Mike White

Mike White 9 hours, 41 minutes ago on Thorpe should apologize for false forest claims

This environmental wacko author accuses our representative of having "a penchant for divisive, inflammatory politics" in the very first sentence of this diatribe. Then the author goes on to demand that we reduce road building by 28% and reduce logging for the Spotted Owl. Go ruin the economy in your own liberal back yard. This is not Oregon or N. California.

The author wants us all to "come together" (read go along with his/her environmental activism). The author then concludes with further accusations of Thorpe having "political extremism, divisive rhetoric, and repeated resort to false statements." Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.


Mike White 12 hours, 5 minutes ago on Woman: OMG he’s not dead

The ATV driver's poor judgement will cost the AZ taxpayers about $30,000 just for the helicopter ride.

Fortunately, we have dedicated rescue personnel in the Gila County Sheriff's Office who put themselves at risk to help save citizens like this.


Mike White 1 day, 4 hours ago on Sale gets go-ahead

Not a chance of exposing him. Go get the plans yourself and have a knowledgeable contractor who is neutral look at them.


Mike White 3 days, 13 hours ago on Lawmaker’s AHCCCS suit rebuffed

Another Progressive judge rules that a fee percentage of a business activity is not a tax. He is clearly agenda-driven, with an open and unilateral disdain for the will of the state voters.

And if one third of Gila County residents qualify as being in poverty such that the other two-thirds have to pay extra to cover the costs, then the definition of "poverty" is crazily too easy to meet. Voters have made it crystal clear that they do not want forced tax increases voted for by a simple majority.

Watch out for 51% of the voters passing laws to take money from the other 49% against their will. We were warned about this by our founding fathers.


Mike White 4 days, 8 hours ago on Payson schools consider some hard truths

I hope we don't waste any money on Common Core. I predict this scheme will collapse once more and more parents and taxpayers learn about its origins and what is espouses.


Mike White 4 days, 8 hours ago on Sale gets go-ahead

I hope this proves to be wrong, but I heard from a contractor who saw the plans for the student dorms that if the dorms do not get filled their design is such that they can be very easily converted to high-density apartments. Presently, we are promised that the current zoning will not allow this, but what would keep future councils from changing the zoning to save a mostly empty and decaying dorm building (if that comes to be)?


Mike White 4 days, 12 hours ago on Sale gets go-ahead

Is there any way to set aside some of the millions of dollars being spent to get ASU to approve a remote campus here for road improvements? The traffic is already terrible anywhere near the 260/87 intersection, and will only get worse if we increase the number of people residing here. Mayor Evans said there will be no bypasses built in his lifetime. Can we at least install several local bypasses, with at least one at each of the 4 directions from the intersection? For example, we have a small roundabout on the NE side, near the police station. And we have a roundabout on the SE side, but without access from the 260, it won't help relieve any congestion. There is nothing on the SW side, and nothing on the NW side (maybe have one if the unfinished road above Walmart gets finished). But for the latter two, where would they dump out? Can The Roundup dig into what the firm plans for traffic relief are and then publish them?


Mike White 5 days, 11 hours ago on The Man from U.N.C.L.E. a fun film

I agree with Andy that the linkage of well-delivered nostalgia with an U.N.C.LE.-inspired plot makes for highly enjoyable movie experience. I found it easy to suspend my disbelief for two hours and re-experience the genre of the '60's as though I were once again watching the original series, albeit with better film quality and production values. The characters were delicious without being campy or one-dimensional. Even the titles, credits, theme music, and editing techniques seemed to be authentic.

See the movie with an expectation of re-living those fun old shows and having a blast in the process. And our younger friends will smile all the way through seeing how much fun we all had back then, at least when we weren't worried about the real Cold War.


Mike White 6 days, 12 hours ago on Forest restoration contractor bedeviled by breakdowns

I think that would cost about 10X as much and make the whole project unaffordable. But this company does need to get its operational act together. There always seems to be some excuse that blames their equipment or facilities.


Mike White 1 week ago on Smells like legalized corruption

This author-less hit piece blames Republicans for being against most everything, including the Earth itself, with Democrats being above the lure of campaign money for winning office. You will convince more people by being less partisan. This has 'corrupted' your paradigm and any pretense of objective, fact-driven journalism.

We have a large rooftop PV solar system on our home and generate more power than we use (esp. during the peak demand period), but we still have to pay money every month for all the various fixed costs and user fees that APS has dreamed up. So I do agree with you that APS' claims seem to be bogus. And if the ACC participates in this sham, then shame on them no matter what party they come from. But stop with the constant slamming of Republicans already. Stay with the facts.

People generally do not make large investments in solar systems to support fuzzy and highly questionable global warming theories. They do so for economic reasons and for self-sufficiency in power-out conditions. Putting Socialist Germany on a pedestal for comparison, with all their burdensome taxpayer support of the economically shaky solar industry, will just alienate your readership.

Forced, top-down and highly inefficient government interference in the economic sector is probably closer to the state of "legalized corruption" to which you refer than any attempts by the ACC to pull back on forced taxpayer subsidies of the solar power industry.