Mike White

MikeW 5 days, 11 hours ago on Input sought on Fossil Creek management plan

All 5 plans seriously reduce access by the general public, allowing common folk to only stare down at the creek from an overlook. Some completely abolish all access unless you are a government worker or university researcher. Why can't they use some of the money to have a FS worker hang around and write tickets for littering and/or use docents to watch over the citizenry? Don't keep everyone out because of a few bozos.

People keep telling the FS to back off these 5 draconian plans, but the FS obviously wants their way. Telling folks to pick from 5 horrible plans and then concluding that a majority of citizens want a certain plan does not mean it is fair or a true choice. Give us an option that is reasonable and still allows most people access.


MikeW 6 days ago on Blue Cross Blue Shield tries to answer questions

Thank you, ObamaCare and the politicians who voted for it. Hopefully, this debacle will be repealed as promised by President-elect Trump and many Congressional GOP candidates. This dismal scheme has failed miserably in its expensive experiment. We did not get to keep our doctors. We did not save $2000 per family; our premiums went way UP instead. We obviously did not get more choices. Get Nanny Government's bureaucrats out of the business of trying to run Healthcare on our behalf. Get rid of the thousands of useless ObamaCare "Navigators" on the IRS payroll.

Let us instead engage in a major effort to streamline medical care, reduce federal interference and regulation, allow inter-state competition, greatly reduce expensive tort suit 'law' and the accompanying liability insurance, and so on. Reduce costs, not increase premiums!


MikeW 6 days, 11 hours ago on County buildings in Payson have long, twisted, aggravating history

Very encouraging. Hopefully the oft-studied projects will be shovel-ready sooner than later.

The last two sentences refer to the county-wide capital budget, which includes $3.5 million for FY17. How much is our (Payson) 'good chunk' of that in '17 and the other 4 years? I surely hope North County gets well over 50% finally.


MikeW 1 week, 2 days ago on Blaming Obama

The trouble is that Pete Aleshire and a few others on the staff mix in their liberal opinions with what is supposed to be a news story. They can't help themselves. I'm not sure it's even conscious.


MikeW 1 week, 2 days ago on Overwhelming support for national monument

Coming up with a survey result depends mostly on how you phrase the question. These statistics are nonsense. If you ask people if they would like to see more beautiful land available to see, they will answer Yes. If you ask them whether we should confiscate land, abolish private ownership and put it under a distant bureaucrat's control and spend a lot of taxpayer money doing it, they will answer No. And people in other states don't care that the federal government already owns most of our state; how would folks in NY, OH, NJ, PA, etc. like it if we announced we were going to place most of their states under federal ownership and control? How would that vote go?

Here's an idea. Let's declare Obama's new CA mansion a Monument.


MikeW 1 week, 6 days ago on County upgrades in Payson advance

I think these would be Gila County's (Globe) requirements. Doubt if the various county planning and contracts departments would let our local town planners perform all the various studies on their behalf. Seems kind of top-heavy, slow, and expensive to me, but it is what it is, I guess.


MikeW 1 week, 6 days ago on Payson balks at Hellsgate plea

Seems odd that many in the town council would not support free enterprise and competition. Not to mention many of the area's citizens benefiting from a reduced ambulance response time. 'Don't allow a competitor to start a business since it may take away from mine'?


MikeW 2 weeks ago on But most people voted against Trump

Gee, I guess we won't be blessed with having Hillary's Democratic values governing our country. What a terrible loss for us.


MikeW 2 weeks ago on Compromise could solve Electoral College problem

Someone is trying to rationalize getting Hillary in. But I think the founders were smarter through their deliberative process than he or any of the rest of us. The present compromise already still allows the big states with a lot more voting power than the far greater number of smaller states. Let's not make it worse.