Mike White

Mike White 19 hours, 48 minutes ago on Pine poll reveals preferences

Paul is right. We should not rely on a Roundup poll in which business groups encourage their members to vote for a very large pro-expansion project. This was in no way a representative sampling of Payson and Star Valley residents. It would be more statistically valid to send out surveys to all residents. And the survey should also contain demographic questions to see which groups want large population increases and which don't. I suspect those that will benefit financially will be more motivated to fill out and return a survey than the majority of residents who will not benefit.


Mike White 19 hours, 56 minutes ago on University backers unveil site sign

Has everyone seen the devastation to the trees and plants at the corner where these enthusiasts are sticking in the sign? This is just the tip of the iceberg, I fear.


Mike White 19 hours, 57 minutes ago on University backers unveil site sign

When and where is the celebration in which the plans to expand our infrastructure to enable this latest iteration will be unveiled?

The businesses that are benefiting understandably want an increase in our population by 40%. And they obviously have a great deal of influence in Payson's decision-making process. So, then, can we please see the plans showing the bypasses that divert at least the local traffic away from the 87/260 choke point? The silence, even after multiple pleas to see any such plans, has been deafening.

And where is the absolute guarantee by the city and MHA that the buildings constructed for the hoped-for students cannot later be converted to high-density apartments if the growth does not materialize? A simple present zoning restriction is not adequate protection.


Mike White 6 days, 15 hours ago on Celebrate university project progress

Will the city participate in the celebration by unveiling their plans to expand the traffic-handling capacity of our over-burdened roads? With a 40% increase in population with the university campus (assuming they get anywhere near their goal of 6000 students), bottlenecks like the 260/87 choke point will get even worse.

What is the status, Mr. Mayor, of the needed bypasses (at least for the locals)? That is one celebrated announcement I would like to see touted in the Roundup.


Mike White 1 week ago on Would you like to see a university campus built in Payson?

Did any of the realtor and other business groups encourage their members to vote Yes in this poll? The 75/25% results are inverted to what I have heard from many (> 30) people who are wondering how or even if the city will handle all the increased demand on our busy roads and other infrastructure from the hoped-for 40% increase in local population.


Mike White 1 week, 1 day ago on University benefits

If there is such a financial boon to the town businesses along the 87 and 260 highways, then why aren't there plans (published or otherwise) on funding specific projects for major improvements to the roads to increase their ability to handle the traffic that accompanies a 40% growth in town population? Are there going to be bypasses, at least for the locals, to stay away from the 260/87 intersection gridlock?

People may be interested in the Havasu City experiences with an ASU campus. Since 2012 they have increased their student body all the way up to 150! What happens to all the empty buildings in a campus here if we experience the same thing? I think you will see that the dorms, for example, can easily be converted into high-density apartments. The town will approve that rather than allowing buildings to just sit empty.

On a side note, did local realtor groups and other business groups encourage their members to vote for the school in the recent Roundup poll? The 75/25% numbers quoted in the article are the inverse of the opinions voiced to me by at least 30 people I have talked to around town about the planned population increase.


Mike White 1 week, 1 day ago on Payson cut off

Stuff happens, but we at least deserve honest answers as to specifically how/why the lines have been cut 3 times. When someone messes with the infrastructure, normally Homeland Security is supposed to get involved.

And how is it that Century Link didn't know for at least 3 hours that everything was down (assuming I read the article correctly)? Don't they use their own system?


Mike White 3 weeks, 1 day ago on Scam artists trick consumers

Can't the thieves be shut down?

One idea: maybe the MDV site (which we can all remember or find intuitively) can have a link where you can go where you can enter the URL of a site that seems legitimate but may not be. Then the list at azdot.gov/locations (which most of us will not remember) can be automatically compared to the potentially fraudulent site, with a warning back to the consumer and a flag back to DOT's law enforcement arm.


Mike White 3 weeks, 2 days ago on The editor responds

Where are the published discussions about Payson's specific plans to improve and expand roads and bypasses to handle the 40% increase in population?