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Tragedy’s root

Drugs, alcohol spawn misery and death – especially for kids

In his 26 years as a cop, Joe Leduc has seen it all.

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The last run

A tale of age, ego and acceptance

“Maybe we ought to head down,” she said on the final day of my season of redemption.

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New charges urged for future rooftop solar power

Arizona Public Service wants to charge people who install new rooftop solar arrays an extra $21 a month to make sure they pay their “fair share” of the cost of the grid of power poles and transmission lines.

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Secretary of State hits ballot bundling

But Michele Reagan sees no hope of regulating dark money

Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan brought to Rim Country her crusade to crack down on people who bundle up and turn in other people’s mail-in ballots, with an appearance before the Payson Tea Party — which continues to demonstrate its knack for getting statewide officials to show up in Payson.

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Common Core survives in Arizona

State will overhaul, but retain, national academic standards

The Senate deadlocked on a proposal to pull Arizona out of the national academic standards, with Rim Country’s representative Sen. Sylvia Allen (R-Snowflake) voting to drop implementation of the set of tests and standards generally referred to as Common Core.

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Court rules only charter cities can control own elections

Payson will not regain control of its own elections, despite a recent Arizona Supreme Court Ruling limiting the Legislature’s control over charter cities.

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Barton animal cruelty bill rebuffed

Governor objects to animal cruelty double standard

Gov. Doug Ducey this week vetoed Rep. Brenda Barton’s (R-Payson) bill setting different standards of animal cruelty for pets and farm animals.

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Payson obtains $34 million for pipeline

Finally. Payson’s ready to build the pipeline from the C.C. Cragin Reservoir (formerly Blue Ridge).

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Senate kills gun bill

House had already passed law allowing guns in public buildings

Rep. Brenda Barton’s (R-Pay­son) bill allowing people with conceal weapons permits to bring their guns into most public buildings died on a 15-16 vote on the floor of the state Senate this week.

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Wildfire reforms make it into budget

The just-adopted Senate Budget Resolution includes far-reaching reforms in how the federal government allocates money to fight wildfires.

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