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John Naughton 3 weeks ago on University master plan

Mr. Evans, Please, let me clarify your presumption. The Rim Country Educational Foundation was formed some 6 or 7 years ago and dedicated to raise money for the university project. Once that task is accomplished and fund raising for the project is no longer needed, there is no need for RCEF, which is a wholly owned division of the MHA Foundation. Ms. Reidhead believes that the Rim Country Educational Alliance may be dissolved at some time, not the Foundation. There is no indication that may happen. Question, why do you consider this to be a PUBLIC project as zero dollars of public money is involved?


John Naughton 3 weeks, 4 days ago on Editor insults critics

Mr. Evans,

Paul Bates is not a board member of the Rim Country Educational Foundation.


John Naughton 3 weeks, 4 days ago on At long last

Yes, Mike. The piece Mr. Frommelt is referring to is "Our View."


John Naughton 3 weeks, 6 days ago on Dueker Ranch uses special horses for special children

Ms. Reidhead: Sanja Long is a paid employee of MHA Foundation, has been for years. She is not a voting member of the board.


John Naughton 4 weeks, 1 day ago on Local Realtor wins Community Outreach Award

Mrs. Randall, I wish you would have remained speechless. It is sad that you would slam an individual honored for giving tirelessly to the community. I was tempted to delete your comment but figured our readers would recognize the mean intentions of your comment.


John Naughton 1 month ago on Scrap ammo theft trial underway

Page 1 of the Roundup, 4 stories below this one on

Your quote: "Why not a story on why the ammunition company is going Tennessee instead of the Fox Farm area"


John Naughton 1 month ago on Ammo maker expands, but not to Granite Dells

Mr. Frommelt, Here is the quote from Jim Antich concerning your unfair comment to the town council and mayor who bent over backwards to make this happen in Payson.

“We started in Payson and we’ll always be in Payson,” said Antich. “The town management has been wonderful with us — but Fox Farm just didn’t work. We could have mitigated the public opposition, but it just didn’t fit. We only had about 20 acres of usable space, but in reality we’d have had to tear mountains down.”