bus (finally), stipends for coaches and music directors, better computers, new textbooks (finally) and a chance to dig the insurance plan out of a hole.

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Corporation Commission candidate blasts ‘corrupt’ system

Bill Mundell decries impact of dark money on regulators

The system’s corrupt.

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Prop. 123 assailed as raid on trust fund

Deputy state treasurer offers scathing critique of land trust withdrawal for school districts

Arizona has plenty of money to settle a school inflation lawsuit without taking more money out of the state land trust already reserved for schools, Deputy State Treasurer Mark Swenson told the Payson Tea Party on Tuesday.

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Raises for teachers

But only if voters approve Proposition 123

If voters approve Proposition 123, Payson Unified School District employees will get a 4 percent, across-the-board raise — the first in years.

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Senate candidate focused on state education funding

Nikki Bagley blasts Sen. Sylvia Allen for votes on school cuts

Senate candidate Nikki Bagley lamented Arizona’s deep cuts in education, saying continued cuts and indifference will cripple the state’s economy — and overshadow the future of our children.

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State budget battles

The state’s budget projections continue to brighten, but lawmakers draft budget plans generally envision less spending than even Gov. Doug Ducey’s stringent plan.

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Minister challenges Rep. Gosar on methods more than policy

Evangelical minster Ray Strauss says he’s a conservative who gets things done.

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News on your mobile phone

The Roundup has launched a new app so readers can get up-to-the-minute news stories, photos and videos on cellphone screens, with a menu that divides content into categories modeled after the print edition.

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Kids out of luck

Bid to expand medical care blocked

A House bill that would have provided health insurance to 30,000 to 45,000 children from working poor families — including an estimated 500 in Gila County — this week smashed into the brick wall of Senate President Andy Biggs.

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More fireworks

Legalization of rockets may complicate scary fire season

Arizona’s looming wildfire season may get a new twist this year: Fireworks.

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