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Ronald Hamric 4 hours, 34 minutes ago on Be alert this time of year for calf elk in Rim Country


Thanks for putting that info out there as folks need reminding constantly that they live in elk country with all that portends. Need to get this info into the heads of those from out of the area as well.


Ronald Hamric 4 hours, 40 minutes ago on 373 TQI Who's dumping trash in the forest?

Mr. Lemon, Thank you for all you folks do. The situation is really a reflection of how far down we've gone as a society. When I was a kid, if I as even as much as threw a bubble gum wrapper on the ground I got a real dressing down. Can't tell you how much trash I've personally picked up along the 300 road over the years. It's truly discouraging as there seems to be no end to it. Had a friend who was a Range Specialist for the Payson Ranger District. He was of the opinion that he had personally never seen a forest as trashed and dirty as the Tonto National Forest. Must say that has been my experience as well. There is no easy solution as the types that do that are by their very nature, impervious to social standards and simple courtesy. Proud of America? Not so much for an awful lot of our fellow citizens.


Ronald Hamric 2 days, 1 hour ago on Sheriff’s deputy distributes water to ill-prepared hikers on Fossil Creek Trail

Am I the only one that is beginning to sense that as long as those people KNOW that there will be someone to help them through their stupidity, they will simply continue make these poor decisions?


Ronald Hamric 3 days, 6 hours ago on 364 The Question Is.... High school drug use.

My opinion is ......................who cares? If the majority in this nation is dead set on taking down every fundamental bedrock moral premise that made us the envy of the world, then it can simply continue on down that road to it's ultimate demise. I will contribute only to the degree that it touches me and mine personally, and that will be through severe "tough love". Other than that........I don't care about the drug problem in Payson High School or anywhere else.


Ronald Hamric 3 days, 20 hours ago on Alder Fire at 239 acres near Forest Lakes

Drove by the Horse Tank Fire area today and I think they did one heck of a job. Have frequented that area for years to pick blackberries and it was way past time to let fire play it's natural role in our Rim Country environment. I appreciate that many have difficulty with the smoke from these types of burns due to health reasons, but if one chooses to live in the forest interface, I would suggest that they are going to be subject to many more such managed burns. I don't think there is any other solution to our long time poorly managed forests other than the approaches currently being utilized. I sympathize with those who are negatively impacted by this approach. As a retired firefighter/EMT I can appreciate both the benefit and consequences of these current approaches.


Ronald Hamric 4 days, 21 hours ago on 363 The Question is.... Forest thinning - the truth?


I have similar memories of when I was a kid in Boulder, Colorado. Very small college town that other than CU, was agriculture/ranching oriented. Me and my brother rode our bikes all over that small town and our folks never had to worry about out safety. My grandparents had a farm on the outskirts of Boulder and it was irrigated via canals that were fed from Boulder Creek that went right through the middle of town. My best buddy's mom had a ladies store in the Boulder central square called China Smiths. We used to shoot our .22's in the basement of that store using old mannequins as targets. Never anyone had a problem with that as it was simply part of the way things were back then. One of my other friends, Emo Beakman (true name) grandparents also had a farm on the outskirts. It was on that farm I became acquainted with how nature works as regards where our food comes from. Saw dead drop calves thrown into the pig sty and get consumed by the pigs. Saw beef, chickens, and some of those pigs get slaughtered for the food they were. Played in the hay loft and sometimes simply laid on our backs in the fields and tried to make out animals formed in the clouds. Just all American rural kid stuff.

Sad to say, those of us that lived in THAT America are rapidly disappearing and those that follow will NEVER be able to have the life experiences we did.


Ronald Hamric 4 days, 21 hours ago on 341 The Question Is.... The ACC.

