Robert Jones

Robert Jones 15 hours, 52 minutes ago on Stuck in the lifeboat with our children

"Seems regardless of party, politicians are all cut from the same bolt of cloth."

Can I get an Amen! I know some will disagree but in just 2 more years.......... you can stop letting everybody know you came from well, where you did. Twenty years is enough. Your obligation ended as far as I'm concerned. But, as I said Ron, there will be some that differ!

At some point good citizenship negates the "transplant from..." status and you just become one of us Arizona citizens. Of course I'm more tolerant than some as I wasn't born here either. Damn parents. :-)


Robert Jones 16 hours, 43 minutes ago on Game & Fish crashes Tonto Basin fundraiser

Mrs. Randall. A highway can only get one so far. Sometimes you have to take a car, followed by a boat or a plane. Depends on how far one has to go to find that perfect government and one's own personal "nirvana". As I think this here place is a pretty damn good one I just kinda figured Mr. White might have to travel awhile to find a better one.

Think maybe he should try a spaceship? Lots of free space up there. No one to tell you what to do, etc.


Robert Jones 20 hours, 27 minutes ago on Game & Fish crashes Tonto Basin fundraiser

Mr. White,

You sure like blaming the "Feds" for anything you can, don't you?

Don't you like being a citizen of the United States of America?

As Mrs. Randall enjoys pointing out, there are roads heading out of here. Then there are planes and boats. All will get you to somewhere else to live that maybe you'd approve of more.

"Game and Fish" is an Arizona State agency!! You're blaming the wrong government. Like most of the tea party "folks" you've figured out we have some "problems" and want to blame somebody but you still haven't figured out just who is at fault!

Believe me, it weren't the "Feds" this time. Try again.


Robert Jones 20 hours, 42 minutes ago on Stuck in the lifeboat with our children

I, too, have voted No!

Crazy analogy by the newspaper IMO. That turkey may get you by for a short time (like 10 years in this case) but your lifeboat full of kids sinks just as surely. It's like giving the kid a lollipop when what is really needed is a real decent meal. That lollipop may keep the kid from screaming for awhile, BUT it sure isn't gonna solve his long term need for nourishment.

What was it "W" said.............."... fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice we won't get..."

I get so confused trying to figure out what he meant most of the time. :-)


Robert Jones 20 hours, 48 minutes ago on Prop. 123 is less money for schools; raises property taxes

Cannot help but agree! Well said Ron!! "We won't be fooled again".......... will we?

Oh and Ron, get more and better pitchforks! We may need them.

We won't need any hoes........... they're already in Phoenix........... under that dome!


Robert Jones 20 hours, 51 minutes ago on Grand Canyon under siege from uranium mining industry

I carefully read the description of the legacy left by uranium mining detailed by our Native American brothers within the initial four (4) paragraphs of their (above) plea.

Unfortunately it is all too accurate. I can NOT find a single word within their description of the legacy that is a "spin" or stretch, or otherwise false.

The history is clear, you can NOT depend on "for profit" corporations to actually "clean-up" (if even possible in THIS case) their mess and residue after they've gleaned all the profit they can and have moved on. History also clearly shows us that our governments (at ALL levels) also fail to protect us (and our land) from these multi-national corporations and their harmful practices and the lack of concern they exhibit for the damage they do and through their utterly feeble efforts at restoration----when they EVEN do try to restore things, which has only been in recent years! While you may be able to restore (on a tiny scale) that mountain you just dug all the copper out of, I'm not quite sure HOW you go about "cleaning-up" radioactive materials entering groundwater sources, etc.

NO one wants to be restricted from access to our own lands. I do believe if it says National it's part mine. I should be able to enjoy it, use it, touch it, feel it. But profit on it?? I think not. At least not personally! IF Congress can't or won't do their job by passing appropriate bi-partisan legislation that establishes protections from uranium mining damaging our precious land areas--and our PEOPLE---then I'd have to conclude the tribal leaders plea for action by the President may be necessary. No matter HOW controversial. That's the REALITY of a final year in office, and the freedom that comes with lame duck status!

The Republicans in Congress should be aware!!! and get off their butts and do something! Saving the Grand Canyon is a worthwhile endeavor for them to use to show the people that they actually can govern effectively. Haven't seen much of that so far, mostly just mindless opposition to everything!


Robert Jones 2 days, 16 hours ago on Watch out for speed trap

If that's the case it was obviously the woman's fault. She should NOT have bent over.

Are you sure the guy wasn't transfixed by your own aura? :-)


Robert Jones 2 days, 16 hours ago on The system fails, a child dies

I say show me where the Feds are setting our State CPS regulations so we can address the issue and set our own appropriate safeguards and standards. The question is "compliance" with what?------- from what language in what funding source?? Otherwise we're just "p**sin in the wind".