Mike White

Mike White 6 days, 18 hours ago on THAT booming brewery begins bruising battle

It has nothing to do with what we need. I don't even like beer, but I defend the right for an honest business to provide an honest product that consumers want. If there is too much of a product in the market, either some prices will drop or some of the less desired beers will lose some sales. Free market at work.


Mike White 1 week, 5 days ago on Lawsuit deals with violating Arizona Constitution

Rep. Barton: Thanks for the clear explanation of this issue and using facts to explain your position even while others tend to shoot from the hip and frame their opinions around emotions. Keep up the good work!


Mike White 2 weeks, 1 day ago on Barton, Thorpe throw poor under the bus

The majority of citizens across the U.S., including Arizonans, are against Obamacare and any attempt to expand it or sneak it in via temporary federal financial gifts. Do you honestly believe AZ can un-do the expanded free health care for hundreds of thousands of people, many who are not even Americans, once the free federal money dries up? If you truly believe all these people need healthcare paid by someone else, then donate your own money. Don't force everyone else against their will to do so. Let's concentrate on medical cost reduction first.

And shame on our previous Governor who pushed this expansion, given her very close ties to medical company donations. She just kicked the can down the road.


Mike White 3 weeks, 4 days ago on The impact of the governor’s budget proposal on Payson schools

Thanks, Supt. Wyman, for the well-written and factual discussion of the financial situation the district faces. I especially appreciate your objective approach over what could have been yet another partisan bashing of Republicans. There are some on the board who seem to delight in blaming the Tea Party for all their woes rather than respecting the diversity of opinion. I think you walked the line quite thoughtfully and skillfully.


Mike White 3 weeks, 4 days ago on Keeping the body strong and flexible

I can personally attest to the effectiveness of these treatments. I was plagued by considerable neck stiffness, sharp pain in both shoulders, and a lack of arm, back, shoulder, and leg flexibility. After being this way for many years and being 67 years old, I am not now a perfect physical specimen, but I am much better. Most of the pain in the shoulders is gone, I can turn my head a normal amount, and I don't have the feeling of my body being locked up. Richard Staudt is very skilled as a myofascial therapist (as is Tina Shepherd in Round Valley). I highly recommend these practitioners and this therapy.


Mike White 5 months, 4 weeks ago on Busy weekend

Maybe we can have what amounts to local bypasses like those in South Lake Tahoe. Only the visitors and travelers passing through use the main drags, which provides enough traffic for the local businesses. The locals all know the unmarked high-traffic alternate streets for staying off the jammed highways. I don't see any other way out of this mess we are in, especially when it will only get worse as we expand our city, add the university campus, and as more and more people from the valley vacation on the rim.


Mike White 5 months, 4 weeks ago on Medical battle renewed

Let us hope our state representatives are successful in their attempt to overthrow the Governor's short-sighted decision to sign up for the temporary influx of free money from the Federal Government. When the Feds' contribution continues to drop, the AZ taxpayers have to make up the difference, long after our Governor is out of office. And her claim that we can always pull out of the large expansion in coverage paid by others is disingenuous. Can you imagine the backlash by all the people getting free health care now being told they can no longer get it in the future?