Mike White

Mike White 1 hour, 51 minutes ago on Harassment?

Where are her hard evidence and witnesses? Making such claims can ruin other people's reputations and careers, so if she does not have a strong case, I would think she is vulnerable to counter-claims and bar sanctions. Were there any cases that she handled poorly that did not represent the attorney's office in a positive light? It seems that there must be more to the story than what we heard about in the article.


Mike White 2 hours, 10 minutes ago on Split up Gila County

Don, I don't see a need to move all those county employees up here. That would be a waste of taxpayer money, since we'd probably have to pay for it.

Let's just follow our Republic's tenet of having one person, one vote, which we certainly don't have now. Maybe I'm naive, but I don't see how the Globe dynasty could stop a voter initiative. But I would expect them to throw a lot of money on advertising against it.

Oh, have you been to see a dentist lately?


Mike White 2 hours, 29 minutes ago on Another crazy federal rule

Sounds like a good idea, except that I would skip the mandate for the Alliance to give money to protect an area (Goat Camp Ruins) already well taken care of.

And you're right, I've been up to that area near the University build site where there are a few rocks and even fewer pottery pieces. There's nothing to see, certainly not worth a quarter of a million dollars. And people wouldn't have been able to even find it, had the Forest Service not chain-sawed all brush around it down to 6" high stumps. You would think that the Forest Service, with their claims of having insufficient funds to meet their own mandates, would be more sensitive to the financial limitations of a small town that just wants to add a university center. I would like to see them being less adversarial and more of a partner.


Mike White 2 hours, 48 minutes ago on The logic of Congress

Much of the Climate Change hysteria seems to be based on the personal belief that mankind is suddenly causing the globe to warm up. This flies in the face of the natural earth climate cycles over millions of years that tie in large part to the cycles in the Sun's activity. Such belief seems to be a new type of religion.

If Congress were to start taxing and regulating the productive elements of our economic engine even more, how would that help us? And to make it worse, if you look at Agenda 21, you will see that a much stronger control would be given to the U.N. on how we live our lives, and how much it costs to do so. Do you want to start paying international taxes in addition to what we already pay within our borders? I certainly do not trust the America-bashing U.N. officials to have any control over what we do.


Mike White 2 hours, 58 minutes ago on Split up Gila County

So, do we need a county-wide ballot initiative to fix this outdated inequity? If Northern Gila County has 2/3rd of the population, then we would likely win the vote giving us 2/3rd of the representation. Seems reasonable to me.


Mike White 3 hours, 2 minutes ago on Excellence costs money

Why the assumption from so many people that the only way to achieve excellence is to throw more and more tax money at a particular cause? Much can be achieved through process improvements and volunteerism. Plus, "safety nets' (for the 5% who really need it, not the 30% who are granted it for political reasons) can be mostly handled nicely by church and other charitable groups. Then, through such cost reductions, money can be re-allocated to infrastructure improvements in roads and law enforcement.

I would also like to see a program in which those who want more tax money available to government are given the chance to donate an extra percentage of their income to their state, county, and/or town. This would be in addition to their present tax rate, or if they are in the 45% of the population who pay no taxes, then they could start contributing "revenue", too.


Mike White 3 hours, 21 minutes ago on Split up Gila County

As an add to my above comments, it would seem more representative of the county population distribution to have two of the three supervisors be from Payson rather than Globe, the opposite of what we have now.


Mike White 3 hours, 44 minutes ago on Split up Gila County

Could the Board of Supervisors be restructured by having the districts re-defined to match their populations so that Northern Gila County would get a proportional share of representation?


Mike White 1 week ago on Congress must acknowledge climate change is real

Global Warming/Climate Change is all about partisan politics. There have been too much falsified data and misquoted scientists to claim any kind of consensus of same. Besides, science should be based on objective, provable fact, not on a religious zeal and emotional passion that mankind is ruining, or even could ruin, the earth. Instead, follow the money. Too many players in the U.N. want our air emission credits paid for by the U.S. taxpayers. Money pulled out of our economy and into the coffers of other countries' politicians. And others within the U.S. stand to make a fortune in the emission credit exchanges.