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Ronald Hamric 2 weeks ago on Barton not a true voice for Rim Country majority

Want to know what Leftists are like, simply read Ted's posts. It speaks volumes and pretty much substantiates everything they deny they are.


Ronald Hamric 2 weeks, 2 days ago on 726 What happened to individual responsibility?

"inadequate 100 year water supply" Although I had already done my research about the water issues in this region, I was still apprised of that statement. If a person is provided that information and it doesn't trigger them to do further research into the matter, then shame on them. I suppose we are all getting too used to being spoon fed with everything that might have some impact on our lives, that we now defer that responsibility to someone else. And if they fail to look out for our interests, we get to sue the pants off them.


Ronald Hamric 2 weeks, 3 days ago on Another form of abuse

Pay particular attention to the second paragraph in the article.. I don't believe the state legislature feels simply continuing to throw money at the problem is the answer. Like the "race card", playing the "it's for the children" card is more and more frequently falling on deaf ears because it has been beat to death as an epithet.


Ronald Hamric 2 weeks, 3 days ago on No excuse

So emblematic of the issue of trying to deal with spousal/child abuse. Saw much of the dark side of it in my career as a Firefighter/EMT. Have not to this day been able to figure out why those abused are the ones who plead for leniency for the very person who beat the heck out of them, repeatedly. Saw that scenario play out so many times I became totally unsympathetic to those that we frequently responded on. Like drug or alcohol abusers, the abused and the abuser BOTH have to recognize the need for help and must actually want it and accept it, or the cycle will simply repeat ad infinitum. Heard many professional lectures from supposed "experts" about the psychology behind this problem, but saw very little success in the treatment of either the victims or their abusers. Sad circumstance and I simply have no solutions that would be acceptable to a caring society.


Ronald Hamric 2 weeks, 5 days ago on 725 The Question Is.... Obamacare

I would not deny that something needed to be done to get a handle on the rising costs of health care in this nation. But for the life of me, I simply cannot understand why, in the light of their track record on such things, that ANY American would trust the federal Government to establish and run such a personal, vital service. Those people live in an alternate universe and have not a clue what the views are on Main street America. I also wonder how "The Greatest Generation" ever managed to prosecute and win a two-ocean war against two very difficult opponents and win it in less than five years, without even the slightest inkling of health care insurance. And people today seem to think it is somehow a "right" under the Constitution. I really haven't explored what I might offer as a solution to the costs of health care, but one thing I know as certain as I breathe is that the Federal Government is the LAST place that solution should be looked for. Like most complex issues having to do with the market place, this issue as well has many facets and each one needs to be looked at individually and collectively by the "consumers" and through market forces let them determine what they will support as to technology and costs associated with the "service" of health care". Too long people have deferred the responsibility of their welfare to the government and shirked their individual responsibility for looking out for themselves. Through the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, we can see undeniably the effect of choosing that approach. And the Federal Government, who would dearly love to control every aspect of it's citizens lives, is laughing all the way to the bank.


Ronald Hamric 3 weeks, 1 day ago on 713 Quick One Heroin addiction

We all agree drug abuse is a dead end for most who get into it. Like the movie Bernice spoke about and the effect it had on her, I saw that film but I didn't have the same response that she did. What I truly owe my total lack of drug involvement to is all those poor souls who fell into the trap, and eventually our paths crossed. I am not proud of having got my "drug education" through their misery, but it certainly demonstrated the ease with which one can fall into the trap of drug dependency, drugs of all kinds, and that drug abuse knows no social boundaries. It truly is a plague upon mankind and is a real testimony to risks associated with the very useful benefits of manufactured drugs. As bad as heroin is, I think probably the most physically destructive drug out there now is Meth. It literally destroys the body and is equally as addictive as heroin. At times I feel ashamed that I have such a hard stance against those people who fall into drug abuse. Even as I was plying my career, I tried to be understanding and compassionate towards them and take the old "There but for the grace of God go I" approach. But after so many years and so many efforts to try and change people's tendencies, I came to the point I am at currently. And I really cannot say that the D.A.R.E. program and other drug education approaches have had much of an impact, except make those that came up with the programs wealthy. I've simply seen too much generation after generation to now believe simple education and awareness or strict penalties for its abuse will make much of a dent in drug abuse. Perhaps I am too fatalistic, but I can't recall the times I witnessed the very sad circumstances that Bernice spoke of. It really does wear on one's emotions and compassion. It's really gratifying to help someone through a life threatening emergency when it was brought on by no direct act of those affected. It is another thing to continually try to save someone whose "emergency" is self induced, and to do it numerous times, until they finally succeed in taking themselves out of the gene pool.


Ronald Hamric 3 weeks, 3 days ago on 713 Quick One Heroin addiction

"Would this be the one time it would be worth actually declaring war on those who produce or sell a drug?" If you look at the steps to stop booze during prohibition, shootouts were very common. It had little to no deterrent effect since there was so much money to be made. I think you would most likely find the same with illegal drugs. The "Black market" is not often run by the brightest candles on the cake so I think they would give little consideration to the prospects if they got caught. I still tend to go opposite of a "war" on illicit drugs in favor of the full legalization of all such substances and let nature run it's course. We've already spent trillions on the war on drugs and to what effect? If I wanted to get real wordy, I could tell of my experience with those we have charged with prosecuting the supposed "War on Drugs", but I'll save it for another time.


Ronald Hamric 3 weeks, 4 days ago on 614 The Question Is.... Citizenship.


I tend towards your view. If one looks at our legal system and the way it is supposed to work, it is not unlike a "contract". You do something in violation of the law, and the consequences are such and such. Once they have met their side of that "contract", ie paid the established price for the law's infraction, then they should be restored to their full rights and liberties. Contract stipulations satisfied. Like you said, to do otherwise is to continually punish them when they may very well have learned their lesson the first time and have become a regular upstanding citizen. The current approach that people lose voting rights, their 2nd Amendment rights, etc, make them second class citizens for the rest of their lives. As has already been said, this does NOT apply to those determined to be "career" criminals. If they won't change the law as regards this situation, then they need to make sure every citizen of every state is treated the same and that it is written into the penalties for felony crimes. Otherwise I sense it violates the "equal treatment/protection under the law" as written in our Constitution. There's waaay to much violation of that already.