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John Naughton 2 months, 3 weeks ago on Ducey wins Republican govenor's race

Mike, you're joking, right? This is about the Republican Primary. We only stated why republicans beat republicans in their own primary election. If you think allegations about dark money and personal conduct are unproven you should, well, wake up. Huppenthal and Horne's conduct is well documented and I would submit to you that's why they lost their own primary. Dark money is the bane to our system right now and even republicans are calling foul.

I agree, the picture of Ken Bennett is terrible.


John Naughton 2 months, 3 weeks ago on Why all the questions?

We have always made every effort to publish local news in a responsible manner, and have provided this news product free of charge to the online reader for many years. However, it is no longer feasible for us as a company to continue these services without charging a nominal fee for the service due to costs involved in its production.

We explored various methods of achieving this goal with minimum impact on the reader and determined that Google Surveys was a better option than installing a paywall (which each reader would have to pay for an annual subscription to read the news). The vast majority of local people do not want a paywall, and it is much more costly to implement and manage from our perspective. Not only would we need to charge accordingly, this method would also make it much more difficult for out of town visitors and prospective residents to access our site. Our local business community is dependent upon these visitors for their businesses to thrive.

Google Surveys is no more intrusive than performing a search on the main Google search engine (or any other search engine for that matter). The surveys have no access to your personal identifiable information, email, financial information, etc.) and answering one question a day gives you 24 hours uninterrupted access to our entire website.

If you have internet provider access in your home, your provider tracks every single action you perform online and stores the history of those actions in its database. Google Surveys, by comparison, is asking generic survey questions that do not require the provision of personal or financial data and is less intrusive. It may seem inconvenient for the couple of seconds it takes to answer the question, but we believe the value gained is far greater than the inconvenience.

You have the option of fine tuning the behavior of cookies from any site on the web through your browser preferences, including the option (in Firefox) of telling sites you do not want to be tracked, using private browsing mode, and the origin and manner in which your browser handles cookies.

While we understand your point of view, and hope you will continue to be an online reader of the news and information we provide, we hope you will understand that it is costly to maintain the staff and equipment needed to produce the news, information and platforms upon which they are made available.

Should you not wish to continue reading news online, our annual newspaper home delivery subscription is very reasonable and offers complete third-party anonymity.


John Naughton 3 months, 1 week ago on Support someone who supports the community

I have been asked by Time Out, Inc., President of the Board, Donna Lahti to clarify that, according to Section 8.2 of the Time Out bylaws, endorsement of any candidate is prohibited.


John Naughton 3 months, 1 week ago on The Annexation players in the Fox Farm Industrial Park

Don, only a few people have been banned from this forum, none for minor policy violations. Most for fabrication of fact, out-right lies or libel. Voicing honest opinion about a topic has never been a reason to ban anyone. Asking one to share the basis for one's opinion or conjecture is commonplace.


John Naughton 3 months, 2 weeks ago on 910 PSWID board needs "advice of counsel?"

Thanks, for the response, Tom. For a minute there I thought you were getting so famous that you need an agent.