Robbin Flowers

Robbin Flowers 8 months ago on 444 The Question Is.... Poll on Iran deal.

This is a world deal P5+1, the US Congress does not have the authority to undo this deal. It will shift the power structure of the Middle East for the betterment of all humanity, and free up the tax base. L.


Robbin Flowers 8 months ago on 419 The Question Is.... Getting at the truth.

Separation of Church and State. There are approximately 5000 different "God's" being worshiped on this planet. And the "Christian God" is actually Amen or pagan sun god worship. L.


Robbin Flowers 8 months ago on Payson schools consider some hard truths

I recommend 1 School Board per state like Hawaii has, all these "School Board's" are basically a giant sink hole or "Shell Game" for tax payer's and the state Budget's. Stop robbing from the public school system to place tax dollar's into the VooDoo Economic System. Children don't like to be "Tested" and anything that sprang from "No Child Left Behind" is another Shell Game for privatized corporations. L.


Robbin Flowers 8 months ago on School board: Show us the receipt!

Are the tax payer's still paying on that bond for the "Christian School" privatization scam? L.