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don evans 1 day, 11 hours ago on Deputy shoots neighborhood dog as children watch

This "Deputy?" is a first class putz in my view based on the news account. He brags he's an expert in firearms and shooting them. Yet he could not hit a stationary dog with a shotgun from a close distance? Took him five shots? And the part that really jumps out, if correct, he's on Probationary employment status with the Sheriffs Dept. Usually that means one is a fairly new hire and they haven't completed their training successfully as yet. Very poor judgment, dangerous actions taken by him. If I were the Sheriff and he is on probationary status doing this, he would be gone. Also, was the firearm safety class he was giving (Joke!) a class sanctioned by the Sheriffs Department, or was he free lancing for a fee? Sounds like Ma and Pa Kettle mentality or maybe Lil Abner.


don evans 6 days, 15 hours ago on Mesa del resident battles water company

My Opinion on this. The whole fiasco has to do with the Town of Payson selling it's water to the new private "Payson Water Co" (not owned by the Town of Payson). This was done and approved so the residents of Mesa Del would not fight the Town of Payson on building the Craigin water Pipeline and water treatment plant so close some Mesa Del home owners. How much it reasonably cost to truck water from a Payson fire hydrant behind Home Depot to Mesa Del (est. 4 miles). Your guess is as good as mine.


don evans 1 week, 3 days ago on Reforms aired

"The Arizona GOP controls this state ....... It looks like more of the same. Keep the electorate uneducated is there plan to maintain power......LOL" Don't that just PO you....LOL Louder. Mandatory unannounced random Urine testing for all school teachers would help.


don evans 1 week, 4 days ago on 719 The Question Is.... Welfare.

My question now is....What kind of a Welfare system we must currently have, that does not closely vet their applicants. Want to bet this kind of abuse is just the tip of the iceberg. Our Government at work.


don evans 1 week, 5 days ago on 182 The Question Is.... Free speech

Some of us might lump in the USA newspapers "Benson's View" political cartoons with the Hebdo cartoons. I don't like a lot of them, but sometimes I laugh, sometimes I'm disgusted. There just cartoons to provoke your thoughts, not to commit an act of violence.


don evans 1 week, 5 days ago on Charges challenged

Just because I was bored, I did a little research on this topic. You can find the past Corporation Commission hearing documents on this matter online. I read the most recent hearing PDF posted. Apparently Mr. Pearson failed to show up or produce his water hauling invoices that show his fees to the Payson Water Co. They and he, were subpoenaed on "FIVE" previous occasions on this case. He never showed or produced them to this date? My GUESS would be Mr. Smith believes those invoices will show what Pearson's water hauling charges were to the Payson Water Co. as opposed to what Payson Water Co. actually charged it's Mesa Del water customers during that period. By the way, as I recall, that truck was filling up with contracted Town of Payson Water! The truck would fill up it's huge tank using the fire hydrant located behind Home Depot and drive the very short distance to the Mesa Del Water Tank and unload it. So the Payson Water Co. was paying some water rate to the Town of Payson? What a Who's on First cluster.


don evans 2 weeks, 6 days ago on Payson Amnesty International activists on the map again

First the Payson Library violated it's own policy by allowing a "political" organization to set up a large display "inside the library lobby", hand out political agenda material and flyers. The posted Amnesty Intl. subjects I saw were in support of a Palestinian terrorist leader, support of a pro-abortion law in a South American Country, and pre-printed letters addressed to President Obama to support anti-firearm legislation in 2015. What the anti firearm bills have to do with prisoners or torture in the USA is beyond me. All Library political type activity is to be allowed only in the designated free speech zone under the "outside" covered entry area to the library. In my opinion, this organization is just a front for anti USA Global policy's and actions. It demonstrates a one world government and socialist agenda. Do your own research on it.


don evans 3 weeks, 1 day ago on Fox Farm/Granite Dells

First, the paper has reported now three different versions of who the proposed buyer of the 80 acres is? First it was DCK Corp (also the proposed Developers/builders of the college?) Then it changed to the owner of Payson HPR/ATAC ammo company, but DCK Corp would build the entire 80 acre facility and lease back the building and space necessary to accommodate HPR Ammo Mfg needs. NOT the entire 80 acres! So what is proposed to be built in addition to HPR? Now we are told the following; According to the draft, the new owner plans to close on the property May 14, although it does not specify who the owner is. Jim Antich, with Advanced Tactical Armament Concepts, LLC, is the reported buyer, according to information from Mayor Kenny Evans! But he signed a non disclosure agreement with ATAC two years ago. Antich would not return a request for comment??? Why not? Maybe he is not the real proposed buyer after all? I am all for new local jobs and businesses, but this whole deal for Rim Ranch to me is very suspicious and very unclear as to who the players are and what is proposed for the entire 80 acres. What types of other businesses will go into this "Industrial" park? I doubt seriously HPR will need and use the entire 80 acres for just their Ammo business. As for the Town, I would not commit to any zoning change or anything else until a full and complete building and entire complete business plan is submitted, reviewed, vetted, and approved by the full council after public disclosure. Especially if Town resources and infrastructer are required.