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Forest Service score: 300,000 acres treated

Restoring forests now dominates management goals

Forest Service restoration projects in Northern Arizona have treated 300,000 acres since the launch of the Four Forest Restoration Initiative (4FRI) in 2010, according to the latest annual tally of the program’s accomplishments.

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Latest figures show local economy better than statewide

Sales tax collections growing a bit faster

Rim Country’s economy continues to perk along a little better than the statewide economy, according to the latest financial tracking report from Payson.

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University plan bombshell hits

Contract OK’d as Alliance chair resigns

One bombshell and one move forward.

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Lashed by the storm

Rim Country Archaeological Society finds joy and mystery in the ruins of Chaco Canyon

Ed Spicer stood on the cliff edge, overlooking the 800-year-old ruins of Pueblo Bonito, once the mystic center of an ancient world. A genial fighter pilot with artificial knees, an inexhaustible sense of adventure and an insatiable curiosity, Ed dubiously surveyed the rain clouds gathering south of Chaco Canyon.

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Christmas light show!

On Saturday, Payson staged a small-town celebration of Christmas that featured the cheer, joy and companionship of the season.

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Spirit of Christmas hits a high note

An exuberant assortment of angle-voiced singers, passionate musicians, bouncing gymnasts, costumed super heroes, cute-as-a-button ninjas and loving families welcomed the season Sunday with a joyful rendering of the “Spirit of Christmas.”

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School funds ‘impossible’

The Legislature and school advocates remain far apart when it comes to complying with a court order to adjust school budgets for inflation, according to recent testimony in the state’s appeal of the court order.

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Alliance board meets again to consider development contract

The Rim Country Educational Alliance board will meet next Thursday to consider a contract with DCK Global to buy a $4.1 million Forest Service parcel and draw up plans to build a 6,000-student university in Payson, according to Chairman Steve Drury.

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Forecasts suggest wet winter ahead

Arizona may enjoy more heavy snowfall

The planet should brace for far more of the kinds of extreme El Niño events that in 1997-98 brought droughts, floods and fires worldwide — but near-record snow and rainfall in Arizona, according to recently published research.

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Worse to come

More megadroughts likely

Most of Arizona remains mired in drought despite a 50 percent chance of rain for the next three days, with a growing body of research suggesting we’d best get used to it.

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Chasing Ghosts

A silent battlefield, a chance encounter and a mysterious name inspire writer’s quest for lost family history

I stood in the late light on the lush green swale where the Union line broke from ego and pride and bad luck on Sept. 20 of 1863 on the battlefield of Chickamauga.

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Programs can cut risk

But most Rim Country communities still woefully unprepared for wildfire

Cost sharing programs work great when it comes to convincing people to reduce brush and wildfire dangers around their homes, but only when people understand what they have to do, according to a recent study in Colorado.

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Historic study draws praise, support

4FRI environmental assessment focuses on massive thinning

The historic draft of an environmental impact statement (EIS) for perhaps the largest logging project in history has already drawn high marks, even from environmental groups.

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Evans steps away

Says he’ll leave university land purchase to the Alliance board

Assured the Rim Country Educational Alliance has the money to buy a 253-acre Forest Service parcel for a university campus, Payson Mayor Kenny Evans has apparently backed away from a plan for the Rim Country Educational Foundation to buy the land.

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Land purchase divides university backers

The festering conflict between Payson Mayor Kenny Evans and Rim Country Educational Alli­ance (SLE) Chairman Steve Drury broke into the open Thursday over contrasting plans for buying 253 acres to build a university campus in Payson.

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Thinning projects would yield water

Reducing tree densities could boost runoff by 20 percent

Thinning Northern Arizona’s forests could increase runoff by 20 percent, which would restore streams, wetlands, springs and produce more water for Phoenix and other cities, according to a just-completed study by researchers from Northern Arizona Univer­sity.

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Beautiful light

Rim Country photographers produce a scenic calendar to support food banks

Alarmed by the persistence of hunger in the community, The Rim Country Camera Club (R3C) this year produced a beautiful calender for 2015, which they’re selling now, with all proceeds going to area food banks.

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Moving forward

Alliance meeting slated to buy university land

The Rim Country Educational Alliance Board is scheduled to meet on Thursday to consider moving forward to purchase two parcels of Forest Service land totaling some 274 acres — 253 acres immediately and another 21 acres in about a year.

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Mayor announces university land purchase

In a press release Friday morning, Payson Mayor Kenny Evans announced plans to purchase a 250-acre Forest Service parcel as the site for a university campus.

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High stakes effort to prevent wildfires

County group hopes to jump-start stalled forest thinning process

Desperate to break a dangerous deadlock, Eastern Arizona Counties Association (EOC) has taken the plunge into the complex and politically charged effort to prevent catastrophic wildfires by thinning the forests.

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Marines remember

Birthday celebrated through laughter and tears

The hard-bitten prosecutor and combat veteran stood ramrod straight on his two artificial legs and struggled to speak.

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Payson’s economy perking along

Region outperforming state with strong gains in construction

Rim Country’s recovering economy continued to outperform the rest of the state in October as evidenced by figures in Payson’s monthly budget tracking report.

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Water, fire districts hold elections

The Tuesday elections brought new boards and new resolutions to old problems for a handful of Rim Country communities.

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Turnout determines election outcomes

“None of you bums” won a landslide victory at the polls on Tuesday.

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Republican sweep

All state offices, Legislature

Republicans swept state offices Tuesday and added to their already comfortable margins in the state House and Senate.

