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Here you go Don, just for fun I’ll try one more time. First let me state that the names chosen at the time were poor… ok, terrible.

To purchase the Forest Service land and start development of a university, the Town of Payson and the Town of Star Valley formed a Separate Legal Entity and called it Rim Country Educational Alliance. Payson and Star Valley formed this Separate Legal Entity to protect the citizens of each town from any unforeseen financial problems. In essence, a Separate Legal Entity is in itself a taxing authority and all taxes and other income collected on that particular parcel of land would belong to RCEA to use to support that particular parcel of land for roads, water, sewer, fire, police, etc.

The Rim Country Educational Foundation was formed by private volunteers to raise the money needed to start this project. In fact, Rim Country Educational Foundation was formed prior to the Separate Legal Entity. Because the Separate Legal Entity does not yet have anything to tax and no other source of funds, the foundation has provided all funds that have been spent to date by the SLE.

The Rim Country Educational Alliance (SLE) and the Rim Country Educational Foundation are not legally connected. The Rim Country Educational Alliance is a free standing, government approved, Separate Legal Entity. The Rim Country Educational Foundation is a non-profit fundraiser and owned by the Mogollon Health Alliance.

It all depends on how you view government but, fundamentally, public education is not a for profit endeavor. I would suggest that the funds being raised by the Rim Country Educational Foundation is for the development of the university, period. Any private enterprise like a conference hotel, research park or a Starbucks would be on their own to build their facility. When that happens, tax revenues from those private facilities would, in-turn, pay to support the needs of the university and, hopefully, one day allow for smaller tuition fees to students.


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Ms Reidhead,

Coming into the movie with only 10 minutes left leaves one wondering why it ended the way it did. That can only lead to assumptions.

Frankly, I don't have time to send you all the stories so, the research is up to you. Go to our website and search: ASU, ALLIANCE, KASTNER, DRURY and any other search clue you may find pertinent. Each can be sorted by date.
I believe you will find we have covered this issue extensively and fairly.

If you want to see a copy of our Progress Edition, go to our home page scroll to the bottom where you will find readable copies of our magazines and the Progress Edition.
Then, settle in for a long weekend of reading.

Your Quote: "It seems everything is shrouded in secrecy. Which makes me think there's something to hide." This is a large statement if you have only been here part time for a year. I guess "conspiracy theorist" works.


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Mrs. Randall, Rightly so, ASU has said they wanted to provide input into the plans for the educational areas of the campus. I understand, again rightfully so, they would not sign anything until the land was purchased. For your information, and those who are cynical about ASU's involvement, I am including a copy of a letter from the President of the Arizona Board of Regents and the President of Arizona State University addressing the Governor's veto of the bill that would have allowed ASU to be a member of the Separate Legal Entity, written and published in the Roundup some 4 years ago.

Editor: The Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) is committed to the successful development and completion of a modern ASU campus in Payson. The creation of this innovative campus is fully supported by a cross-section of state and local leaders, including Governor Brewer. We agree with the concerns raised by the governor in her SB 1497 veto letter that the consequences of the proposal for additional legal authority regarding Special Legal Entities are not fully understood, and for that reason we had responded to inquiries from the governor and from legislators that we were neither endorsing nor opposing the legislation. We believe that current law could support the financial or operational engagement necessary by ABOR and ASU to successfully construct and operate the Payson ASU campus. The Payson ASU campus endeavor is a significant component to the university system’s long-term strategic plan of nearly doubling the number of baccalaureate degrees the system produces by 2020 and increasing the accessibility and affordability of higher education to residents across the state. Inherent in the design of the Colleges@ASU model for Payson is a tuition structure that is lower than that of the main campus. The administrative and faculty structure, major availability, curriculum design, and non-research teaching aspects of the model will allow us to keep costs down. We remain committed to maintaining a lower tuition structure and will continue to work toward that objective. This important new campus will no doubt strongly benefit future Arizona students and their families. We look forward to engaging in further deliberations with stakeholders on how best to accomplish our mutual goal. Governor Brewer has publicly stated her support of expanding the reach of higher education to rural areas of the state. ABOR shares Governor Brewer’s philosophy that doing so is critical to the long-term economic success of our citizens. Anne Mariucci, chairman, Arizona Board of Regents Michael M. Crow, president, Arizona State University


John Naughton 4 months, 4 weeks ago on 291 It's Your Call Rezoning of campus site.

One of two things is happening here. Either you all have not been following the reports from the beginning of this effort or your selective memory is kicking in. Both could be the case to validate the conspiracy theory of the elusive 10%.

From day one the plan called for possible retail, industrial research facilities, convention center/hotel, etc. All designed to generate rent and tax income to support the goal of lowering tuition costs to students. The Separate Legal Entity was formed so revenues from that specific parcel of land would support that specific area. I know for conspiracy theorists that is a tough pill to swallow.

This project has endured multiple changes over the many years of intense effort to bring it to fruition and will likely continue to experience change. However, the final target has not changed, to bring a 4-year university to Payson with the lowest possible tuition structure to benefit the youth of rural Arizona.

So, as an old USMC Gunnery Sergeant once told me when I was having trouble with a few members of my platoon, "Sergeant Naughton, you are always going to have that 10%, there is nothing you can do about it. Take care of the 90% and your mission will be successful.


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Don, The US Forest Service has written in the sales agreement that the land will be used for a educational site. “We are finally in a position to honor all the terms and conditions established in the Memorandum of Understanding (with ASU) and are going back to ASU to make sure they’re still willing to go forward under those terms and conditions,” I understand what you are implying but there is no back up plan regardless the number of mmmmmmm's you add.

Pat, what chapter of the real estate license book covers buying US Forest Service land? The last adjective I'd use for the people who have worked tirelessly on this effort for years is stupid.


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Please note that it is Voden's attorney that is requesting the delays. If the defense requests delays because they feel they need more time in his defense, Mr. Voden is getting as speedy a trial as is possible by the judicial system.


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Tom, Rim Country Education Foundation was formed by local citizens as a non- profit entity to help raise funds to assist in bringing a university to Payson. Rim Country Education Alliance was formed by the towns of Payson and Star Valley as a Separate Legal Entity to act as a "town" to protect local residents from any financial liability. They are in fact two separate entities. The Foundation is a private entity and the Alliance is a governmental entity. I think it's unfortunate the names have so much in common which may be confusing to some.

As an aside, the Foundation was formed well before the two towns formed the Alliance.


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Every now and then, I comment on this forum to try and clarify a point. Rarely do I give my personal opinion. That is for you all to do. I know one thing from observation inside and outside these organizations, all involved are community minded individuals motivated by one principal goal, trying to make this a better community.