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In light of the MSM's actions over the past several decades, one can almost imagine using the word "propoganda" as regrds their material. I think it is certain that for those same decades, they have been spoon feeding the American citizens with "facts and data" as they (media) determines them to be or better yet, fits their socio/political agenda. I for one am very thankful for the Internet. It provides one who is really seeking the truth, the opportunity to actually get as close to it as is possible in today's world. Having ANYTHING filtered through an obviously biased and agenda driven media is a fools errand. Yes it takes time to sift through all the misinformation out there, and as you pointed out, it may be necessary to go to rather non-conventional sources to get to the real truth, but it is worth every second spent. That is unless one willingly chooses to continue being one of the "sheeple" and digesting anything that is fed to them as if it truly was factual and truthful.


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Mr. Christensen,

"Those figures are in us dollars." Did they also factor in the cost of the American items measured against the cost of Chinese and Russian items? I can buy an AK-47 for 1/3 the price of a similar quality AR-15. My point is that their labor costs are infinitely cheaper than ours.It's almost like the old "apples to oranges" comparison. Not disputing that a lot of money is spent on our military, just DO NOT trust the "facts" or data that are so often used to push an agenda. And there is no denying that we have been exposed to much of that. So, I question everything with a very cynical eye.

I concur that wars are percieved to be fought differently today than those of our past. But ultimately it comes down to the approach clearly laid out in The Art of War by Sun Tzu more than two thousand years ago, and still required reading in about every war college on the planet.

In that vein I do think it somewhat disconcerting that with ALL our military technology ( where most of that budget goes), we have spent well over a decade trying to defeat a bunch of rag tag, illiterate Taliban and THEY are still winning the day. I attribute much of that to our trying to prosecute a Politically Correct conflict with rules of engagement applying solely to OUR troops, that would have been thought of as insanity in previous conflicts.

As to your final jab at the winner of the election. I suppose Trump will ultimately be no more successful than was the Left's "Savior", Obama. One can only hope that he doesn't do any worse, which I find hard to imagine. I suppose the next 4 years will mean we will have to endure the attacks against everything Trump does, by the Left, just as we did with the Rights complaints about Obama. You have already made a good start. Some things you can take to the bank. As I have stated more than once on these threads...We're screwed!!! And what's really disheartening is ,,,We deserve it!!!


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Mr. Christensen,

Are those Chinese billions in Yaun and are the Russian billions in Rubles? If so, then when one looks at the American dollar compaired to those two countries currencies, then yes I can see the disparity you point to. Now as to the point Mr.Pelovsky made regarding today's military as reflected during the 8 years of the Obama Administration, there is as always, two sides of that view. First, do you personally want America's military to be marginally the " finest fighting force of any country"? I take you are a Vet, as am I, so I believe I already know the answer to that question. Here is another view on your position as regards military funding. As usual, the "devil is in the details".

One thing that you did NOT touch on is the current level of morale in our Armed Forces:

having been in the military, I can tell you straight up that the Pentagon can throw all the money it has at our troops and if their morale is "in the tank", all that money is pretty much meaningless. I attribute a large part of the morale situation to the repeated number of "tours" in Iraq and Afganistan that our troops are subjected to, as well as their very awareness of how little they will be cared for if they are injured( does the VA scandle ring a bell?)

Now not any one of these things by itself supports a claim of "Gutting the military", but taken collectively and along with many other points I won't belabor (one being our military being used as a "social experiment" testbed), I can see where a generalization as Mr.Pelovsky made has some merit. After all, Mr. Obama has been "Commander in Chief" for going on 8 years and he certainly has to take responsibility for whatever state the military finds itself in.


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Mr. Christensen,

Obviously you found something very attractive about Rim Country when you chose to locate here. I think we all did. One thing that comes with just about any area worth investing your nest egg in, is that things are NOT always totally positive. As you and most others are more than aware, Rim Country is pretty much "Red" or "Independent". For those who perhaps came from some place that was untenable, in large part due to the progressiver/socialist social environment in those places, you will find no such bastion of progressive/socialism in Rim Country. You are more than welcome to your progressive ideology, just DO NOT expect that you will ever see that ideology become the dominant one in Rim Country in your lifetime. Most here have seen only too well what that ideology has done in other places, ie Kalifornia, and many residents come here to escape those toilets. I seriously doubt they are now going to sit idly by and watch the same circumstances be foisted upon them and Rim Country. Enjoy it here. It is a wonderful area. Just know that you are in the minority politically and will have few ears or sympathy for your recent political shellacking. Crying towels are very abundent at WalMart.


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Tom, It's not like I am not VERY familiar with Mr. Eby's views regrding "religion". It wasn't that many yeas ago I was precisely of the same views he holds. Perhaps I may of even been a little more extreme. I can no more explain that transformation to Mr. Eby, or anyone else, and actually put it in a way that they can actually understand and comprehend, unless they themselves have had a like experience/transformation. I had people of faith witness to me and share the "Gospel of Jesus Christ" for years. I had two Evangelical pastors in my family. Like Mr. Eby, it was all "foolishness" to me. Like Mr. Eby as well as so manyothers, I was literally a stone when it came to listening to anything that remotely bordered on religious faith. So, although he may refute this, I know his mindset on this subject probably as well as he does.

We've touched on this subject before and I think we both agreed that "faith" or the absence of it, is a very individually personal thing. If someone actually wants to have me share that "Gospel" with them, I am more than happy to oblige. But to simply put it out there for an unbeliever to trash and tear apart is not something I will partake in. Contrary to Mr. Eby's acclimation, most Christians will not force that "Gospel" on anyone not being predisposed to listening to it. Like the comparison I made to drugs in another post, I don;t know of anyone who had that material forced upon them If a person chooses that for themselves, they do it from personal choice.


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" But a natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him;and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually appraised." 1 Cornithians 2:14


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As to your reference to the Electoral College might I simply suggest you go back to your basic civics lessons and relearn the reasons the Founders put that in play. Do you think America is a Democratic nation? Really? Did you sleep through that lesson? America is a great country, primarily due to the foresight and wisdom of our Founders and the documents they left us with to give guidance to this "Great experiment". I for one will resist any efforts by progressive/socilaists to "modernize" our traditions and alter those founding documents to suit their ideological mindset. My guess is that if Hillary would have won the electoral college majority and NOT the popular vote, you would be happier than a possum eating cheese over the Electoral College's existence and praising the Founder's wisdom at having instituted it. Can you say hypocrit? Clear enough?


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Tom, I agree with your view on "sexual behavior". The legal system should not insert themselves into those types of private dicisions between consenting adults. The issue I have with the current situation is that people want to forbid me the right to find some of that "sexual behavior" repugnant and immoral. They want to make me accept anything and everything that does not affect me personally, as perfectly natural, normal adult behavior, and if I speak my views on the subject, they want to label ME with one of the "phobes" labels being so overused these days. These progs desire to control and dictate what people THINK regards any number of social issues. They will NOT EVER succeed in that endeavor because people will think what they choose and simply clam up. But what that circumstance does is it discriminates against alernative beliefs/views. And these progs put themselves forward as "live and let live" proponents when in fact they are the true Fascists. I would challenge ANY of these progressives to provide evidence in ANY of our founding documents that state that it is a person's "right" to NOT be offended in some way. Poor snowflakes!


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Mike, I think since the list was directed at an inveterate liar, it is appropriate that these issues are given attention. If you would like you can counter every one of Mr. Pelovsky's claims with your personal view of the "facts" or "truth". You up to it? It is easy to cast dispersons by simply impying someone is lying. Make your points, otherwise it is simply a matter of differing opinions.