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Winter eagles return

Green Valley Park migrants once again delight onlookers

Payson’s very own bald eagles have returned to Green Valley Lake, part of a continent spanning migratory lifestyle that every year delights Rim Country residents.

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A veteran remembers

Rim Country People

Larry Moore stood at his post on the Number 3 deck gun when the USS Shaw’s luck ran out once again.

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Family history detectives converge

Weekend sessions teach people how to find their ancestors

A slew of squinty eyed detectives will set up shop in Payson Friday and Saturday – determined to track down horse thieves, heroes, missing persons and other odd looking branches on the family tree of anyone in Payson.

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After Tuesday's election, Republicans run the table

Party triumphs in state and national contests

Republicans sweep of state offices in very early results on election night. Most of the Republican statewide candidates did even better in Gila County than they did statewide, reflecting the growing strength of Republicans in North County and the relative dwindling of the influence of Democratic-leaning South County. The most interesting race in the early results looks like the matchup between Independent Tom O’Halleran and Republican Sylvia Allen to fill the District 4 State Senate seat left vacant by the death of Republican Sen. Chester Crandell.

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Rep. Gosar faces longshot challenger in Rim Country district

Weisser offers sweeping critique of incumbent’s priorities

Mikel Weisser recently brought his Quixotic campaign for Congress to Payson, making an appearance, ringing doorbells and slipping his card under impassive windshield wipers.

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State Senate candidates clash in only debate

Allen, O’Halleran disagree on AHCCCS, schools

The contending candidates for the state Senate seat representing Rim Country met this week in a civil, articulate debate that exposed profound differences on policy — and a mutual dearth of specifics.

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Dark money crusade

Goddard’s secretary of state campaign focuses on revealing political donors

Secretary of state candidate Terry Goddard swept through Payson Thursday pursuing his full-throated crusade to force disclosure of the sources of “dark money” that increasingly dominates political campaigns.

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Water survey yields surprises about water costs, rate structures

Arizona charges low, but ‘conservation’ rates may not work

Several surprising conclusions have emerged from a comprehensive survey of water systems of Arizona.

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Tale of the somber pine and the giddy aspen ...

Fall flares across Rim Country in winter’s shadow

The leaves flittered down, trembling all the way to the golden ground. I shuttered away, in love with luminous yellow in an aspen grove on the slopes of an ancient volcano.

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Senate Independent challenged

Tea Party gives O’Halleran a hard time

Independent Arizona Senate candidate Tom O’Halleran staunchly defended his record as a pragmatic, problem-solving moderate in the face of often clamorous questioning before the Payson Tea Party.

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State Senate battle turns on Independents

Former Republican senators face off for District 6 seat

The battle for the state Senate seat in legislative District 6 will likely turn into one of the most closely watched contests this year, since it could transform the role of the growing number of Independents.

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House race poses stark choice for voters

Health care. Education. Taxes. Profound differences separate the positions of the three candidates vying for the two seats in the Arizona House representing Rim Country.

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Budget woes put squeeze on governor’s race

The Arizona governor’s race has come down to a dead-heat mud-wrestling match dominated by “dark money” groups that has largely sidestepped the hard choices.

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Goddard vows to shine light on dark money

Wants secretary of state’s office to push for more disclosure

Secretary of state candidate Terry Goddard brought his crusade against political “dark money” to Rim Country Thursday, with a local radio show appearance and interview.

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Payson’s economy surges

Construction, restaurants hotels led rise in sales

Payson’s economy continues to mend from the long recession, with a surge in construction, restaurants and accommodations.

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When the monster comes calling ...

FireSmart event urges people to prepare for inevitable wildfire

The monster will come for us.

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School board candidates debate standards

All three contenders now support override, but differ on Common Core

Sharp differences on the acceptance of new Arizona College and Career Readi­ness Standards emerged in the second forum involving all three candidates for a seat on the Payson Unified School District Board before a well-attended session of the Payson Tea Party.

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Alliance seeks added FS land

The Rim Country Educational Alliance board on Thursday agreed unanimously to seek a way to meet two final conditions Arizona State Uni­versity has imposed on an effort to build a 6,000-student university in Payson.

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School budget override draws praise

Tea Party stalwarts say education ranks as top priority

The Payson Tea Party Thursday had a perhaps surprisingly friendly reaction to an informational session on the Payson Unified School District’s budget override ballot measure.

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Site nearly settled

Alliance meets Thursday to set terms for Forest Service purchase

The Rim Country Educational Alliance board will meet Thursday to authorize Chairman Steve Drury to enter into final negotiations to buy a 253-acre site for a 6,000-student university from the U.S. Forest Service.

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Rim reps blast feds

Barton, Thorpe decry federal controls, rules

The top priority for the two state House representatives who represent Rim Country remains battling the federal government — especially when it comes to taking control of federal lands, rolling back the expansion of health care and battling environmental regulations.

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Tonto Forest planning to boost fees

Charges could double at many sites to cover costs

Tonto National Forest wants to substantially increase its fees for many campgrounds and boat ramps, but lower the cost of an annual pass from $95 to $80.

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Off-road limits cause clashes

The Tonto National Forest’s long-awaited effort to limit off-road travel to protect the forest has provoked a hornet swarm of criticism.

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Federal effort to cut pollution spurs debate

Arizona Corporation Commission candidate decries EPA targets

A Republican candidate for the Arizona Corporation Commission in Payson last week joined a chorus of opposition to federal rules intended to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 52 percent in Arizona in the next 15 years.

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University Site Appraisal Thrills Alliance

$4.1 million for Forest Service parcel

An independent appraiser put the price of a 253-acre Forest Service site for a planned 6,000-student university at just $4.1 million — well below expectations.