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Great fishing in Green Valley Lakes

Fish might not be flying out of Green Valley Park lakes this weekend, but there will be lots of anglers along the banks doing their best to coax them out of their watery domain.

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County elections office pitches consolidating polling places into vote centers

Eric Mariscal, director of county elections, is investigating the possibility of Gila County following a trend to consolidate polling places into vote centers.

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Act fast to enjoy Business Showcase Mixer

Act fast to make your reservations for the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce’s annual Business Showcase Mixer.

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County acts to cut fire danger

Landfill fees waived for P/S fuel reduction

They’re eating an elephant.

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Good news, bad news on Gila County’s budget

The good news: property values in Gila County jumped an encouraging 16 percent this year, rising from $416 million to $480 million.

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Doctor has good news for diabetics

Diabetics have been told for years they need to get their A1C number to 7 or lower. The A1C number is a blood test that shows an average of blood sugar in the system over a three-month period. Blood cells live for three months.

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County may change public voting process

Gila County may soon consolidate polling places into vote centers, according to an item on the agenda for a work session of the Gila County Board of Supervisors this morning, Tuesday, March 31.

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County gears up for tough budget work

Building a county budget is never an easy task, given the range of county services and its limited revenue — compounded by a helpless reliance on the state for much of its funding.

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Disaster at thrift store develops into a blessing

A disaster at the Pine Community Center a little more than two years ago has become a blessing. And it’s a blessing with a delightful surprise.

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County, Little Stinker attempt to negotiate

The county’s efforts to get the Pine property on which the Little Stinker operation is located cleaned have moved from the hearing arena to negotiation.

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