Dan Haapala

Dan Haapala 1 year, 11 months ago on Rep. Barton’s odd argument

Ron is right, but more than that....this expansion of the affordable care act is more about a federal take over of our individual God given rights. It wants more control over our everyday lives. The government has no business providing us with what we must provide ourselves without restrictions. Town, County, State, and Federal, have no Constitution authority to tell us how to pursue Life, Liberty and Happiness. In a socialist world, the Government tells us how to live, In a free Republic, people determine how they want to live. They are not in charge of us, according to our Constitution, THEY ARE NOT IN CHARGE OF US, we are in charge of them and the sooner we ALL go to the ballot box and make informed votes, the sooner we will rid ourselves of the freeloaders and bailouts that governments have used to give our tax dollars to from our midst. Individually, we are commanded to help those we can that are willing to help themselves, BUT DON'T GIVE THE GOVERNMENT the decision of to whom and where those tax dollars will go. We are lost if don't find statesmen and women to represent us. Stand up and search out those whom are willing to fight for individual freedom. For responsible freedom. Meaning people taking care of themselves without relying on excuses and considering themselves victims of society. If we don't, If we just ignore it, if we just say I'm too busy and can't get involved, then America as we have come to know it is lost.


Dan Haapala 2 years, 7 months ago on New subdivision eyed

In my opinion, with more facts to learn, this seems to be a win win for the Town. Payson has for years tried make a back door to Rumsey and Library as well as an easir access to Wal Mart and town hall for the west side. Logically it should remove a lot of traffic from McLane.

Every established neighborhood in Payson has had someone speak out about change, yet change has come and change will contninue. Most fears have been unfounded.

My questions are these: Will this development company take advantage of local workers and companies?

Will these residences be affordable to locals?

Will it attract more good people to Payson and the good life here?

Will the Town be receptive to a step in the right direction, ie: prosperity for the community, or find ways to slow it down? Just my thoughts and opinions.


Dan Haapala 2 years, 10 months ago on Gosar and staff unresponsive

I like Representative Gosar. I have not had the same problem as the two previous respondents, in fact quite the opposite. I have asked his opinion on several topics and he has given it. I have not asked for anything specific to be done for me because that's for me to do myself. My Representative in Washington will stand with my Beliefs and Stand for the Constitution to protect my Beliefs and my Freedom and so far he has done just that. I share him on Facebook, I get his email letters and I recieved personal correspondence. I believe he is a good man and a Great American and he'll get my vote until he proves himself to be something else. I doubt that will happen.

Just saying.


Dan Haapala 3 years, 4 months ago on 361 How would you handle this?

The truth is he juked the system to play the game. Political Correctness should never overule the law. If the manual for the drivers license test which includes the rules of the road is written in English then everything else is a moot point. I'm tire of libs pushing the system in order to find Anarchy.


Dan Haapala 3 years, 4 months ago on Long-awaited promotion for service manager

Why isn't it news. Life is milestone after milestone and when communities acknowledge the achievers among them that's news. Congrats Dan, It's a promotion well deserved.


Dan Haapala 3 years, 6 months ago on County alarmed by Forest Service plan

Who is the expert here? What is there reference? The trees tell us the history of this forest and the rings say...too many trees. The tree rings also tell when fire has come to solve the problem of too many trees. The land tells us how fire and the carbon make it more fertile. There are in some places on this forest, 100 times as many trees as there were 100 years ago. You might think that's a good thing but it's not. A mature Ponderosa pine sucks 25 gallons of water a day out of the ground. Doesn't seem like much? multiply that by 400/acre times 3000 acres and then ask me where the water went. The Enviro-Nazis have not studied the history of this land in Arizona and they have no idea what is best for it. There are those that do. Dr. Wally Covington @ N.A.U. in Flagstaff is "thee" noted authority on Environmentalism in Arizona and he says we've been doing it wrong. Don't take my word for it go look it up yourselves. I only urge you to avoid the propogandists websites from the ....'Center for Biological Diversity' (they are corrupt in my opinion), The Nature Conservancy" There are many many more but think. Let your common sense and logic lead you. Don't be a patsy for feel good.....because it doesn't.


Dan Haapala 3 years, 6 months ago on 277 You decide the penalty.

Why are they on trial? They were in possession of an American ship they didn't own. They had captives and threatened them harm. They executed their threat. Americans died.

None of them should have left the area alive.


Dan Haapala 3 years, 7 months ago on Congressman Gosar does more harm than good

Dear Mr. Spatti, would you kindly include in your future remarks your polical affiliation. I think I know what it is but I've been wrong before, as I alluded to in another post this evening.

The problem we are facing in this Country today has nothing to do with D.C. it has everything to do with us. We have continually wanted the Government both local and national to do more for us. That has been wrong.

We asked local government to protect us from fire and crime and that's part of what they are supposed to do, but then we went further and said...." make my neighbor clean up his yard...make the businesses paint their place a pleasing color to me...Tell us where businesses can and can't be and how much grass and how tall our buildings and how safe to build them...." You won't like this Mr. Spatti, but that is not the role of Government, It is the responsibility of good citizenship and that has not been well taught in the last couple of Generations.

If Sir, your income is dependent on the Government than don't go here anymore. If not let me propose something really extreme.

Shut it all down for one year. All down. No taxes, fees, no income for any government at all.

Yes, Beaurocrats would be out of work, so sad, Government would shut down, so sad, BUT, citizens would survive because they have Capitalism and will find a way to make it work "UNDER THE TABLE"
You can criticize this all you want but it's already happened in our lifetime. Polish patriot Lec Lewenska called for a peaceful national strike and broke the grip of Russia on his country.

Here is what would happen in my opinion. With no taxes (income) Government would shut down. Without having to pay taxes working citizens would have more money, businesses as well. More money would give them the opportunity to be productive which would solve the private economy unemployment but it would be replaced by the government workers unemployment, which would require them to seek subsistance in the real world. What say we start there.


Dan Haapala 3 years, 7 months ago on Gosar has to go

Ron you are right on and beat me by 2 Hours. In todays paper is an article about what I thought to be a friend of mine. Rick Renzi. Turns out he was corrupt. Still in the short time he served Gila County he brought Federal dollars back here. The problem is that too was wrong. The Federal Government is not the answer to the problems we are having they are the problem. (sorry I just realized that I quoted Reagan and didn't give him credit.) Mr. Hansel I believe the hardest lesson either not learned or forgotten about the Constitution is the role of the elected. The people were to elect Representatives to go and represent them AGAINST the governments intrusion in their lives. A protection so to speak. Senators were to be selected by the States legislatures to go and respresent their interests and protect their rights. (I know the 17th Ammendment changed that and it shouldn't have.) The President was intended to be the greatest servant of them all. POTUS is supposed to send to Congress what the cost of running the Government is and have them vote on it. POTUS is supposed to make certain that our military is ready and able to defend the U.S. against all enemies. POTUS is also supposed to be the final word on laws that come out of the Congress and either approve or veto them based on his perception of the Constitution which he is sworn to uphold. To top it off an Electoral College was established to actually make certain that a majority of crazies could not put a Dictator in office. You see John, Rep. Gossar wasn't sent to Washington to bring in money for Gila County, he was sent there to make sure that we could take care of ourselves without greivance from the Government. As I see it, he's doing a fine job.