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Kim Chittick 1 month, 1 week ago on 291 It's Your Call Rezoning of campus site.

Tom, you say, "His point of view was obviously biased". That comment is so far beneath you and the integrity, and neutral and unbiased commentary that you normally put forth, that I am beyond astounded. You totally and completely disregarded Ms. Reidhead's previous comments that she had been actively involved in learning about and addressing the Rim Country water situation for a very long time; and simply focused on the fact that she garnered a small bit of information from a man who willingly put himself in the public eye and in it's crosshairs to participate in the democratic activity of our election. That is the man which you simply and categorically dismissed as though he were so much detritus under your shoes. Because he is not Kenny Evans, he is obviously biased and misinformed. Very, very disappointing!

You, yourself have repeatedly stated that you only come into Payson once, or at most twice a week. You do not watch the news. You do not actively and personally participate in Town events. You gather your information from internet research and the Payson Roundup. You don't even live in Payson! I, on the other hand, regularly submit FOIA requests to Town Hall for information. I regularly attend Town Council meetings, and those which I am unable to attend, I watch on-line. I have met, and interacted with Mayor Evans many times. I have met and interacted on many occasions, professional and social, with John Naughton and his wife, as well as with Pete Aleshire. I have met and spoken with many, many Town of Payson employees, who to a person, despise Kenny Evans, and yet live in fear of him and his wrath. I too, do extensive internet research, far, far beyond the Payson Roundup.

You have repeatedly invoked the Journalist's creed; which reads, in part, "While various existing codes have some differences, most share common elements including the principles of—truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability—as these apply to the acquisition of newsworthy information and its subsequent dissemination to the public." Each of the attributes mentioned are not ones which can be applied to the Payson Roundup, nor to your most recent avowals of support for Mayor Evans. The Payson Roundup, by Pete Aleshire's own admission, does not commit to investigative journalism, rather, they have a lunchtime chat with Mayor Evans, and take his word as gospel. That is most assuredly NOT, objective or impartial. And most assuredly, it is NOT in the best interests of the public.

I am certain that you will now be angry with me, however, I am also equally certain, that once you go back and review, OBJECTIVELY, you will see that you have done a disservice to Mr. Roberson, as well as to Ms. Reidhead. Ms. Reidhead deserves to have all of her work, research, efforts and conclusions, respected, rather than dismissed simply because she garnered a lead on information which you don't deem to be a credible source.


Kim Chittick 1 month, 2 weeks ago on 291 It's Your Call Rezoning of campus site.

I will have to go back and review the reports and resolutions; however, one thing that has remained embedded in my memory: The Council AT THE TIME, gave Mayor Evans the approval to act and make decisions for the Town ON HIS OWN. The deal with JFM went through, under those conditions.

Please remember that this was a Council which did not under any circumstances, question Mayor Evans. As a matter of fact, during the election when Su Connel was on the radio doing her candidate interview, and was questioned about the water deal, as well as about the sweetheart pool deal, she had few, if any, lucid, logical, intelligent answers. There was a lot of, "Uh gee, I will have to go back and read those reports, I don't know right off-hand". Once she was off-air, she received a phone call which was a blistering chastising from Mayor Evans. This is known because he could be heard by the others in the room!

Dolores Dailey, thank you from the bottom of my heart!! This has not been easy, nor has it been fun. It was compounded by having my reputation so severely impugned about my visit to the newspaper offices. Fortunately, the recipient of the heinous lies, knows me very well, and laughed off the stories, stating that the behavior that was mentioned would have NEVER been exhibited by me. One day, I will share it with you.


Kim Chittick 1 month, 2 weeks ago on 291 It's Your Call Rezoning of campus site.

Kathie and Pat, initially, Chaparral Pines and Rim Club Golf Courses were using untreated (reclaimed or effluent) water to water their golf courses. Unfortunately, other entities had a claim on that untreated water; Payson School Athletic Fields, and Payson Golf Course to name a couple.

So, JFM Management (the company which managed Chaparral Pines and Rim Club Golf Courses) entered into a deal with Mayor Evans for the Town of Payson, in which they were ensured water for their golf courses at a rate of $2.06 per 10,000 gallons. Ostensibly this was to be the untreated water which results from the back-flushing of the screens at the head of the pipes going into the treatment plant. The back-flushing is necessary to remove dirt and debris which builds up against the screens leading into the pipes into the treatment plant.

The problem came in when the funds to build the treatment plant and to complete the laying of all the necessary pipeline, did not materialize. However, Chaparral Pines and Rim Club Golf Courses still required water, and they had a signed agreement facilitated by Mayor Evans, which ensured that they would pay $2.06 per 10,000 gallons of water to water their golf courses, regardless from where that water came. So, until the treatment plant is completed, and all the pipeline is laid, Chaparral Pines and Rim Club Golf Courses will be keeping their golf courses lush and green with the same water which Town of Payson residents are paying premium for to drink, and cook, and bathe. Well, that is, until the heat of summer kicks in and things start drying up, and Town of Payson puts us on even more stringent water restrictions.

