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The Houstons

Houston Mesa Road. Houston Loop Trail. Houston Pocket. Houston Brothers Trail.

Early Payson Mining History

In the 1870s folks were starting to come into Tonto Basin and what we now call Rim Country.

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Arizona Mineral Belt Railroad

A tunnel under the Rim is all that is left in the Payson area of the Arizona Mineral Belt Railroad.

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Old-Time Soakings

Every winter it seems like there’s at least one set of good rains that soaks the region while also causing rivers to rise and road crossings to be treacherous.

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Moonshiners in Rim Country

The Payson area was known for its moonshine back in the day. The moonshine was called “Payson Dew” and it had a good reputation that went far beyond the region. Here’s a look at this moonshine and the people behind it.

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Harvey Granville Bush and The Bush Highway

The 1920s were a roaring time in America. Times were good and the automobile was growing in popularity.

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Payson in the 1950s

The 1950s were a period of growth and change in the Payson region that would lay the groundwork for much more future growth.

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The Andrew T. Hammons patent and Payson Ranchos

In the northern part of Payson is 142.85 acres that were patented in 1920 by Andrew T. Hammons.

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What is Zane Grey Country?

If you have been around the Payson area much, you’ve probably seen the term Zane Grey Country.

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What Tonto Natural Bridge was likeBack in the Day

Tonto Natural Bridge was settled by David Gowan in the 1870s and later patented by a nephew of his, David Gowan Goodfellow.

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