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Robbin Flowers 9 months, 2 weeks ago on School district should live within its means

The change can really start in November with the addition of the two potential very educated females that I pray will get "on board." It requires people who can actually use a planning process that can be validated. That requires people that can think on that level. You are Bonkers if you vote for Yonkers. While she may have experience, she does not appear to have knowledge.


Robbin Flowers 9 months, 2 weeks ago on Humans need the arts

Awesome and True Mike!!!

Pat, The Arts does teach the three R's. Art involves reading, writing and "math' and does so while also making learning fun and entertaining. School does not have to be all about test taking. That makes for some very narrow thinkers and causes a lot of unnecessary stress in the young ones.


Robbin Flowers 10 months ago on Site nearly settled

Universities and the Federal Government partner all the time. So, perhaps include a/the ranger station and the four year education track / training on the ASU site. It could be a extension for a 4 year degree in the areas that qualify a person to work for the forestry department. This part of Arizona is PERFECT training ground. Plus there are built in "helpers" who have to do their internships, who can also help develop research based plans in real time - kill 3 birds with one stone. Plus, if ASU doesn't want to deal, there are better university bodies and options.


Robbin Flowers 10 months ago on Democrats creating growing class of parasites

How ever, WE may have busted them in time and in the act. You should notice all the banking fines that have been paid in the billions and the other fines that will be in the billions that are being paid. Where do you think those fines went? To prop up the ACA and hold the underperforming student loan scam afloat, because many, maybe most of those loans can not be paid back as they stand now.

I know without a shadow of a doubt, that had a republican like Mitt Romney or John McCain or a Democrat like Hilary Clinton been in office our country would have already seen the seal of the USA Constitution broken.

So, DON please stop blaming DEMS or REPS for what is going on, THIS ISSUE IS GLOBAL and except for a few of the electorate, neither side of the isle REPRESENT'S THE INTEREST OF THE CITIZENS OF THE USA.



Robbin Flowers 10 months ago on Democrats creating growing class of parasites

Don, Business hire illegal aliens/bring workers in on work visas, then leave them in the country after their employment ends. Mostly multi-national corporations and mega farms do this. There is NO DEMOCRAT or REPUBLICAN STOPPING THIS BEHAVIOR! They just like to do sound bites to make you think otherwise, both sides of the isle are SCAMMING the average USA citizen and most citizens are intentionally bread/reared to be Low information voters on BOTH SIDES OF THE ISLE, no matter the country!!! (Although Germany is starting to kick this is the butt = free college for their citizens = pretty cool!)

Israel makes USA/Christian goyim pay to give Jews relocating and living in Israel billions of per year to pay their welfare, maintenance, education and free universal health care. While the bought and paid for AIPAC/USA federal government will not provide this to the average Christian!

"To kill unborn children, bla bla,bla . . .People have D&C medical procedures for various reasons. Sorry that you don't like that women are more than breeding sows to give away their flesh at your whim. Stay out of other people's panties, unless you want to be forced into a vasectomy!!!

The MULTI-NATIONAL CORPORATIONS are the ones who "take money from an income earning, responsible citizen and give it to a healthy, capable citizen that DO WANT to work and be responsible for his/her actions, but can not find full time employment to support them! (I am aware that REPUBLICANS would rather see more homelessness than pay to keep food in someone's belly.) This is secondary to tax subsidies taken directly from the actual USA workers, tax dodging and out sourcing jobs to other countries. This is secondary to a intentional effort by REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS to force a NEW WORLD ORDER upon WE THE PEOPLE. They both call this SPREADING THE WEALTH TO THE TOP, so they have all the FIINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS OR NOTES when they next attempt to crash the worlds financial markets and do what they call a "REBOOT" of the banks, so all the currency is the same in 4 blocks at first then all the same after those 4 financial sectors can be controlled.

I agree that the ACA is a complete scam and was initially designed (along with college student debt/loans) to "FAIL" and need "bailing out" further driving up more of the debt, allowing massive selloffs to the OLIGARCS/MONARCHS/BARRONS of cheep degraded USA properties/land for a real cheep price, then rent it all back to the workers, while they are the OWNERS! You know - the surf / feudal system, that has always been the way of the world prior to the USA.



Robbin Flowers 10 months ago on Sylvia, America is better off

You can thank the "Secret Societies" for manifesting and summoning the "devils." Now it is hard to find any government, multi-national or non-for profit organization that is not run by the "devils." A primary "demon" is "trickle down economics" and the FED RES/IMF/World Banking System that goes along with it.

This is not one person or group, it is multiple groups that do not see what the other groups are doing. So, on the surface it looks to the average person involved that they are doing their job, but, in the underbelly they are not doing good works at all. And, that includes most "Religions."

As a example, There are hundreds in not thousand of people in the Payson area who are involved in practicing a type of black ceremonial magic referred to as "Necromancy." Do these people know that is what they are really doing? Doubtful.


Robbin Flowers 10 months ago on Support override and those who support it

Why keep taking resources from them, how does that help? The privatization and putting all the resources into administrative positions and the stock market is the major thing breaking down the quality of education in the USA.

This is a trickle down business model that does not benefit the children in any way. The loss of Frontier Elementary did so much damage to the PUSD school district that by the time it is all said and done, the town will only have upper middle class folks and above that can afford to live in it. By the time the water rates, tax rates and the bonds that will have to be paid hit, good luck having a affordable place to live. Oh, and I hope the Paysonites have fun paying for a new school. The "Christian School" definitely pulled one over on the Payson town! People should be in jail for fraud over that situation!!!


Robbin Flowers 10 months ago on Rates could rise

That was predictable, this also makes growing food less affordable. But, as long as the golf courses get a good deal, right?


Robbin Flowers 10 months, 1 week ago on Sylvia, America is better off

Wendy, The USA is not as good as it will be. November? That will be most interesting to see;-)