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Ron, Susan, thank you so much for your wonderful words!!!

Ron, you know better!! Of course you were not!!

And Susan, you are absolutely right!!!

Most anybody who knows me, knows that I am pretty much a straight shooter. I call things as I see them. I really don't like to let things fester, because then they just become huge and people just get angrier. So, if I am unhappy with something, I try to address it at the moment. So, I REALLY detest when I hear after the fact that someone thinks I did something wrong and privately emails me about it. Seriously??? Address it at the moment, or forget it and move on!! Oops, see, I am getting myself riled up again!!!

Again....thanks to both of you!!!


Kim Chittick 1 month, 1 week ago on People!!!

I should state that this is more about blowing off steam than starting a discussion!! I am just beyond frustrated and not a little irritated!!

I am so sick and tired of people asking me to do things because they don't want to do them, or don't have the time, or the knowledge, but then telling me how I should be doing it. For pete's sake, if you don't want to take on a task, fine, but then don't stand by and tell me how to do it, or worse yet, tell me everything that I did wrong!!! Aaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhh!!!!

Ok, I got it out!!! Thanks!!! ;-)~


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Darn it Tom!!! You made me cry!! Sounds like Ralph and Steve are amazing lifetime kind of friends. You are all fortunate to have each other.


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I am going to revert back to the original subject of this thread; although, I will agree with the comments about WalMart and that I am appalled by how corporate treats it's employees. Of course they can leave, they are not hostages. However, those who have a mortgage and bills to pay need every single red cent and people in dire straits are often willing to suck up a lot of crap to keep the checks coming in. That being said, I am going to iterate a short story: I was tasked by a group to which I belong with finding a vendor and ordering name badges. I opted to take the easy way out and referred to a name badge which I already had for another group and discovered the name of the vendor on the back. This vendor happened to be in the Valley. They gave me a price which was quite fair and I began the task of gathering orders and attempting to come up with a logo for the badges. I knew of a local vendor who had the logo that I needed, although that vendor put it on shirts and hats. I contacted this vendor to ask her to send me the logo so I could use it for the vendor in the Valley, and in the subsequent conversation, I learned that this local vendor could and would make our name badges. She even was willing to make them at a much lesser price than the Valley vendor, in an effort to get our business. I was beyond thrilled to find someone local who could make our badges and I told her that on no uncertain terms was I willing to pay her less, simply because she was here. We are paying her the same amount that we would have paid the Valley vendor, however, we are getting much better service and terms. She is not requiring a minimum order, and will make additional badges as we need them.

Second, I love my coffee!! I used to frequent Starbucks quite regularly. One day I met a friend at Dimi Espresso for coffee and was delighted by the great atmosphere and ambience; and yet, I found myself thinking that the prices were a bit steep. However, upon reflection, I realized that I never thought once about the prices at Starbucks, which were comparable. Dimi Espresso gives back to the community and is making a difference in PAYSON. I no longer frequent Payson Starbucks.

We need to stop expecting businesses in Payson to be cheaper than those in the Valley. If you are willing to spend it in the Valley, you should be willing to spend it in Payson.


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I will jump in here.

I believe that people like to feel that they are getting value for their money. That when they frequent a business for a good time, they want to be nicely waited on, treated well, and appreciated. Money is hard come by these days and when someone spends their hard earned money for an event out, they want it to count for something.


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Hmmm, not loving the idea. Although, while I would certainly not frequent a shop with this business model, it is not up to me to veto it. I just don't like the idea of chest or pit hair near something that I will be ingesting. I guess I am strange like that!!

Additionally, people are forever griping about the objectification of women, but isn't this objectifying men? People are people. Can't we leave the sex out of everything and just live normal lives? Eeeessshh!!


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Pat, quite asked where we saw that Mike Voden had been indicted by the Grand Jury for second degree murder, I was telling you where we read it. 5th paragraph down, 2nd sentence in. In the story that begins this line of comments. Right above these comments.


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Aaah, a granddaughter!! I have 2 that are so much fun!! Enjoy!! Congratulations!!


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"Public schooling that is nothing but indoctrination and always raising the tax base." Can't dispute this.

"A college that offers “free” tuition for seniors, while charging the tax base." Yep, I understand the problem, and definitely agree with you Mr. Durbin.

"30 churches that are nearly dead while two are filled." Not sure I know where Mr. Durbin got this information. I know that my church is filled fairly well on Sunday morning. And most other churches that I happen to drive by, seem to have a fair amount of participation. Certainly, there may be a few church buildings that are closed up, but there are many more that are vital and active. Although, what does this have to do with anything? Is there resentment because of the two which are filled?

"By the numbers, the Casino, Pete’s Place and liquor store being the best places for recreation." Well, the Casino does have a couple of great places to eat, Bingo and of course gambling. Pete's, well, I have never been inside, so have no clue what the attraction is. And the liquor store...we have two in town and both sell a lot more great stuff besides liquor. So, not seeing the problem.