Don? Seriously??? Are you REALLY asking if that is a coincidence?

Finally, Kathie, you ask, "why this entity was founded, why they are now being inserted into the deal, or what function they will serve?" It will only take a few words to answer that question...smokescreen, obfuscation, and multi-layers. You see, when the Rim Country Educational Alliance/Steve Drury, and then Mary Kastner, proved independent and uncontrollable by Mayor Evans, he had to create a different entity which was under his control. Hence, the Rim Country Educational Foundation and Mogollon Health Alliance were brought into the picture; however, people are starting to question those relationships, so, ooops, looks like he needs to bring another entity in to muddy the water some more.

Kind of like an episode of the Keystone cops. One door opens, another closes, and yet another swings to and fro.


Kim Chittick 1 month, 2 weeks ago on 291 It's Your Call Rezoning of campus site.

I have opted to stay out of this discussion up till now, as my opinions are already quite well known. However, with the posts and comments of the last few days, I am no longer able to refrain from speaking out.

During the election, I called on my years of law school, as well as a great deal of tenacity and an absolute intolerance for corruption, and dug in for some extensive research. I utilized the Freedom of Information Act to obtain copies of the resolutions; as well as copies of emails between Mayor Evans and several people involved in this whole water debacle deal. I also spoke under condition of anonymity with several people. I spent more than 2 weeks, 8-10-12 hours per day reviewing, cross-referencing, researching, making notes and writing a report. Essentially, acting as a freelance journalist.

I offered that research, free of charge, to Pete Aleshire of the Payson Roundup. Not only did he tell me that, "the Mayor has already cleared all of this up", (hmmm, kind of like the fox guarding the hen house!!) but, an outright, ridiculous, bold-faced, egregious lie was then spread about my visit to the Roundup offices.

Tom, based on my deep respect for you, you know that I really dislike disagreeing with you, however, your comment, "Secondly the statement that it is the "same" water that Payson residents get is a misleading statement introduced during the election, something I've known all along." THAT IS ENTIRELY UNTRUE. The "untreated water" that the golf courses will eventually receive will be the backflow water that will be the result of a regular "back-flushing" of the lines to remove debris from the head of the pipeline. There will, of course, be no lines to back-flush, until such time as the treatment plant is completed and the pipeline is entirely in place. Therefore, until such time as the treatment plant is complete, and the pipeline is in place, in accordance with the agreement, Town of Payson is bound by contract to provide water to Chaparral Pines and Rim Club Golf courses, regardless of where it comes from. At this point, "where it comes from" is the same place that Town of Payson drinking water comes from, that we are paying premium for.

This is not speculation, or uninformed guessing, or false rumors. It is FACT. Based upon black and white, detailed reports which were issued by Town of Payson.


Kim Chittick 2 months ago on 291 It's Your Call Rezoning of campus site.

I too disagree with Tom's assessment of the Mayor. Honesty is most assuredly NOT what I see in his face. Nor is integrity what I see in his actions and behavior, as well as his treatment of people who can do nothing for him. I have a favorite quote, "You can tell a lot about a person by observing how they treat those who can do nothing for them". King Kenny only remembers and has regard for those he deems relevant to something he wants or needs. As for the conflict interest: Why, one needs a chart to keep track of who is linked to whom, and what.


Kim Chittick 3 months, 1 week ago on 262 The Question Is.... Sexual harassment cases.

"Doesn't a woman have a right to try to make herself attractive without having to worry about being harassed?"

I make that point frequently. However, there is a fine line between making oneself look attractive and looking like one is inviting the entire Queen's army to "tea". In the interest of full disclosure, I will say that I prefer to wear lower cut tops. I am built rather bosomy, and when I wear tops or blouses that come up to my neck, I tend to look like Aunt Bea, or as if I should be perched out on the prow of a ship. So, yes, I do wear lower cut tops, although, there is never more showing than would be seen when wearing a very modest bathing suit. And I ALWAYS wear the proper undergarments.

Personally, I believe that a woman ALWAYS has the right to say NO, regardless of how she dresses, talks, or acts.

In my opinion, the term "sexual harassment" only applies when the harasser is in a superior position to the victim. Thereby implying a power displacement. In the event of co-workers, colleagues, or equals, the victim should put the harasser in their place, as well as filing a complaint immediately, WITH DOCUMENTATION, to the human Resources Department of their workplace.


Kim Chittick 3 months, 1 week ago on 269 The Question Is.... Volunteering.

"How do you feel about volunteering?"

