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don evans 1 day, 4 hours ago on Sheriff outfits fleet of Expeditions

We all know the Sheriff and PD's need to routinely replace their fleets. But the Ford Expedition is a gas guzzler beast. I'm sure their are smaller more fuel efficient vehicles that would fit the necessary requirements. Look at the average cost of these vehicles here>>>>>


don evans 4 days, 11 hours ago on Climate change objections

Hey, just got back from a necessary California visit. Gov. Moon Beam Jerry Brown just signed into law a global warming state law that requires a tax on Cattle Flatulents to be considered. I think he is part of the so called 97%. How would you like to be the tax man on that one?


don evans 4 days, 11 hours ago on Don't blame the teachers

The good ol' boy/girl system is alive and well in the school district it would appear.


don evans 4 days, 11 hours ago on APS makes case for rate hike

APS determines your peak hour use based on the Phoenix Metro area population customers. Mostly after 5pm when people arrive home after work. I doubt Payson and our immediate surrounding communities fall into that peak use period model. So in essence, we are charged and subject to the Phoenix customers electricity use and rates that APS claims they have to charge ALL users. They can easily determine what Payson customers peak hour use really is, but good luck on them telling you what it is. That is part of the reason for the new wifi type meters they have installed on your home.


don evans 2 weeks ago on APS holds Payson hearing on rate hike

Remember, the rates APS charges for OUR electricity usage is based on the greater Phoenix metro area peak usage at night during the summer. People coming home from work and turning on the AC, TV's, etc. Our population 15,000+ VS Phoenix metro area population. Some suggest to cover your meter at night with simple tin foil to block the wifi signal transmission of your use (new meters), then remove it in the AM. I don't know if this works or not or if any penalty for doing it.


don evans 2 weeks ago on Pot proposition leads in polls

Hmmmm? Could this be the cause of Hillary's passing out episodes? And why does she wear those huge black out sun glasses when none of her entourage is wearing dark glasses? Hiding her dilated light sensitive pupils?


don evans 2 weeks, 2 days ago on What about heroin?

The opinion by the letter writer and it's coming from a former Wyoming Police Officer! Wonder why he quit? Maybe his drug use values just did not fit in with his Police peers and their enforcement efforts.


don evans 2 weeks, 5 days ago on Star Valley Council final results: Davis ousts Binney

I know nothing of Mr. Davis and he may be a great guy all around. BUT....In my opinion, I perceive it as a gross conflict of interest. He being the Town of Payson Economic Development Director. Influencing, picking what projects should be built, and how they will be funded may put him in direct conflict with the interests of Star Valley and economic development projects they may desire and not desirable for Payson. Very weird in my opinion and definitely gives the perception of dual loyalty and potential favors being given to public and private development interests. (Ex. the college land debacle) To me, I would think he would have considered these issues. Do I smell a Kenny Evans agenda surrogate afoot? I hope not.


don evans 2 weeks, 5 days ago on Dark money rears its ugly head

Strange, a solar city rep was walking our neighborhood yesterday and stopped by to promote the lease program of the solar company. He did make reference to the APS attempt for rate hikes and reduced electric use pay back for solar users. He advised that if APS is successful, if you get your solar system before it may be approved, you would be grandfathered in under the current system rates for solar owners?