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Robert Jones 11 hours, 32 minutes ago on Thinning may cut greenhouse gas

Talk about spewing pollution. Word pollution is still pollution. Fancy talk still doesn't cover up the denial. Spew on I guess, less harmful than you running around in the forest on your ATV.


Robert Jones 1 day, 13 hours ago on 932 Should we legalize most drugs?

Welcome back Ron! That's fine with me too.............. BUT none of those "taxes" can be for "treatment and prevention" IF you ain't gonna spend it on "treatment and prevention".

Tom's question was just (limited to) about Marijuana. That's a much easier topic than ALL drugs, as nobody has EVER died from just using Marijuana. From a health perspective we'd have a harder time justifying legal alcohol or cigarettes but the other route has been tried with equally disastrous consequences. Maybe it's time for a Libertarian approach? We may actually have that option this year! Vote Johnson! (Thanks for teeing me up for a gratuitous plug) :-)


Robert Jones 1 day, 13 hours ago on We must never accept this violence

Probably mouthed her opinion once too often................

I'm just teasing, sorry.

Want to know how I feel about this subject? Hit my Mom (or my wife or my daughters) and you'll find out pronto.............


Robert Jones 1 day, 13 hours ago on 931 Another company, another myth.

You did it again Mrs. Randall. Did you used to write material for Johnny Carson?

Actually though, I think its best I don't think about it. There's already enough frustrations without looking for more.


Robert Jones 1 day, 14 hours ago on 932 Should we legalize most drugs?

Unless a cadre of know it all neer-do-well "public" officials manage to use the Court system to deny the people's will as evidenced by signatures on a petition, there will be a vote to do just what you suggest this November Tom. I think the tax rate that has been proposed by this initiative is 15%. Personally, I think that is too high and will still allow for a black market.

However, over time, enforcement of any prohibition will become so de-prioritized that even the Black market economy surrounding illegal sales will not be much of a problem. Once it ends up in possession of the legal "end-user"-----where they obtained it and how much they paid for it won't be of much interest to the average police officer. Too much hassle for too little penalty. Doesn't benefit the system financially to pursue it. Eventually market forces will take over and settle the problem.

Likely, you and I will never know the result of this societal approach. Based on our "experience". Of course maybe Billy Joe Shaver is right when he claims that "You're as young as the woman you feel"............. I don't think you (nor I) can handle that much youth anymore though :-)


Robert Jones 2 days, 16 hours ago on 931 Another company, another myth.

I remember. I used to have these little "pedals" that you attached, one was for the dimmer switch, they looked like little gorilla feet....... had the toes and everything. Had a bigger gorilla foot for the accelerator. Bet they're illegal now. I remember teaching a whole bunch of gals how to drive in that car. Was the best way I knew to get them to agree to sit on my lap............ ahhhhhhh the good ole days. :-)


Robert Jones 2 days, 17 hours ago on 931 Another company, another myth.

I don't know them, but I sure see plenty of folks that can't see stop signs or the color yellow. Must be the same folks and some of them must live around here. :-)


Robert Jones 2 days, 17 hours ago on 930 They picked this woman to head their Institute of Family Studies?

Obviously this is something you know tons about. Me, not so much. As you know one thing we share is a love of reading. This topic kinda touches on the ironic in that area right now.

Have you ever read Steinbeck's novel "East Of Eden"? I hadn't ever picked it up. Heard of it for decades, of course, but never read it. Fact is, perhaps the ONLY Steinbeck I had ever read before was Of Mice and Men. Anyway............

I'm reading East of Eden now. Just started Part two of the novel. Fantastic writing. Splendidly tight, yet quite particular in detail without pretension or excess. Just flows off the page.

The novel appears to be an epic saga about 2 families who settled in the Salinas Valley of California. One of the families (it appears to me will turn out to be) seems a case study of a not so functional historically based family. Don't know yet how much "abuse" of one sort or another will rear its ugly head, but there's already been plenty of dysfunction and personal miseries created by so-called "family". Was almost a Cain and Abel parallel involved.

Sure is harder to put down than I remember Of Mice and Men being. Could be me though. Of Mice and Men was required reading. That pretty much ruined it for me likely. I had a lot more energy to waste on rebellion then.