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don evans 4 days, 11 hours ago on Doctor's leaving Payson. Why?

As long as I have lived here (20yrs) there has always been conflict within the administration of the Payson hospital and with it's employees. Also, with Doctors having hospital use privileges withdrawn? Why, I don't know. I know there has been a lot of turnover with the hospital directors. I suspect that Doctors try out their practice in Payson but become dismayed that the majority of their patients are on SS medicare and a majority of geriatric care. That has financial impact on the business end and income for them.


don evans 5 days, 3 hours ago on Doctor's leaving Payson. Why?

According to someone who works for a local MD. Six primary care Physicians have left Payson in 2014! Anybody have any guesses as to why?


don evans 1 week ago on Squirrel suspected in service outage

"Will we ever know the truth?" In 2 words, Probably not. No major utility service companies are going to admit to the vulnerability of their systems of service. As for me, I had no landline or cell service. No internet, no TV. I wonder if Suddenlink will pro-rate their customer service charges for the service down time from 9:50AM until 7:10PM? I had no idea Verizon Cell service was connected to the fiber optic main line of Suddenlink. I would like some free cell phone minutes from them too. Until proven this was an act of God outage and not human error or actions, it would be great PR and service to assuage their customers with such remedies. We all are vulnerable to the wireless age as we have found out. Were the North Koreans involved? LOL....


don evans 1 week, 1 day ago on Amnesty Intl. Propaganda Display in Payson Library Lobby

That's exactly the issue. I don't expect our library to be giving taxpayer funded indoor advertisement and private political organization indoctrination materials display space for any political cause or persuasion. It should all be done outside the doors in the designated free speech covered entry area that the library policy has established. IMO this was a direct violation of their own rules and preferential treatment was given to a documented anti USA political organization. Attempted political indoctrination is not free thinking, or learning. How about a large Tea Party Display with political petitions to sign inside the lobby for a week? Or maybe a "We demand a transgender bathroom" in the Payson Library display, sponsored by G.L.A.D.?


don evans 1 week, 1 day ago on 2nd slide on ice fatal

Exactly. The vast Majority of traffic "accidents" are as a result of a driver cause/error with few exceptions. Adverse weather conditions while driving is even more reason to slow down and be extremely cautious. An example of an exception would be having a bull steer or elk walk out onto a major highway during darkness. Just because the posted sign speed say's you can drive at Max 65mph, doesn't mean you should with known adverse variables or one's that you should reasonably anticipate at the time.


don evans 1 week, 2 days ago on Payson still needs town attorney

OR, upon doing their own individual research about Payson Govt. history and how they do things, they opted out themselves.


don evans 1 week, 6 days ago on University plan bombshell hits

Ok Mr. Mayor. Time to step up and be transparent. Release to the media for publication, a copy of the non-disclosure agreement you signed with DCK almost two years ago as Mayor of Payson, without public notice or town council approval. Release the names of the companies or individuals that you say have pledged millions of dollars to pay for the college to be built. What are the total amounts pledged and by who. At what point in time will this undisclosed millions be provided for funding. Is there any financial or zoning promises connection between the future college DCK construction, the DCK development of the Fox Farm (Rim Ranch) 80 acres, and the Town of Payson?