I think volunteering is an experience which gives the volunteer much more benefit than the organization. Knowing that you are giving back in such a positive way to your community is a wonderful feeling. For those who are retired, or simply don't need to work, and are alone, volunteering can keep you more than occupied.

For me, personally, I live an exceedingly blessed life. Therefore, I volunteer as a means of "giving back" the blessings which our Creator has bestowed upon me. I also recognize that volunteering is not for everybody. There are those who cannot fathom the thought of working for free.

I also contend that if one volunteers in hopes of receiving thanks, or accolades, then you are doing it for the wrong reason. Most organizations are very appreciative of their volunteers and shower them with thanks and appreciation, in lieu of a paycheck, however, that is not always the case.

My suggestion is if one wishes to volunteer, one should find an organization which has a mission that is in line with your beliefs. One which you would, or do, support financially. You should also recognize that to most organizations, your time is equally, if not more, valuable than your money.

Unfortunately, the IRS does not agree. When one volunteers, the volunteer may claim mileage to and from the volunteer site, as well as, any actual monetary and/or tangible donations made. However, the IRS allows no deduction for your time spent volunteering. The non-profit organizations keep track of volunteer hours for grants, etc., and they can claim the volunteer hours in other ways, so do keep track of your hours for the organization.

Finally, volunteering is a great way to stay active and busy, and relevant.


Kim Chittick 3 months, 2 weeks ago on Legislature needs to butt out of citizens’ private lives

It is ironic that this discussion would come up at this point in time. Late last night several young women were on a social media site bemoaning several points. One had issue with people who are lazy and just take from the system when they should be working, while others tried to justify their need for welfare and food stamps, "because they are single mothers without any help". My answer to that is, "then don't have unprotected sex with men to whom you are not married".

This cavalier attitude that young people have about sex, and babies, and pregnancy, and abortions sickens me. Although, not nearly as much as the arguments that supposedly intelligent, rational people make about "keeping the government out of women's vagina's". If you don't want strange men (the government) in your vagina, then keep strange men (sex partners) out of your vagina. Those same intelligent, rational people state that "it is a women's body and her right to choose". When, ironically, the girls who end up pregnant usually had unprotected sex because some guy pushed her into it.

Studies have proven that more than 75% of all women who go for an abortion, but are given an ultrasound beforehand, cancel the abortion; because up to that point they thought of the "thing inside them" as "just a mass of cells", "an inconvenience", "the ruination of their life", or as Meria termed it, "a zygote". However, once they see the form and hear the heartbeat, they recognize that it is indeed a baby, a human being, a living creation.

As for the initial letter that started this conversation, I absolutely DO NOT agree with the medical community using young women and their unborn babies as science experiments to ascertain the effects of an untested, unproven medication to reverse the effects of the "morning after" pill, however, neither do I agree with the use of the morning after pill.

What is so hard about saying NO? Instead of fighting so hard for abortion rights and "a woman's right to choose", and "keeping the government out of women's bodies", why don't you activists work as hard to teach and convince young women that it IS their right to choose: their right to choose to NOT have sex with every guy who looks at them, their right to choose to have their life in order before they have unprotected sex, their right to insist that a guy wear a condom if he wants to have sex with her. And why don't you work as hard to teach young men that having unprotected sex has long term consequences, and that they shouldn't have unprotected sex with a woman who he wouldn't want to marry, and teach them that sex is not "one more home run, or touchdown or goal, or basket, or notch on his bedpost, but rather it is an expression of love between two people. Making love is a gift bestowed upon us by our Creator, not a tool to be used to debase and diminish women.


Kim Chittick 3 months, 2 weeks ago on 274 It's Your Call Number 102.

Hmmm, Pat, your son sounds like me! At 4 years of age, I stuck a pair of tweezers in a light socket. It melted the tweezers to a nub, and left soot on my little arms up to my elbows, with nary a burn to be seen. When Grandma was babysitting me, I swallowed an entire bottle of baby aspirin. This was way back in the old days before the size of the bottles was regulated and it was a BIG bottle. Hey, they tasted good!!! Not only did I not get sick, I didn't even have to go to the hospital.

All of that being said, mother's cannot have eyes on every child every single waking moment of the child's life. In my opinion, the above situation was simply a very sad, tragic accident. Personally, I see no culpability on the part of Mr. Haley. Poor man has a right to have his own home set up for his comfort and accommodation. Of course, us "Monday morning quarterbacks" can speculate and postulate all we want that the mom should have been watching the kids while they were in a strange home. Yes, she absolutely should have! However, she had no way of knowing that in the small amount of time she had eyes averted, the kids would find something which would bring about such horrendous and tragic circumstances.

My heart breaks for her, and my prayers ask for peace for her. Actually, for her, as well as for Mr. Haley. I cannot imagine the depths of grief he must feel.