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Mike White 2 days, 1 hour ago on Star Valley continues senior programs

Since Marcanti is from Globe, it would likely benefit Star Valley (and the parts of Payson that are in District 3) to elect either Evans or Cline (depending on the runoff results) since they are from Northern Gila County. Most of the tax revenue comes from the north, but over 2/3rds of the spending goes to the south, who have two out of the three existing County Supervisors. Time to rectify that inequity.


Mike White 2 days, 1 hour ago on Maybe Can’t Stop Smokin’ just can’t stop growin’

We have eaten their food several times and have always found the smoked meat to die for, the sides varied and yummy, and the portions very generous. Even when we eat there (vs. getting the food to go), we usually end up taking some of it home. And the operation seems spotless.


Mike White 2 days, 7 hours ago on Can’t Stop Smokin’ owner Carsten Heyer set up a Payson outlet for his Phoenix-based barbecue operati

We have eaten at Can't Stop Smokin' multiple times and have never been disappointed. The smoked meat is to die for, the sides are varied and yummy, and the portions are substantial. We usually end up taking some of it home.


Mike White 3 days ago on Low level of Roosevelt Lake a real concern for ranchers

This may be a drop in the bucket, relatively and figuratively speaking, but I wonder how much of the flow into the lake is diminished by the increased local retention of rain water. I rarely if ever see water flowing any more in the seasonal Goat Camp Creek even after heavy monsoons, for example. It seems to only flow when Chaparral Pines GC releases water from their retention ponds. And perhaps the ponds that are being installed around the town (e.g., with the new commercial buildings, etc.) are having a measurable impact on the flows out of our communities and into the lake.


Mike White 6 days, 17 hours ago on Thinning may cut greenhouse gas

Are we still hypothesizing that mankind is significantly affecting the natural heating/cooling cycles of the earth that have been naturally occurring since way before humans starting recording history (or even existed)? Glaciers increase and decrease, the ocean levels go up and down, the average temps increase and decrease, volcanoes blow, asteroids fall, the sun spot activity increases and decreases, major species die out and appear anew, and yet we humans think we are significant and powerful enough to measurably impact what nature presents to the world?

And, recently, CO2 has been labelled a pollutant worthy of control by the EPA. Don't tell that to the plant life of the world, or we will run short of O2.

Forest restoration has its own worthy justification (wild fire control, plant and animal life balance, etc.), but going on about CO2 emissions, mankind-caused global warming, and carbon 'offsets' is little more than a political construct that delights environmental extremists who want more centralized political control and a rollback away from the developed Western forms of government and way of life, not to mention making the carbon credit market exchange speculators wealthy.

Yeah, let's have millions of individual campfires for cooking and heating in the inhabited world and living in barbaric conditions without sanitary systems and water treatment. Would there be loads of carbon credits available for exchange then?


Mike White 6 days, 23 hours ago on Local candidates gather at chamber

I know that Michael Pastor is a Democrat, but what is Tim Humphrey's political party? Either way, has he claimed he will represent ALL of Gila County as Kenny Evans has done? All I read about his promises is that he will represent his constituents (read Globe) well.


Mike White 1 week ago on Make a deal

If they help deter speeders, there is a big benefit to having them up, with no significant downside that I can see. The flat landers zipping through will probably slow down some as a result and improve safety, or at least keep it from getting worse.


Mike White 1 week ago on GCC hopes dwindle with its enrollment

Because the extra land can, and will undoubtedly, be re-zoned to Commercial and Residential. And some of the under-utilized education buildings and dorms might be converted to commercial uses. Otherwise, the investors will not make anything on their $70 million investment and this whole project would make no sense. Nor would they have been able to purchase the land from the FS.


Mike White 1 week ago on We need a roundabout

Where I came from (CA 5 years ago), we didn't have roundabouts, just red lights every 1/8 mile that were too expensive to synchronize. It took forever to go anywhere. And you couldn't turn left until you had a green arrow, regardless if there was clear with no oncoming traffic. Much wasted idling time.