Nancy Volz

Nancy Volz 2 weeks ago on Why that guest column?

Why shouldn't their POV be included in the Roundup?! Are just "conservative" viewpoints supposed to be allowed here? Getting information/viewpoints/ideas from all sides is healthier and does lead to better decision-making, even if we do not agree with that information. I've never understood why people think listening to/reading an opposing viewpoint is such a terrible thing. We aren't sheep. We're humans with brains and (hopefully) have been taught to think for ourselves.


Nancy Volz 2 weeks ago on Obamacare: Repeal could create economic, budget crisis

Paul, your experience in the ACA sounds like mine. No subsidies, of course. It was good for 3 years, but now those of us who have to take certain meds or die (Yes, literally for me) are really getting screwed. If this country had a national health care plan - oh, we do! Medicare! - then there would most likely be a huge pool of folks on it and costs would not necessarily be so high. Is that not so? ACA is still "cheaper" at over $1000 per month for one person, than me getting a policy off the ACA. OTOH, I can't get a catastrophic-only plan because I am too old. I still buy the stupid plan vs. pay the penalty because of the "what if" scenario. Sigh!


Nancy Volz 2 months ago on Eliminate the Electoral College

"Imagine this. Going with only a popular vote would be like changing the World Series to a total-score-over-seven-games-is-the-winner basis. So instead of the champion being the first team to struggle to earn four victories, we would instead mandate that seven games get played no matter what, and the team with the most total scores over all seven games is the winner, even if that team only won one or two games."

A few other people have posted this elsewhere. I don't get it. Makes absolutely no sense to me. Playing a game or series of games with certain rules in place, etc. has nothing to do with the way the President is decided, Electoral College or popular vote.

Instead of trying to justify a vote or whatever, try making the world a more peaceful, inhabitable place by being kind to each other for a change. That is change I can get behind.


Nancy Volz 2 months ago on What will it take, more accidents?

Ditto! Was just contemplating sending ADOT a note about this very subject as I was driving home today. It is extremely irritating to have drivers tailgate behind me in the left lane (going east on 260) when I need to stay there to make a left to get to my home. Grr. Should be 35 until past, oh, Culver's maybe. Then no more than 45 until east of Star Valley.


Nancy Volz 2 months, 3 weeks ago on It's time for a change

What kind of people will vote for her? People who educate themselves on the issues and the candidates. People who take what talking heads say on television and what other people write as gospel on the internet with a grain of salt. People who do their own research and do not just think because somebody they "know" sent them an email link, it is gospel. People who won't blindly follow along. People who will actually try to find the truth, who will listen to all sides and then decide what is best, whether or not they agree with every issue. People like me.


Nancy Volz 3 months, 1 week ago on Arizona lawmakers go after towns

"Over the past few years, the state has been pushing back on cities and counties who are trying to implement the progressive left’s agenda by passing local ordinances and city codes that are contrary to state law,” she said in a recent newsletter to voters."

So, does Allen think city councils, mayors, county officials are NOT elected, too?! They are elected so if they're pressing a "progressive liberal" agenda, the people wanted them to do so.

She'll probably get elected again anyway. Sigh!


Nancy Volz 4 months ago on What about heroin?

Keep written records/notes. Write down the dates, times you see drug sales or anything suspicious. Write down descriptions of the people involved and their vehicles. Get binoculars out and look more closely if you can. Write down plate numbers. The more information you can feed to PPD, the better chance they'll have of being able to do something. You can get copies of the reports of any calls you make, I think. Talk to whoever is handling the neighborhood watch. It used to be Officer Deaton. Start a neighborhood watch group. It amazes me how forthcoming our police officers are when you meet with them and ask questions. IMO, It isn't just the PPD's job to protect us; it is our job, too.

Anyway, been there, done that. I still have my notes from about 4 years ago! Hah!