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Mrs. Randall, As I'm sure you know, 18 years ago the hospital was some $15 million dollars in debt and many local doctors were going to lose everything as they had personal guarantees on the property. Mogollon Health Alliance brought in CHS to run the hospital and turn it around before it was shut down. 18 years later and all the debt relieved, MHA again made the decision that they felt was best for the medical care of community residents and sold the hospital to a highly respected, Arizona based, health care provider, Banner Health. There were numerous suitors, some who would possibly pay more for the facility. Banner was chosen for one reason and one reason only, their reputation for quality health care and a commitment to enhance the facilities and capabilities of the hospital. I don't believe anyone would be spinning in their graves, quite the opposite.


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Mr. Evans, I make this forum available for readers to express their opinions. I would appreciate it if you would use it the way it was intended and discontinue the disparaging remarks, either directly or through innuendo, pointed at individual citizens of the community.


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The footprint for total buildout, anticipated to be some 10 years, of the university itself has not changed. That site is effectively in the center of the 253 acre property. ALA will be in a corner of the site separated from the university by the natural topography.


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Mr. White:

Statement 1, You need to inform my readers that the Town of Payson has nothing to do with a bypass around Payson. That billion dollar effort would be up to ADOT. That is whom the mayor is quoting concerning "no money." This topic has been bantered around for 20 years or more. It is still no where close to the top of ADOT's list and won't be probably for another 20 years.

Statement 2, I said no such thing. Here is what I said to you: "Serious issues arise when planning street expansion as you suggest. As you stated, one choke point may be relieved a bit but create others."

Statement 3, Again, I said no such thing. Here is what I said to you: "Costs, will of course be extensive and only two funding sources are available, state and/or local tax dollars."

In addition, I do not agree with your statement that this project will not be providing any money for the public infrastructure needed for this project. In fact, as reported on multiple occasions and at extensive public forums that you and others on this forum obviously never read or attended, this project will pay multi million dollars in impact fees. And, yes, Mr. White, impact fees are essentially a tax.

Here is the link to our conversation:

Now, I would appreciate it if you would not fabricate comments that are intended to mis-lead readers. If you can't comply with that simple request, stay off this site.


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The meeting was posted for cancellation on Monday, 11/9. Meeting will be rescheduled. Yes, I was at the Police Department around 1:50 on unrelated business.