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John Naughton 1 month, 1 week ago on Cheveron Bar

Mrs. Randall,

  1. There are the same number of places to purchase alcohol as there were before they opened. They bought Rim Liquor's license.

  2. It is not a bar. It is a gas station and convenience store that sells carry out liquor that cannot be opened or consumed on premises... just like Maverick or Circle K.

  3. I can't imagine who you might need to know or who your friends are to open a gas station and convenience store in Payson.


John Naughton 2 months, 2 weeks ago on Community effort produced parade triumph

Great job to the coordinators, volunteers and sponsors. You did Payson proud. And wouldn't you know it, John Waklin pictured begging for tree hugs from the cheerleaders.


John Naughton 4 months ago on Evans steps away

Kelly, most sensible comment from anyone on this topic in a long time!


John Naughton 4 months ago on 128 The Question Is... Powers of the SLE


I will let Tom do the Harvard part. I’ll just give my observations.

I guess first of all it should be recognized that the relationship with the Alliance (SLE) and the Foundation is nothing new.

The Separate Legal Entity was formed by the towns of Star Valley and Payson, and approved by the State of Arizona, for two reasons. Shield Payson and Star Valley from any liability and to designate all funds to the enhancement of tuition reductions and property improvements. The funds would include sales taxes generated by ancillary businesses within the property limits and income derived by rental income from the university.

Because any revenue the SLE could generate is somewhere down the road, the Foundation was formed to generate funds in support of the SLE to get the process started. Obviously, besides bake sales, the funds come from donors who, in turn, receive a tax deduction for donations to a non-profit entity. The Foundation has been the only source of revenue and has paid all bills to this point incurred by the SLE.

Board members of the SLE are not elected officials rather appointed, 3 from each town of the forming entities. Yes, Mayor Ronnie McDaniel is a member of the board. He is as straight up a guy as one could want and certainly would bring any questionable issues to light. I believe all the members are of the same cloth.

See, I’ve rambled along, and probably haven’t answered any of your questions. However, I believe that all parties have one goal in common and that is to finally get over the last major hurdle, and we have had hundreds, to complete this deal that will benefit the community as a whole. Perhaps, this enthusiasm, on both sides, gets in the way at times.

Let me assure you of one thing. I know all the players and, despite what that 10% say… you remember that 10%, Marine… not a one will personally benefit from this huge endeavor.

That’s as good as I can do right now, Ron. Happy Thanksgiving.


John Naughton 4 months ago on Land purchase divides university backers

To clarify one point. The Rim Country Education Foundation and the Rim Country Alliance (SLE) were formed right around the same time 2011 or 2012. The foundation is the fund raising entity that has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars given to and spent by the Alliance to this point. As an example, without funds from the foundation, the tens of thousands of dollars spent to evaluate other properties would not have been possible. The only way for the Alliance to raise funds is basically through rents and sales taxes. At this point, the SLE has no cash and no way to raise money.

Ms. Chittick, concerning your first post. Mr. Evans' position on the Mogollon Health Alliance board is as a private citizen not as mayor thus, discounting the "public figure" issue. Your "personal slush fund" comment is potentially libelous and you should return and edit your post.