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don evans 2 days ago on Split up Gila County

If you think Southern Gila County is going quietly into the night over your suggestions, you better think again. The vast majority of GC official business is conducted in Globe. The vast majority of County Administration jobs are centered in Globe. Your points are well presented, but it will take a major political fight to wrest control from the Globe/County Mafia. Globe = very Democratic, Hispanic, native American, pro-union mining. Payson/Northern Gila County = Very Republican, retiring professional white seniors, who want their fair share of county resources. There are so many South County employees that are family related to each other, it's almost a public monopoly employment ponzi scheme. Now, if you have a way to crack that vice hold, let us all know.


don evans 2 days, 1 hour ago on Harassment?

So who's the baby Daddy? And how long had she been working there before getting fired? What were her work performance evaluations like prior to termination? Two possibilities inmho. It's all true, OR she's a pending single mom looking for a deep pockets settlement so she doesn't have to work for sometime. In my professional life, I have seen both results play out. And many times a settlement is reached by all entities just to make it all go away.


don evans 4 days, 23 hours ago on Re-united front

Pat your spot on. Just a question. Where is the Payson Community Taxpayer Alliance and their recommendations? Oh, I forgot. We are well protected by the proponents and members of all the other Alliances, Foundations, Entities, and local politicians.


don evans 1 week ago on Obama lies

Ted's AGE BIGOTRY is a hoot. He says it a lot in his comments to various posters. I have reason to believe he is somewhere between 65 and 68 years old! Just a toddler I suppose. LOL......


don evans 1 week, 4 days ago on 248 The Question.... RCEA v. RCEF.

Have you ever heard such a public comedy act. We have ASU, DCK, SLE and now SPE. What's next A.D.A.D.I.D.O? Everyone demanding special assurances before they commit to do this or that. I say show me the money, who are the secret millionaire donors? Where are they? Why would they not want to be identified at this point as supporters for this project. Maybe they did not exist and never did. Look who is on the board of the Mogollon Health Alliance currently, Town Mayor, a town council person who was just given an important appointment to ASU funding and planning group. Gee, do you think the Town is wresting control from all the above entities? Gee, do you think the millions being given to MHA by the Banner Hospital System to use as they please might have anything to do with the ASU Campus project? I know, just another nuts conspiracy theory.


don evans 1 week, 4 days ago on Set aside shame, seek the solutions

I don't believe they will ever be legalized in the US. Why? Because foreign country economies are dependent on the production and sales of illicit drugs to their American consumers and a few others.


don evans 1 week, 4 days ago on Alliance shakeup

“The SLE has been financially hampered since its inception. After nearly four years of hearing tens of millions of dollars are committed to this project, I have not seen any of this. I have also asked the Foundation for a donation or loan holding a deed of trust to start up the project and I was firmly rejected by Mr. Johnson. On this project, the Foundation should be a lender or a donor, but not a private owner.” Ditto!!! Follow the dots. SLE VS (Foundation = Town and Mayor controlled). Throw in the millions now going to Mogollon Health Alliance from Banner Health to do with as they please. Who are major players in the Payson MHA board you say? Look it up. What a tangled web of intrigue to wrest total control of the ASU project, funding, and direction.