Mike White

Mike White 15 hours, 58 minutes ago on Forest restoration gains ground

Didn't anyone from the Forest Service business offices review Good Earth's equipment and processing capabilities and cash position before signing the contract? Then they seem to get in the way when businesses and cities try to solve problems to increase their clearing and milling capacity, countering their own initial goals. Maybe it's time for more state sovereignty over our critical resources.


Mike White 1 week, 5 days ago on Center’s new director resigns

Did anyone assess her to see if she had the necessary leadership skills to succeed in her new job?


Mike White 1 week, 5 days ago on Gosar up to his old tricks

Raymond Spatti likes to post far-left Progressive postings about once per week. He is a Communist wanna-be who would just love to seize everyone else's money and spend it as he thinks it should be spent. People like Mr. Spatti truly believe they know better than everyone else on how society should be centrally managed by fellow elites. They would love to have highly centralized control (by fellow Progressives) over any and all laws and dictates on how the rest of us are to lead our lives. I hope that some low-income housing tracts get forced into his neighborhood, so that he can experience the crime and reduced property values that go with it. Not to mention the subsidies that struggling middle-income families have to pay via their taxes to pay for it all. Let Mr. Spatti spend his own money on these income redistribution schemes, and leave the rest of us alone.


Mike White 2 weeks, 2 days ago on Thorpe punishes Dreamers

I think Mr. Spatti would be much happier living in someplace like Santa Monica or Berkeley, CA or maybe Manhattan. That's where you will find Liberals who believe in prolific spending of other people's money (until it runs out). Mr. Spatti might also be happy living in Mexico. Oh, wait, the Mexicans are extremely strict on foreigners getting any jobs or benefits whatsoever.


Mike White 3 weeks, 1 day ago on Save the creek, and the access

I suspect the university environmental studies professors and government environmentalists will still be able to go down to the creek, because they are elite and can be trusted, unlike we local yocals. This is like saying no one can drive a car because some people get killed while driving. Or closing the highways because some people litter. Have some rules and then enforce them.

If the Forest Service needs more help (e.g., use of docents and volunteer rangers) from the community to keep the canyon from getting ruined, then they should ask us. Already many Search and Rescue and other volunteers (e.g., local small fire departments) are spending many manhours at the top of the trailhead to discourage unprepared flatlanders from hiking down into the canyon, significantly reducing many needed rescues. Let Forestry or the Park Service collect fees to help with having more trash collecting and patrolling the area as they do at Tonto Bridge.


Mike White 3 weeks, 2 days ago on Common Core prompts textbook worries

Save the "obsolete" textbooks since they won't be obsolete once all the parents see the curriculum in Common Core. They will not appreciate the globalist- and socialist-driven agenda included throughout the materials, in addition to the crazy math methods that will not allow our high school grads to succeed in college math needed for careers in engineering, technical skills, statistics, and science. More states are discovering what's really in the Common Core curricula and are postponing or stopping its top-down implementation. When that happens in AZ, our "obsolete" texts will once again be appropriate.


Mike White 3 weeks, 3 days ago on Payson university site zone change advances

Just curious. How are we going to handle the doubling or tripling of the traffic if all the growth estimates are met? Not only all the much longer intersection backups and traffic snarls, but all the ensuing accidents. I have only heard some vague comments about some back road bypasses through residential neighborhoods for the locals to use. Will these routes physically handle the large increases, and have the affected residents approved the roundabouts and increased traffic flows?


Mike White 3 weeks, 5 days ago on Wanting the unattainable

"Increasing revenue"? If all of this common good is so good, then why hide behind euphemisms and not just say continue to raise taxes? This has been put to the voters many times, and it is usually rejected out of hand, because because being forced to give the various levels of government half of your money is too big a price for all that so-called common good that not everyone wants as badly as you do. How much is enough?