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Kim Chittick 1 month, 2 weeks ago on 251 Final report on death in Yellowstone hot spring.

"...why people don't realize that they are mainly endangering themselves?" I believe that is because they truly believe that "it won't happen to them, and they are perfectly in control".

As for the woman and the motorhome: they jury's reasoning? The dealership had not gone over that particular option on her vehicle, and "the woman was not aware that cruise control is not the same as auto-pilot". Because, of course, common sense doesn't apply. (again, the "idiot" warnings on nearly every product in existence now.)


Kim Chittick 1 month, 2 weeks ago on 251 Final report on death in Yellowstone hot spring.

You know...I hate to sound like a grumpy, creaky old lady, however, I truly believe that there has been a slow progression of degradation of morals, character and personal responsibility. Couple that with a tremendous attitude of entitlement, and you have the perfect setup for situations such as the one in the above mentioned article.

Situations such as the woman who won millions in a lawsuit against McDonalds when she spilled her HOT coffee and was burned. Or the woman who picked up her new motorhome from the dealership and on the way home, set the cruise control and went to the back to make herself a sandwich. She didn't understand why the motorhome crashed. Astoundingly, she also won that lawsuit.

There is a joke about the warning labels on some items. The problem is, some ignoramus had to have done exactly what the warning label warns against to require the use of that particular example.

As to your question, Tom, of why some people feel that the rules don't apply to them...your speculation is as good as mine. I was raised to respect and obey rules, unfortunately, too many people now, don't.


Kim Chittick 1 month, 2 weeks ago on 251 Final report on death in Yellowstone hot spring.

So many feelings and emotions come to mind while reading this story. I cannot fathom the agony of watching a loved one die such a hideously horrific death.

However, as the article clearly states, "Brother and sister had left the park boardwalk and entered a dangerous area marked by warning signs." Warning signs which were in place for a reason. Sadly, this incident will probably prompt more signs, bigger barricades, and fewer freedoms to enjoy our national treasures without more in-depth policing.

Why, oh why, do so many people believe that the rules do not apply to them?


Kim Chittick 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Payson council makes slew of appointments

Hmmm, interesting that out of 13 appointments/reappointments, only one woman was (re)appointed. Our misogynistic outgoing Mayor just had to throw one more wrench into the already ugly mess that he is leaving for Mayor Elect Swartwood, and our new Council. "Town attorney Hector Figueroa said the council has historically made appointments to board and commission at the end of the year as terms expire. He said the council could postpone the new appointments if it wanted." And, "Hughes said he chose to bring these appointments to the council now because the next council meeting on Dec. 15 is usually more ceremonial, with the new councilors taking their seats." Anecdotally and historically, the appointments/reappointments have typically been made for the coming year, by the incoming Mayor and Council. Doesn't it seem more appropriate for the incoming Mayor and councilors to be the ones to make the appointments to boards and commissions that they will be overseeing for the coming year? Rather than the outgoing Mayor and his minions appointing those whom they want in key positions? As for Vice Mayor Hughes' comment that he chose to bring these appointments to the Council now rather than during the "ceremonial" meeting on the 15th, had Mr.'s Hughes, Evans, and Wilson stepped down early as was requested by Mayor Elect Swartwood and allowed the new Mayor and Council to get to the business of running our town properly, the incoming Mayor and council would have been in position to make these appointments/reappointments.


Kim Chittick 2 months, 3 weeks ago on John Marcanti for District 3 Gila County receives recognition for his efforts on efforts for Star Valley

Regardless what Mr. Marcanti has done, it is only a drop in the bucket, and I believe simply a campaign ploy. I still support and endorse Woody Cline for County Supervisor of District 3. We need a Supervisor from North County who has character and integrity. That person is WOODY CLINE


Kim Chittick 3 months, 1 week ago on Exit lane on 260

Tom, there was a story in the Roundup in the last couple of weeks indicating that one of the alphabet groups, (MHA, RCEF, RCEA) has spent $1.4 MILLION dollars having the "slow down lane" built from 260 to "never-never-land".


Kim Chittick 3 months, 1 week ago on 192 Thank you for caring!!

I will confess Tom, that I have been "lurking" on tis site via my phone and not as able to easily post. However, I am glad to see you back at it and pray that your issue will be quickly and completely resolved.


Kim Chittick 3 months, 2 weeks ago on 155 Here's the plain truth about Colin Kaepernick.

"How come Colin didn't say anything before he signed a contract with a football team for probably millions of dollars? I'll bet his adoptive parents are proud of him."

Pat, Colin Kaepernicks contract was for $141 MILLION dollars over 6 years. With a yearly salary of $19+ MILLION dollars. I believe he was born to an unwed white mother, and a black father who abandoned the woman. She then gave the baby up for adoption. He was subsequently adopted by a white couple who raised him.

"...he is as much a victim as anyone else in all this".

You know Tom, I understand the point that you are making about him operating from skewed and biased facts; however, the fact still remains that most professional athletes are quite handsomely compensated for doing something that they love. They are playing a game. Albeit a very physical and potentially dangerous game that can take a tremendous toll on their body and significantly shorten their lifespan, as well as, the fact that the years as a pro athlete are significantly shorter than the career span of, say, an accountant. However, THEY CHOOSE THAT JOB. They are willing to take the trade-off of destroying their body in exchange for tremendous amounts of money. I also contend that based on the amounts of money they are paid, which is in large part based on fan favoritism, they owe it to those fans to be held to a higher standard. And not to act like over-sized, over-paid twits.

Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys said it perfectly. He told his team, the players, (not a direct quote, as I don't have time to go find it, but the gist is here) "the football field is basically a huge stage, and you are actors on that stage, MY stage, and MY actors. I pay you very well to act out the script that I pay you to. I don't pay you to go off script or to act out your own script. When you are on that field or representing me and MY team, you will behave as I expect you to. And one of the things I expect to see from MY players is respect for our flag and our national anthem."

I think that more team owners, as well as more players need to remember how very lucky and very blessed they are. There is a saying, "the man who makes a living doing what he loves, never works a day in his life."


Kim Chittick 4 months, 1 week ago on APS holds Payson hearing on rate hike

Hmmm, perhaps people ought to be asking questions about the Boulder Canyon Project.

Current Mayor and Council approved Payson's participation in it. As I understood the Representative who spoke at the Council meeting on August 18, Town of Payson buys into a program whereby they are granted up to 10% of the power generated by the Boulder Canyon Project. Ostensibly, "over the course of 10 years, Payson could save as much as $1.5 million dollars. Of course, there will not be any savings the first year or so, because the savings will be going to pay the upfront costs".

There were a few questions broached by Councilors, however, Mayor Evans poo-pooed them. He knew ALL about the project and assured the Council that it was what he wanted.

Further information gleaned by the Roundup Reporter in attendance and reported in the Roundup, indicated that while the "up-front costs" would essentially be paid by the tax-payers, the electricity which will be received by Town of Payson, "will be utilized to offset Town of Payson's electricity usage", and not routed to individual property owners.

Now, I will state that I may have misunderstood, as there was not a lot of (in truth, not ANY) information released about this deal. However, I would have definitely appreciated more and comprehensive information before approving this deal.