Mike White

Mike White 18 minutes ago on Nothing but potholes now

Just wait until we get several thousand university students driving around, too.


Mike White 20 minutes ago on Full story of death in police chase revealed

The motorcycle driver had told his friends that he has done this (fleeing arrest in high-speed chases) before. But how does a parent force a 25-year old off a motorcycle?


Mike White 24 minutes ago on Full story of death in police chase revealed

I hate to see us encourage reckless drivers to use outrageous speeds to force LEOs to back off and let them go, especially when those that want to flee arrest not only have such personal death wishes but are willing to put others' lives at risk as well. That his father blames the police at least in part is sad, especially if he sues the Payson tax payers for his son's tragic decisions and fatal actions.


Mike White 2 days, 19 hours ago on Mental health needs of inmates a major challenge

As I remember the history of this mentally ill criminal issue, the federal courts mandated the release of these patients from their involuntarily committed status in mental hospitals in the 1980's. Congress then obligingly passed laws complying with that mandate, and President Reagan sadly signed them.

We are still paying for those questionable judicial (and congressional and presidential) decisions to this day, given the huge number of homeless people (the majority of whom are mentally disturbed and/or plagued with ignored chronic substance abuse) and the large number of mentally ill law breakers in our county jail and state and federal prison systems.

The naive, theortically-driven jurists in the '80's, thinking they were somehow protecting individual rights and freedoms and thus protecting society, simply kicked the can down the road, leaving the burden of caring for the mentally ill on local law enforcement and mental health agencies. Congress should have stood up to the over-reaching judiciary with their Constitutionally specified law-making role, but they didn't, and here we are. This unfortunate resultant reality is not fair to the mentally ill lawbreakers themselves, their victims, or to society, but we have to live with the impact.


Mike White 2 days, 21 hours ago on Game & Fish crashes Tonto Basin fundraiser

As an ATV rider, and as a volunteer assisting local law enforcement, I believe in, and follow, the safety rules. But what a bunch of curmudgeons the Game and Fish folks are, especially whatever agency manager set up the checkpoint in this fundraiser ride. Why not make a speech before hand, and then stop violators before they started, rather than lurking at the end of the ride and unnecessarily ruining the day for many of these good-cause donors?

Did they at least donate the money from their citations to the Lorraine Cline fund?

And thanks to Laci and Clay Sopeland (and the rest of the Midnight Mafia band and event supporters) for their volunteer work. I hope the Feds' insensitivity doesn't discourage their work for next year's event.


Mike White 4 days, 3 hours ago on The system fails, a child dies

Why is the federal government setting rules for how states and counties handle abuse and neglect of children? Shouldn't be any of their business; and we shouldn't have to pay them just to get some of that money back to fund CPS. Inefficient and ineffective.


Mike White 4 days, 20 hours ago on Watch out for speed trap

Why would such a Leftist as Ted Paulk ever want to be a police officer? His disdain for law enforcement is quite evident in his postings, referring to (in his words or almost exactly so) hiding in the bushes vs distracting drivers by being visible to them, writing dozens of tickets per day in our area (since when?), making money for the towns (policing for profits) at the expense of its good, honest citizens only because they break the speed limit laws, committing crimes by writing tickets because they are so expensive, and so on. He and Mr. Aal would prefer to see our LEOs spend most of their time testifying in courts against those caught speeding who do not like the resultant fines. Mr. Paulk must have been miserable having to harass good, honest citizens and violating their rights by enforcing laws on a daily basis.


Mike White 6 days, 6 hours ago on Star Valley rejects plea of RV owner

I'm not sure if this is true, but I have heard it said that the owner of the land wants more than it is really worth, given the restrictions (and the economic realities). If this is correct, then it would seem the owner has to be losing money, paying property tax (albeit lower) on non-productive land.


Mike White 6 days, 22 hours ago on Payson to help repave Houston Mesa

My understanding is that both sides have to vote positively for any annexation take over attempt. Not too sure the SV residents will vote for it, given the history of their going their separate way due to Payson trying to take their well water and send it to Payson. Not to mention having to pay higher taxes and higher water rates to cover the pipeline.


Mike White 1 week, 1 day ago on Fossil Creek follies resume

I used to have the same opinion as Paul and Pat, but since I have been part of SAR for a few years now, I have learned from those more experienced than I that many people will hide from rescuers if they think they will have to pay for the rescue. The rescuers are all volunteers (exc. for some of the firefighters), but I do agree that the costs of the medical helicopter (typ. around $30K for a rescue!) should be at least shared by those rescued when they are clearly at fault having done something really stupid. Otherwise the taxpayers have to pony up the bill.