Mike White

Mike White 1 hour, 23 minutes ago on Crazy drug policy

What would the USA incarceration rate be if we excluded illegal aliens and other foreign nationals from both the numerator and the denominator? I'm not sure about the entire country, but I know that in CA, AZ, and TX, the rates would be significantly down.


Mike White 3 hours, 31 minutes ago on Horns of a dilemma

I don't have a dog (bull?) in this fight one way or another, although I do live very close to the community. Even so, I am curious whether anyone from Game and Fish or the Forest Service has done a study on the impact on local elk movement with these 860 acres being mostly closed off. With many of their trails blocked off, will they likely divert to the south across the 260 highway or into the Tyler Parkway area, or into the housing areas to the east of Chaparral Pines Drive? They have to go somewhere.


Mike White 4 hours ago on Arizona is lopsided

We left CA because it was lop-sided to the Left, with all kinds of crazy laws, restrictions, generous giveaways to illegals, and especially the high taxes. Now that we live in a lop-sided red state (AZ), we have much lower taxes, fees, and restrictions on freedoms, not to mention a significantly better life style.

I sure wouldn't want to see any shifts in equilibrium to the blue side here. Keep the goofy government and nanny state in CA.


Mike White 6 hours, 8 minutes ago on Charter plans

I thought the traffic circle was to be set back in from the 260 at Mud Springs and Granite Dell, not on it. Mud Springs would then need to be extended to the 260 and have a traffic light installed there.

And this is just one of several needed projects to alleviate the current congestion and deal with the large increase in planned traffic. And, sadly, the needed improvements are both expensive and unfunded. Homeowners (and indirectly renters) will be asked in the future to pay more taxes to provide the road infrastructure in support of the university and school (and whatever else ends up on all the acreage).


Mike White 2 days, 8 hours ago on Forest thinning progress – and criticism

Seems odd that Good Earth signed a contract to clear 30,000 acres a year when they clearly had almost no equipment or mills to do so. Even odder is that no one on the FS contracts side looked into the ability of the company to deliver on its contractual requirements before signing the agreement. In its bid, Good Earth would have had to demonstrate its proven capacity to perform. And someone from FS should have toured the facilities and seen the equipment.

And now Good Earth is saying that expectations for them to perform to the contract are unfair and unrealistic. And it's too bad FS is untouchable for their contractual mismanagement. We residents of the area are left to live with the fire risk caused by the incompetence of both contractual parties.


Mike White 3 days, 8 hours ago on Charter plans

So what happens if the school says No to the request from the city to build the roundabout? And will either the city or ALA pay for opening up the North side (Mud Springs Rd) of the roundabout into the 260?

The city says they have no money to provide the road improvement infrastructure to support the new campus and its business inhabitants. It is presumed, then, that the citizens are expected to just live with the increased traffic and inevitable accidents. And then, I suspect, we will be asked to pay more property taxes to pay for the traffic impact improvements to support the school and the university and other businesses that will be built there.


Mike White 4 days, 2 hours ago on A political puppet show

Fortunately, the state Board of Education has been voting down Common Core recently, including efforts by those vested to pull them in under a different name. And our politicians are already aware of how most Arizonans feel about Common Core. The more about Common Core that has come under scrutiny, the more it is being rejected around the country.


Mike White 1 week ago on Universities left in the lurch

It seems the universities could benefit from the process re-engineering and Lean waste reduction that American industry has been going through for 30+ years. Take out wasted activities, redundant positions, processing errors, and general inefficiencies. Use consultant-led cross-functional teams, including university employees. to come up with the process improvements.

But even before that I would start with a re-examination of the school's mission, target customer base, and stakeholders. Then eliminate any and all positions, courses and even departments that do not add value from the perspective of the customer base and stakeholders. Get back to basics. And definitely re-visit outdated policies like tenure, minimum teaching by professors, and wasteful initiatives such as diversity departments in order to return to cost-effective practices. Then streamline the waste, errors, and inefficiencies out of the remaining value-added courses and activities.