Andy McKinney

Andy McKinney 1 year ago on A smart vision for our state

Mr. Meszar wants the state government to tax more in order to spend more, on attractive programs of his choice. I would counter that states with lower taxes have better outcomes across the broad range of social indices. Would higher spending in Washington D.C have any real positive outcome on the ultra expensive and failing school system? Would already very high tax Chicago improve measurably with even higher taxes? No rational person would say yes to either of these ideas. I have an idea for Mr. Meszar. Why don't we encourage our state leaders to use wisely the money that they take from our wallets already before allowing them to dip even further into them. That sounds reasonable to me. There are high tax states and cities and lower tax states and cities. Detroit or East Saint Louis are sinks of human despair but do have the Meszar virtue of high taxes.
No thanks. I like people, I think people should be free to earn, save, invest, succeed and be happy. I do not view people as sheep to be fleeced by their political betters.