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don evans 1 day, 8 hours ago on 219 The Question Is.... Westerns.

I was never big on Western Type Novels. But, having said that, I did read one Zane Grey novel titled "Under the Tonto Rim". A story about a young lady school teacher from the East who travels here and takes a teaching position in a one room school house, I believe in the Pine area! The rest of the story is about her life interactions with the locals, their customs at the time, some pleasant valley range war, and harvesting honey from the local "Bees"! All living at the foot of the Molgollon Rim. I must say I did enjoy the story and learned a little bit about the Rim area. True or not it made for a good imaginative read for me.


don evans 6 days, 8 hours ago on Serious threat to public education emerging

Gee, strange as it seems, your sourced 63 page Govt. web site left out a major component in their stats. No information provided as to the "Illegal Alien student populations sucking up the tax dollars for their education, related costs, and their impacts on the public education budgets. Especially the border states. Can you say California? Your future citizens are already on some form of public assistance or another in case you haven't noticed. Can you say freebie health care for a start....Feel free to donate as much of your OWN tax dollars to support Illegal Entrants to the USA. Stay out of my wallet.


don evans 1 week ago on Serious threat to public education emerging

1."It appears that the Legislature is trying to do its personal best to see that our public schools fail in their mission to educate our children for the 21st century". LOL, like public education has not been failing for the last 30 years with tons of tax dollars thrown in. 2."More and more tax money is being funneled to charter schools on the theory that they can do a better job of educating the kids". My 3 grand kids, once pulled from public school, are now thriving and excelling in a charter school. 3."How do you feel about your taxes enabling a profit for a corporation over which you have no say about how it is run and for whom? Total lie. My Grandkids parents are more involved the education decision making process than they ever were allowed in the public school system of faceless administrative bureaucrats for life. 4."Once you turn over education to profit-making entities, you lose the power of the ballot box to be in charge of your schools, who is running them and what they teach". Now that's a laugh. Most parents of public education have no power over or idea as to what is being taught in public schools until little Johnnie comes home and asks Mom and Dad if he can become Transgender like the teacher told him about. 5."Where are we headed now?" Watch the nightly news and you better learn fluent Spanish.


don evans 1 week ago on Pledges revive university land purchase plan

What the....???We have the “The Rim Country Educational Alliance", "The Rim Country Educational Foundation", "The Single Legal Entity", "The Special Purpose Entity", the US Forest Service, and DCK Global Corp all involved. The only group missing in this deal is the "A.D.A.D.I.D.O."


don evans 1 week, 1 day ago on Stuck in limbo

Another "they are victims article" from an adult who has never stopped being a hippie from the 60's. If it ain't we are all going to die soon from global warming, to, you aren't doing your part for the illegal aliens. She is probably a nice young adult. But her parents who are also illegal have taken every advantage of it's legal citizens and their tax dollars. And still is not enough! More, more, is the mantra and cry. Why not attempt to make their own country a better place to live and work? Because you get so much free stuff from those stupid gringos. Want to be a citizen. Go back, then get in line like everyone else. Do the right thing.


don evans 1 week, 2 days ago on Chaos engulfs testing requirements for local schools

This is what happens when useful idiots run the public education system. The so called educated elite. Highly educated, many degrees to tout, and absolutely no common sense. How about a simple, no frills, or bloated cost testing procedure. Have the students simply be observed running a cash register at any local fast food locations. The digital visible screen that tells the student what change to give back to the purchasing customer will be disabled. Each student will test at a peak dining hour for at least 10 minutes. They will be judged on their ability to compute in their head what the correct change amount should be. Numerous errors or inability to determine the correct amount under supervision would result in not advancing in grade or graduating, until they can pass this "practical real life test" at an acceptable level. This might also be done to test teacher competency levels. Ted Paulk is exempted as he was educated beyond his ability to comprehend and just passed along in the public system as is the current trend.


don evans 1 week, 2 days ago on Fraud arrest

You mean the County won't take a Cashiers Check for bail from him? LOL...


don evans 1 week, 2 days ago on We get what we elect

"Until the electorate (US!) starts voting for candidates based on their qualifications rather than their party affiliation, we’re doomed to repeat the failed decisions of the past. For better or for worse, we get what we elect". Sounds like the last two Presidential elections doesn't it?


don evans 1 week, 2 days ago on Town yard by park needs more work

Contact your neighbor Ted Paulk. I read a letter he wrote in the paper about the same thing. Maybe he will volunteer to help buy or install the chain link slats to hide the Town yard junk from view. He is really good at suggesting people donate more money for social community projects. As he has the same view that you do, I'm sure he will step up to help.