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Ronald Hamric 3 days, 18 hours ago on Beeline highway re-opened after gunman opens fire on motorists

If one reads the ADPS release on the identity of the perp and the charges to be filed, one will note" Possession of Illegal Drugs". Like alcohol and guns, drugs and guns are NOT a good mix, EVER. So much for drug use only affecting the one taking that junk.


Ronald Hamric 5 days ago on 814 A headline with a lot of meaning in it.

I'm not disagreeing regarding the water issue. I have taken the position for quite some time, that water is NOT a luxury, as is fuel, it is a vital necessity. The area we live in, the Desert Southwest, is not capable of carrying the population capacity of many of those regions to our East, due in large part to the scarcity of water. But I still suggest as Tom was inferring in his original premise, that when fossil fuels are depleted, there will be massive impacts on the world as we know it today. We can certainly bring forward any number of other issues that may be more important than that in the near term, but since Tom put forth the issue of fossil fuels, that is what I am responding to.


Ronald Hamric 5 days ago on 815 Weren't today's problems in Iraq predictable?

Tom, I was referring to the penchant of many who see Islam as a 'religion of peace" taking the position that Christianity is little different from Islam. They go so far as to say they are practically the same. Certainly there were abuses in the past using their Christian faith as a reason for subjugating others.But in today's world, I am not aware of any particular "Christian" faith that is killing people on the scale that those of the Islamic faith are. If someone can bring such an incident forward, I will be more than willing to look at it.


Ronald Hamric 5 days, 18 hours ago on 814 A headline with a lot of meaning in it.

Mr. Aal,

No doubt there is still a sizable amount of fossil fuels underneath us all. I suggest that what Tom was inferring, is that such a resource is NOT renewable and is finite. At some point in the future, that resource will possibly be totally depleted or way too expensive to extract that it would not be viable in the marketplace as an energy source. What will then become the world's NEW energy source is still very much debatable.


Ronald Hamric 5 days, 18 hours ago on 824 Initiative will prevent anti-solar moves of power companies.


How are you getting your electricity during the hours of darkness. Would one not have to have some storage system for those times the PV panels are not generating power? In the "surplus" costs you mentioned, is that determined after you pay for "grid" electricity when the panels are insufficient? One could read your "BS" position as if you pay nothing to APS for actual KW used at your house.


Ronald Hamric 5 days, 19 hours ago on 814 A headline with a lot of meaning in it.


"This is a very special case." Seems to me that is precisely the mentality that caused the government to start us down this slippery slope in the beginning. " We are the government and we can insert ourselves into the marketplace and make things ultimately better for everyone". I call BS on that and can back it up with untold examples of governmental failures, regardless of their initial good intentions.

As to the changed world that those that are coming behind us will experience, I tend to vue that as the same experience those that had to adjust to the Industrial Revolution, and all the "eras" that came before that, ie. the Bronze Age, etc, etc. It's part and parcel of the human experience and it is in a constant state of flux. Try as we may, we are pretty helpless in perserving the world you and I grew up in and enjoyed through our lives.


Ronald Hamric 5 days, 20 hours ago on 815 Weren't today's problems in Iraq predictable?

Tom, " Either way, the chance of a "worldwide Caliphate" ever existing is zero." That may be true, but it is the pursuit of that ultimate goal that is creating much of the conflict between Muslims and non-Muslims. They may not ALL be complete adherents and practitioners of the admonitions in their "bible", but enough are that they will be a problem as far into the future as one can see. Their are those of the Muslim faith that have recommended doing away with many of the more controversial teachings in the Koran and the Hadith,those that are in direct conflict with Western culture and religions, but the Mullah's would have to do that, and like amending our US Constitution, it is rife with descension.

"It would, however, eliminate something like 85% of the anger in the Islamic world." And I personally, from what I've seen over the last 40 to 50 years, have no doubt that they would simply redirect that anger towards "The Great Satan" That would be us in the Western world.

I learned quite a lot from a young man on the college speaking circuit, that was raised in a Madrassa in Pakistan, and who left Islam and converted to Christianity. Of course there is a bounty on his head and everywhere he travels, he has bodyguards to protect his life. His experience having been on both sides of the religious equation is quite insightful and he makes it very clear the vast differences between the two religions. Besides the death sentence that comes to any Muslim apostates, he also lost any relationship with his family and friends back in Pakistan. He has paid an enormous personal price for simply choosing one religion over another. Anyone who equates the two as having many similarities, need to hear this young man's presentations. Unlike most , on either side, he has first hand experience in both and is very much knowledgeable about both. Whether one accepts it or not, Islam is BOTH a political ideology AND a religion. The two are inseparable.


Ronald Hamric 5 days, 20 hours ago on 824 Initiative will prevent anti-solar moves of power companies.

Pat, Like most things exposed to the outdoors in sunny climates, they can take a beating from that very sun. The PV panels can also accumulate dust and water spots from the rain. They do need cleaning on occasion, based upon the location they are used in, as well as the connections need to be checked to make sure they have not come loose. It' s not very technical nor labor intensive, but one cannot simply put them on their roof and forget about them. Not that far from taking care of our regular houses on the exterior.


Ronald Hamric 6 days, 19 hours ago on 815 Weren't today's problems in Iraq predictable?


Do you honestly think that if Israel ceased to exist tomorrow, a declared goal of much of the Islamic world, that such an event would stem the Islamic effort towards a worldwide Caliphate? As for me, I simply do not have such a rosy outlook. As for the tribal/sectarian conflicts, those are as old as Islam itself.


Ronald Hamric 6 days, 19 hours ago on 824 Initiative will prevent anti-solar moves of power companies.

Tom, "Do you feel we need an initiative for this", ... Yes! "or do you feel that the ACC will do the job for us?" No! When you have a few weeks to spend on my reasons for those replies, then I'll be more than happy to share MY experiences in these matters.

Pat, Current PV (PhotoVoltaic) ie. solar panels have a lifespan of approx. 24 years, barring any damage and getting their proper maintenance. They are actually exceeding their expected degradation projections and the very first array is 60 years old and still supplying energy as of 2014. PV has merit, primarily for fixed locations in the "sun belt". That's why most of the massive arrays are in the desert areas where there are more days of sunshine than in most other parts of the country (and the world).