Pat, Rest assured I would never presume to make ANY post on your behalf. If there is anything I've learned about you over these many years on this blog, it is that you are more than capable and willing to hold your own. Heck, I can barely make myself clear on many of the topics Tom starts on this blog so I surely don't need to try and speak for anyone else. One day perhaps we will meet in person like you and Ruby did with Shovelhead. Now how's that for recall? ;-)


Ronald Hamric 5 days ago on 341 The Question Is.... The ACC.

Tom & Pat,

I have a somewhat different view on the subject of WalMart than either of you. If, as a corporation, it is as bad as Tom infers, then because we are in a relatively free market environment, if the CUSTOMERS take exception and find social fault with the way the corporation runs it's business and treats it's employees, the power of the pocketbook CAN change it. I think part of the problem is when people look at some business such as WalMart today, they see it through eyes that once saw the old free market system that made this nation the greatest power on earth. That model has gone just as quickly as has the American melting pot. This is currently a nation of "What's in it for me?" people. Pure, unadulterated narcissists and hedonists. WalMart and others are basing their corporate philosophy off of that customer mentality. Nothing else even comes into play. And it works for corporate WalMart.

Those that make the PERSONAL decision to subject them selves to that corporate philosophy do so out of CHOICE. Some may make the excuse that "they had no other choice! That was the only place where they could get work or shop." Again, as I've said many times before on a myriad of topics, life is all about our choices. That a person only has WalMart as their only option either as a customer or an employee, most definitely goes back to those persons past decisions and choices. Like the "Duke" once said "Life is tough! It's even tougher when your stupid!". We live and die being affected by the choices we made and will make. Pretty much sums it up for me.


Ronald Hamric 5 days, 1 hour ago on 363 The Question is.... Forest thinning - the truth?

Tom, The problem we currently are facing with the overgrown forest is not something that occurred over night and will not lend itself to quick, easy solutions. Even if we permit the USFS to utilize fire in it's natural role in the forest environment, that alone is not going to get things in order before another major forest fire occurs and homes and perhaps lives are lost. The unique thing about the 4FRI was that ALL the players were at the table and reached a agreement. What WASN'T at the table was a forestry industry that had pretty much been destroyed by the environmentalist movement. One simply cannot rebuild that industry to it's previous levels and therefore they are reliant upon some vague semblance of what was once a thriving/beneficial industry. Good Earth and it's predecessor are merely "smoke & mirrors" relative to what was really needed. Blame enough to go around, but the elephant in the living room is as it has been for decades, ie. an intransigent and bureaucratic quagmire of a Federal Government Agency that is more beholding to small, powerful political groups than it is to actually meeting the purpose and goals of the agency when it was formed. THIS is representative of just why our founders were so concerned about a huge Federal Government. Such wisdom and such foresight they had. Unfortunately that level of wisdom is as extinct now as the nuclear family unit is becoming. It was one heck of a ride while it lasted! I saw it, grew up in it, and enjoyed the fruits of it, but alas it is now pretty much all gone and my successors will NEVER know the America I did.


Ronald Hamric 6 days, 4 hours ago on 334 The Question Is.... A successful marriage.

Tom, In all honesty I cannot say if there is any connection at all between a persons ability to fall in love with their spouse and have it last for life, and a persons penchant for accepting Jesus Christ. I know, you are probably scratching your head and asking "where the heck is he going with that?" Just on a personal note, most definitely not applicable to everyone, but that same commitment I made to my wife when we married is not unlike the commitment I made to Jesus Christ. And it was reciprocal. I can only wish that more people were blessed with similar experiences. Be a much happier world.

But it falls to the individual to be certain in their hearts that such decisions are not based on some transient whim, but are an honest reflection of their total lifelong commitment to the one they love. Because I lost my wife of 47 years doesn't mean I no longer have my love for her still in my heart. And that is not counter intuitive to the fact that I have remarried , but only that again I have been blessed with the opportunity to continue to display/devote that same love and commitment to a different person. I'd like to think I am not some abnormal person in how I view these things, but if I am then I am content with my abnormalities.