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don evans 19 hours, 45 minutes ago on Banner/MHA complete $40 million merger

The Banner Hospital takeover is good news. Now for the alphabet soup of foundation organizations for a University in Payson. Just one question, WHAT UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE has signed and committed? Oh, and now MHA is a foundation too.


don evans 4 days, 19 hours ago on Charter school due

Since for the last almost 5 years we have received NO College University commitment to locate to our long proposed college site by the Mayor, the MHA, the RCEA, RCEF, and ASPIRE a suggestion. Since the purchased site must be used for an educational purpose, allow this "A" rated charter school to build there. Maybe in conjunction with a state of the art Vocational Trades School that would include computer technology, electronics, construction, plumbing, modern auto mechanics, green technology etc. Dump the pie in the sky University and go with a reality life based education institution.


don evans 4 days, 19 hours ago on Gila County eyes building plan stacked against the north

AHhhhh, the good ol' Globe/Gila County Mafia. Still sticking their fingers in the eyes of the North County residents when it comes to allocation of County public tax dollars. Did you really think anything has changed...


don evans 6 days, 18 hours ago on 361 The Question Is.... Freedom of religion.

My HOA says that you can not post/display any kind of sign on your property. You can have a name plate and address plate. I think political election signs are ok for the specific voting office/issue period, but no longer. They ignore temporary garage sale signs. You have raised an interesting issue. I wonder what my HOA or any official entity could do if I posted in my front yard, a standard 18"X24" sign that said, "I BELIEVE" ???


don evans 6 days, 19 hours ago on New charter school coming to Payson

And from their mission statement above, they provide a sorely needed curriculum that is intentionally missing from government public schools.


don evans 1 week ago on Gosar up to his old tricks

Suggestion. Why don't you set the example and move into a large suburban federal housing project. Say Los Angeles, into the development commonly known as the "Jungle" in south central LA. You can refuse all the government assistance monies. Hold diversity meetings with the local Crips and Bloods gangs that run the projects. Set the example for all the residents, change their attitudes and desire to find meaningful employment. Or, just wait for your Obama Plan to "mandate" your current neighborhood to have a government determined minority resident population regardless of their work, ability to afford, or on the public dole status. Because that's exactly what your touted new “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) Regulation” is all about. More government compelled phony social justice. What a crock. Go Gosar......


don evans 1 week ago on Intelligent political choices

So let me get this straight. Because the majority of voters did not select "your" recommended candidates, they are all ignorant knuckle heads? Oh,... to be a part of the academia all knowing what's best elite like yourself. It's just plain amazing how all of us uninformed masses can live daily without their enlightened guidance.


don evans 1 week ago on Suddenlink Service Outage Bill Credit

For the last two weeks, as far as I can tell, Suddenlink service has be going off for long periods of time. This includes internet, land line telephone, and sporadic TV outages. The areas that seem affected are large and seem mostly West of Mc Lane Rd. Forget calling the customer service telephone number. You will get on a circular path of robo commands that leads back to the beginning. (I believe it goes to Texas). Anyway, I went to the local office and found many others there asking the same questions. Suddenlinks answer is that a lightning strike about two weeks ago near Rumsey Park fried a "service node" (#16 I think) They have replaced it several times and added amplifiers? Yet it still continues to fail ongoing for reasons they have not as yet figured out. They calculate YOUR service outage by the hours down. So far it's at about 49 hours. I asked about a credit on my bill for outage time. They said customers would receive a credit on their service bill? Unknown when this ongoing outage problem will be totally solved or when you will get your credit reimbursement.