Mike White

Mike White 8 hours, 45 minutes ago on APS rejects request for disclosure of political spending records

But it sounds like the court ruling would provide APS the right to reject any demands for dark money transparency made by the ACC members. Not sure the members can back up their campaign slogans, unless they use rate increase approval as a leverage. Let the games begin, or more accurately, continue.


Mike White 2 days, 17 hours ago on Improvement district will clear way for 150-home project near Walmart in Payson

What will the average home and lot sizes be for the 150 house? With the set-asides for streets, sidewalks, the park, and paths, I'm estimating about 10 homes per acre.


Mike White 3 days, 9 hours ago on Climate change objections

I have my P.E. license (retired, CA), too, but I have no idea what the author was trying to show.

However, scientific conclusions should be based on verifiable data and facts, to his point, not by popular consensus. The 97% number is an often quoted myth anyway. Ask some climatologists and they will say that estimate is way too high.

We should recall the political chicanery that was involved with and flowed out of the original U.K. study hoax that was based on admittedly false data. And then we had all the carbon exchange schemes that were designed to send hundreds of millions (or more) of American dollars to other countries, after the exchange owners took their cut.

And, how can you rely on models that do not even use varying solar emissions as a causative factor, but do instead use CO2?


Mike White 3 days, 12 hours ago on Heartening sign of fire progress

Would need to hire a lot of extra guards, not to mention an inherent risk to the very nearby community.


Mike White 3 days, 14 hours ago on Outrageous system

Health care is already a right of citizenship. So is owning a car and a house, having car and life insurance, and going to college. But it doesn't mean your neighbor has to pay for it. What we need are cost reductions in the medical industry and fewer tort suits. And a choice where you can buy, from competitive sources, catastrophic cost only medical insurance. Also, beef up the Health Savings Account program.

And take the high ObamaCare premiums you pay and use them instead for your office visits and tests. And then people won't be dying as you claim because they can't visit a doctor for $100.


Mike White 3 days, 18 hours ago on APS makes case for rate hike

If APS has to buy electricity from other states during peak-usage periods, then they should be thrilled to have some home owners with roof-mounted photo voltaic solar systems, since these systems produce the most electricity during the mid-day and peak afternoon hours. Even with our 10kW system that goes directly into the grid we still have to pay various fixed and variable charges every month.


Mike White 5 days, 8 hours ago on Climate change: The timer on the bomb for Arizona State's forests

Too many studies, and not enough action.

Also, the FS let a huge contract to thin our forests to a Yemeni company with no experience and no infrastructure to do the job. We're still waiting a few years later.

Additionally, they sold about 250 acres to MHA/RCEF/RCEA for an educationally zoned university project without public bids and without an iron-clad method to prevent rezoning to allow large amounts of commercial development.

I think the Dept of Agriculture needs to audit the local FS contracts and business office. I can't understand how either of these contractual messes made it through their management, legal, and review processes. The public users of the forest have been left holding the bag.

And studying the theoretical predictions of global warming caused by sunspot variation seems a hopeless endeavor. They should fix their management problems before trying to study to death earth's natural cooling/warming cycles.