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Kim Chittick 1 week, 3 days ago on Exit lane on 260

Tom, there was a story in the Roundup in the last couple of weeks indicating that one of the alphabet groups, (MHA, RCEF, RCEA) has spent $1.4 MILLION dollars having the "slow down lane" built from 260 to "never-never-land".


Kim Chittick 1 week, 5 days ago on 192 Thank you for caring!!

I will confess Tom, that I have been "lurking" on tis site via my phone and not as able to easily post. However, I am glad to see you back at it and pray that your issue will be quickly and completely resolved.


Kim Chittick 2 weeks, 6 days ago on 155 Here's the plain truth about Colin Kaepernick.

"How come Colin didn't say anything before he signed a contract with a football team for probably millions of dollars? I'll bet his adoptive parents are proud of him."

Pat, Colin Kaepernicks contract was for $141 MILLION dollars over 6 years. With a yearly salary of $19+ MILLION dollars. I believe he was born to an unwed white mother, and a black father who abandoned the woman. She then gave the baby up for adoption. He was subsequently adopted by a white couple who raised him.

"...he is as much a victim as anyone else in all this".

You know Tom, I understand the point that you are making about him operating from skewed and biased facts; however, the fact still remains that most professional athletes are quite handsomely compensated for doing something that they love. They are playing a game. Albeit a very physical and potentially dangerous game that can take a tremendous toll on their body and significantly shorten their lifespan, as well as, the fact that the years as a pro athlete are significantly shorter than the career span of, say, an accountant. However, THEY CHOOSE THAT JOB. They are willing to take the trade-off of destroying their body in exchange for tremendous amounts of money. I also contend that based on the amounts of money they are paid, which is in large part based on fan favoritism, they owe it to those fans to be held to a higher standard. And not to act like over-sized, over-paid twits.

Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys said it perfectly. He told his team, the players, (not a direct quote, as I don't have time to go find it, but the gist is here) "the football field is basically a huge stage, and you are actors on that stage, MY stage, and MY actors. I pay you very well to act out the script that I pay you to. I don't pay you to go off script or to act out your own script. When you are on that field or representing me and MY team, you will behave as I expect you to. And one of the things I expect to see from MY players is respect for our flag and our national anthem."

I think that more team owners, as well as more players need to remember how very lucky and very blessed they are. There is a saying, "the man who makes a living doing what he loves, never works a day in his life."


Kim Chittick 1 month, 1 week ago on APS holds Payson hearing on rate hike

Hmmm, perhaps people ought to be asking questions about the Boulder Canyon Project.

Current Mayor and Council approved Payson's participation in it. As I understood the Representative who spoke at the Council meeting on August 18, Town of Payson buys into a program whereby they are granted up to 10% of the power generated by the Boulder Canyon Project. Ostensibly, "over the course of 10 years, Payson could save as much as $1.5 million dollars. Of course, there will not be any savings the first year or so, because the savings will be going to pay the upfront costs".

There were a few questions broached by Councilors, however, Mayor Evans poo-pooed them. He knew ALL about the project and assured the Council that it was what he wanted.

Further information gleaned by the Roundup Reporter in attendance and reported in the Roundup, indicated that while the "up-front costs" would essentially be paid by the tax-payers, the electricity which will be received by Town of Payson, "will be utilized to offset Town of Payson's electricity usage", and not routed to individual property owners.

Now, I will state that I may have misunderstood, as there was not a lot of (in truth, not ANY) information released about this deal. However, I would have definitely appreciated more and comprehensive information before approving this deal.


Kim Chittick 1 month, 2 weeks ago on 105 An Arizona state senator is still talking about a hoax that was debunked 20 years ago?

Tom, I have learned that some people would rather believe a thoroughly debunked conspiracy theory, than acknowledge common sense, logic, and scientific facts.

There are people who truly believe that there is a button on the cockpit panel, which a Pilot pushes, to release the chemicals which make up the myth of chemtrials. There is no way to convince these theorists that their theory makes absolutely ZERO sense! Those Pilots have family, friends, loved ones on the ground; to say nothing of the fact, that once their flight is over, those Pilots also live in the communities which are supposedly being "gassed". Trying to explain the concept of super-heated exhaust mixing with very cold air, creating ice crystals, thereby creating those lovely contrails, meets with absolute obstinate disbelief and an almost patronizing smile at the naivete of those of us who understand scientific concepts. I no longer try to argue with them.


Kim Chittick 1 month, 3 weeks ago on The great service of Kenny Evans

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I had REALLY hoped that with Evans' loss, Pete Aleshire and the Roundup would FINALLY relinquish their membership in the Kenny Evans Fan Club. "Vision, determination and grace...heroic vision"? Good grief Pete, are you going to apply for canonization for him next? Let it go Petey, your hero went down in flames.

Hasn't Payson had enough of Kenny's lack of transparency? Kenny is already on the Board which is providing interim funding for the "university" project, putting him on the Board that is on the receiving end of that funding would, quite simply, be a grievous conflict of interest.

When, oh when, is the Payson Roundup going to develop some objectivity, and journalistic integrity? The above editorial sounded like a 13 year old girl gushing abut Donny Osmond


Kim Chittick 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Evans loses primary bid for supervisor seat

Oh my goodness Payson Roundup, "a surprising upset victory"? Surprising to whom?

Woody Cline received more votes than Kenny Evans because he is an honorable man of character and integrity. A man that the voters believe they can trust to do as he says.

Hasn't Payson (and the Roundup) had enough of the lack of transparency from Kenny Evans? As Mrs. Kastner pointed out, Kenny Evans is on the Board which is providing interim funding for the "university" project, and now he wants to be on the Board that is on the receiving end of that funding. Hmmm, sounds like a conflict of interest to me...


Kim Chittick 4 months, 1 week ago on TP news from Shirley Dye 6 June 2016

Sorry Pat, I have been busy and forgot to check the board. I agree with Mary Kastner. Ask Craig why he is running. It is not fair to paint all politicians, and/or realtors with the same brush. Being a realtor is what Craig does, NOT who he is.

For that matter, I am running for Payson Town Council and I assure you that I have no personal agenda, other than for the betterment of Payson. And I am most assuredly NOT a "politician". I just believe that if you want the right to speak up, you should be willing to step up.


Kim Chittick 4 months, 2 weeks ago on TP news from Shirley Dye 6 June 2016

Pat, given the fact that Craig Swartwood or Michael Hughes are our choices, there we go. I personally am voting for Craig Swartwood, as I believe that he has been in Payson long enough and has the knowledge, experience and integrity to get Payson back on track. Additionally, Michael Hughes has proclaimed that he intends to continue to follow Kenny Evans' vision. In my opinion, we have had enough of Kenny's vision, and it is time for some new people as Mayor and Council. As for Kenny running for District 3 Supervisor; suffice it to say that I am voting Woody Cline for District 3 Supervisor. Woody is a cattleman. His roots go deep in the Rim Country and I believe that he too has the knowledge to do what needs to be done. My contention that it is time for some new faces on the Council is exactly the reason that I decided to run for a position.