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Kim Chittick 3 weeks, 4 days ago on Land purchase divides university backers

Patricia Johnson, you hit the nail right on!!! Financial motivation is almost always the strongest!!

Information is being gathered to be provided to the Arizona A.G.'s office. I am also wondering if perhaps the IRS should be alerted to commence a review of the records of MHA? After all, as an IRS designated 501(c)3, the regulations and guidelines by which they are compelled to comply are fairly stringent.

I just grow so weary of self serving manipulative, greedy people.


Kim Chittick 3 weeks, 5 days ago on Land purchase divides university backers

Hmm. my mistake, I have just been informed that Mogollon Health Alliance OWNS the hospital and simply leases it (or something like that!) .

My point was that there are an awful lot of "layers" and "forks" and "back doors" and shell corporations in much that Kenny is involved in. My question is why?? If everything is above board and legitimate, why the need for all of the secrecy?

In my opinion, TRANSPARENCY is paramount. Especially as concerns non-profit organizations and public entities. This is also a huge requirement to remain in compliance with IRS regulations for holders of the 501(c)3 designation.


Kim Chittick 3 weeks, 6 days ago on 120 The Question Is.... Did Pat call it?

I do remember that story; and if the mitigating factors can be taken out of the story, the fact that she weighed 400 lbs, and wanted to wear a bikini; and simply focus on the fact that the Doctor made a medical/surgical mistake, the "win" would make more sense.

It is irrelevant how much she weighed. Just as it is irrelevant that most of us feel that wearing a bikini while weighing 400 lbs. is not the best idea.

Quite simply, a human being had a surgical procedure, and for whatever reason, the Doctor made a mistake. That human being deserves compensation for their pain, suffering and embarrassment.

In law, if one can remove the emotional words and phrases, and look solely at the facts, it makes much more sense.


Kim Chittick 3 weeks, 6 days ago on Gas price update

Pat, I have tried repeatedly to disregard the, oh so many times you have said, "if you don't like it, leave", or "there are 3 highways that will take you out of town", or so many variations on the same theme.

Nowhere in Mr. Graziano's letter did he say that he does not like PAYSON. Just as most of the previous letter writer's did not indicate that they do not like PAYSON. This is not about liking or not liking PAYSON. This letter, and many of the others are about GREED!!

One can absolutely LOVE PAYSON: The beauty, the Rim, the mountains, the climate, the largest stand of Ponderosa Pines in the world, the history, the rodeo, the snow, the monsoons, the sunrises, the sunsets, the billion stars in the night sky, the community, and so very many other things which are to be loved about PAYSON. And still despise the GREED which is displayed by business owners who believe that they have a captive audience here who will have no choice but to pay the inflated prices. For those of us who have the ability, the wherewithal, the motivation, and the desire to hold off on our fuel purchase until we get to the Valley, we can save a substantial amount of money, thereby showing the station owners in Payson that their greed did not work on us. Frankly I pity the people who for whatever reason are forced to buy their fuel at these ridiculous prices. Yesterday, in Phoenix, I paid, $2.53 for the same gas that stations up here are charging $2.99 for. Now, by my calculations that is a difference of $.46 per gallon. In the average size vehicle with approximately a 20 gallon gas tank, that could work out to a savings of nearly $9.00 per tank!! For a family on tight budget, that could make a HUGE difference!

Now, I recognize that you have been here since before Moses, and that you may feel defensive or possessive or territorial about Payson; however, remember that these complaints are not about PAYSON, they are about GREED! And that nobody willingly gets gouged if they can help it. And finally, we ALL, each and every one of us not only has a right, but a responsibility to be fiscally responsible. As we all have a right to live where we choose, along with having the right to gripe about injustice. I believe that is in the Constitution.


Kim Chittick 3 weeks, 6 days ago on Land purchase divides university backers

You know Pat...I am perplexed as to how the Mogollon Health Alliance can be under the hospital, which is a FOR PROFIT entity.

It seems to be that anything in which Kenny Evans is involved seems to have an awful lot of "umbrella's", "master planning entity", etc. and far too may layers, which seems like an effort to obfuscate facts and truth. How about some transparency? Although, that would negate the possibility of back room, and secret, "non-disclosure" deals.


Kim Chittick 3 weeks, 6 days ago on 120 The Question Is.... Did Pat call it?

A funny story: Years ago, I worked in an office, I would get to work and before I even went in to my office, I would stop by the kitchen and pour a cup of coffee. I would then get to my office, set the cup down and get distracted by phone messages, my secretary, or some crisis that needed attention. A while later I would go back to my coffee, only to find it lukewarm, or even stone cold. I got in the habit of drinking it as is. Soon, I could not tolerate hot coffee.

Now though...that first sip of piping hot coffee slightly tempered by a bit of cream...HEAVEN!!! I have even been known to moan after that first delightful drink!!! Hubby thinks I am weird!!!

To address the Pat/McDonalds/Hot coffee/burn scenario: I personally agree with Pat. Seriously? Somebody orders coffee and then is surprised when it is hot? Absurd!!! I hope that woman who tried to scam McDonalds, gets raked over the coals!!


Kim Chittick 3 weeks, 6 days ago on Council Meeting Nov. 20

Pat, I was very disappointed that for personal reasons, I was not able to be at either meeting. I had to be in the Valley and did not get back until 9:30 pm! SHUCKS!!!


Kim Chittick 3 weeks, 6 days ago on "Special Council Meeting"??

Oh yes Pat, I was aware of that. And I went to the MHA website and looked up their mission statement, it is as follows:

" The mission of the Mogollon Health Alliance: Is to promote rural health care and health education opportunities for members of the community through programs, activities, grant and scholarships. "

You are absolutely correct. I do not see anything in there about making loans to buy property. Furthermore, I am fairly surprised to note that MHA has that kind of money in their treasury. It is my understanding that as a non-profit with the appropriate designation from IRS, there are certain regulations and guidelines with which they must comply. One of them is that they can only carry over a certain amount of money each year. After all they are designated as a "NON-PROFIT" entity. Just my opinion, for what it's worth, Mogollon Health Alliance needs to very quickly, cleanly and completely distance itself from Kenny Evans.