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Forest thinning progress – and criticism

Debate rages on about largest forest restoration effort in U.S. history

The largest forest restoration project in history continues to make progress — and spur criticism.

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Fire budget woes

Districts seek more property taxes as financial crisis hits

A lobbying group for the state’s fire districts is pushing hard to lift the strict limits on the property taxes to provide money for most fire departments — especially in rural areas like Rim Country.

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Universities left in the lurch

The dire plight of the state’s three public universities has been largely overlooked in the uproar over funding for K-12 education.

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Schools honor Tonto Apache Tribe

The Payson Unified School District honored the Tonto Apache Tribal Council as “Heroes of Education,” for the tribe’s many donations to the district in recent years — including $20,000 to replace the turf on the football field.

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World on fire

Wildfires ignite political firestorm centered on faster forest thinning, budget reforms

The U.S. Forest Service remains in something approaching bureaucratic and budget meltdown, with wildfires torching the budget and thinning projects languishing.

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University backers record title to land

No word yet on formal negotiations with university partner

Backers of the plan to build a university campus this week recorded the deed to the 253-acre university parcel on which they plan to build a 6,000-student university.

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Wyman: A ‘good start, not a solution’

School inflation settlement only enough for 4 percent raise

The much ballyhooed settlement of the school inflation funding lawsuit represents “a good first step, but doesn’t solve the problem of public school funding in Arizona,” Payson Unified School District Superintendent Greg Wyman told the Payson Rotary Club last week.

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Mud Flows Ahead

Erosion could double in the West

Erosion into streams and reservoirs will double in Western states in the next 40 years due to an increase in the size and intensity of wildfires, according to a study by the United States Geological Survey.

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Rim offers routine exposure to beauty

Deadline day, running late already. So I barrel out of the driveway, thinking about all the loose threads that somehow had to get woven into a newspaper.

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Study: Forests fleeing rising temperatures

Warming trend already changing plants in Southwest

Whole forests have started shifting northward in the wake of forest fires, according to researchers from the University of California, Davis.

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