Nancy Volz

Nancy Volz 3 weeks, 3 days ago on Legislature needs to butt out of citizens’ private lives

Perhaps you all missed a crucial point of her letter. As she wrote, "The “treatment” being advocated has not been approved by the FDA, has had no legitimate testing, and the medication is being used off-label, meaning used for purpose for which it was not approved." It has been widely reported that this is a completely unproven method to use to halt an abortion. So, it IS reckless to have "more information" if the information is - as in this case - completely unproven.


Nancy Volz 3 weeks, 6 days ago on Town Workers School Flags

Anything that helps these kids feel pride in themselves and what they are doing is worth it in my opinion. Small price to pay for them to become adults with self-esteem.


Nancy Volz 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Obamacare misconceptions

"Pocket change?" Seriously?! A person with a chronic illness cannot receive care that "corrects" the problem because it is a chronic illness/disease! It goes on & on & on & on...until that person dies. And "competition in the industry has produced the very best cutting edge medical technologies" is useless, unless a person with a chronic disease has an endless supply of funds. Don't try to tell me a pre-existing condition is irrelevant when it is a chronic illness. You obviously have no personal experience with it.


Nancy Volz 2 months ago on Obamacare misconceptions

Thanks for the voice of sanity & reason, Ken and Chuck. Sure is hard to find people who get it. Unless one has a pre-existing condition that carries potentially high health care costs, they never will understand. It is very frustrating and extremely stressful (which is really great for someone with a chronic illness...!) to deal with insurance companies & doctors, and the pharmacies (who are stuck jumping through hoops!).


Nancy Volz 2 months ago on Who does Barton represent?

Perhaps you should all "grow up" and - whatever your leanings - have a real discussion for a change.


Nancy Volz 3 months, 1 week ago on Deputy shoots neighborhood dog as children watch

"McClure told Gartner that no one was in danger of being shot accidentally or hit by a stray pellet because he knew exactly where the round was going." Seriously?! He missed twice, so how can he say he knew where it was going?

Pat, am in total agreement with your comments. McClure should not be a law enforcement officer. He's dangerous. 40 hours suspension?! What a joke.


Nancy Volz 4 months ago on Second Fiesta first

It was on KTVK/Ch. 3 live and again on ABC/Ch. 15 this morning at 5 AM. Also, you can watch the parade on Ch. 3's website. The video is in 8 parts. Payson is about 30 seconds in to part 3.


Nancy Volz 4 months, 2 weeks ago on 2nd slide on ice fatal

Yes, exactly. I didn't see in the article that anyone was speeding, so wondered about your original comment, Don. How sad for them all.


Nancy Volz 4 months, 2 weeks ago on Amnesty Intl. Propaganda Display in Payson Library Lobby

Aren't libraries supposed to be where people can go to get information? Libraries should not and are not conservative or liberal or Republication, Libertarian, Green or Democrat. They should have on hand information of all kinds, from all sides. So, perhaps look at this display as informational and educational. You may not want your taxes going towards a place that promotes free thinking/reading/learning, but I certainly do.

Please understand I am NOT writing about whether or not I agree with the particular packets of info at the library - that is not the issue IMO.