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don evans 5 days, 6 hours ago on University by 2018

So let’s get this straight. No disrespect or innuendo intended. Mr. Cline is a resident of Star Valley but is Vice President of the RCEA board. Star Valley Mayor Ronnie Mc Daniel is a resident of Star Valley, and also on the RCEA Board. This board is tasked with making plans and decisions of what will be built, leased, and developed exclusively within the Town limits of Payson proper. There are possible Payson resident tax ramifications. Mr. Cline could provide little information to any specifics on the Charter School/University planned Payson project. This has been in the works for eight years we are told. Does Payson have decision authority as to what transpires within the Town of Star Valley? Something does not compute.


don evans 6 days, 2 hours ago on 684 It's Your Call. Ever seen a "party bike?"

Party bikes have been in use in Westwood Village area that is adjacent to the UCLA Calif.complex, for quite a few years. It was quite a giggle to watch. The ones I saw almost every one seated had to pedal (6 or 8). At that time they were considered bicycle's and subject to normal traffic laws. I think the limo idea is just another way to raise a tax on them for the municipality. They were restricted in travel to about a 4 square block radius.


don evans 1 week ago on Population of 38,000 is too many people

Look who has been appointed to the private University/Commercial Development planning boards. A multi millionaire developer from Florida & Texas who now lives here Look who and owns a private investment company. Three, local realtors. A local attorney. Another individual with prior close employment ties to ASU. Two Payson elected politicians. And, two Star Valley residents voting and setting priorities for the Town of Payson spin off commercial developments and University projects? Some of these individuals serve on more than one of the private boards!


don evans 1 week, 1 day ago on Give me your huddled masses

Unfortunately the only relevant portion on the plaque in the last 15 or so years in my opinion is "The retched refuse of your teeming shore".


don evans 1 week, 1 day ago on Presidential progress and problems

I thought the last two Presidential election's were going to do all of those things mentioned by Mr. Meszar? Hope and change? Donald Evans D.M.N (Don't Mean Nothin)


don evans 1 week, 1 day ago on Disagree with letter writer

This is a simplistic answer to those who believe it's Government's responsibility to protect them from all harm. May I suggest going to see the current movie "The Revenant". It pretty well demonstrates the principal of the individual responsibility for one's well being, safety, and choices in life.


don evans 1 week, 5 days ago on Payson strikes deal with Alliance

You have got to love the audacity of the RCEA and RCEF private boards. The Mayor sits on the MHA Foundation board along with Councilwoman Sue Connell, appointed by the Mayor. She also is on the RCEA board. These boards all making requests of the Town for a plethora of development items and wants. These agenda item's then will come before them in their Official Town capacity to be approved and voted on! Nice gig. Then there are the two board members who are not Payson residents yet will be recommending what is best for Payson to spend resources on?