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I could NOT agree with your final comment more. I also believe you could have made the same observation every presidential election in memory.

I think it's also shameful that such a large part of our citizenry ACTUALLY professes support for a blatant blowhard with such obvious major character flaws to be the leader of a major political party, (no matter who misogynist or rudderless), who MIGHT actually get elected to be OUR President! C'mon folks! He's a clown at best, and a dangerously egotistical fool at worst. A man whose own ego is so out of control he equates popularity on a "lowest common denominator" RealityTV program with real abilty/talent. Get real!!!

Ability at what???? What has he really done??

Divorce a couple times, declare bankruptcy a few more times,............. Most of those buildings that have his name on it aren't even owned by him. Just what IS he good at?? Manipulating developments with other people's money????

He's not a leader of any sort. He's a shameless opportunist attempting to cash in on whatever limited appeal he has, as is his latest (and nearly ONLY) endorser-person. McCain should be defeated and thrown from office just for that single little lapse of judgement............. Palin really!!! One heartbeat from the presidency!............. what a foolish decision that one was. And now he gave us the "media darling" Palin............... a thoughtless airhead who couldn't even finish a term as governor of Alaska.

Is this really the best we can do? The deepest we can think about things?? It is shameful.

Let's elect the Donald.............Crass and obscene. the Caped Crude-sayer.

The world might laugh.......... or cry when his tyrannical tendencies get loose. Anybody ready to say Heil??


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I question whether or not Ms. Jackson understands "hesitate" very well as this is the second time she's gone to the effort of posting this.

I think her initial post had some connection with a recent theft from PUSD and I believe Ms. Jackson had somehow connected the offender/thief with this new proposed Charter school. I guess that's why it is posted here again.

I'm just mainly confused, both by Ms. Jackson's connection/assertion regarding this theft and the Charter school and by Evans comment about the Town officials and employees "ethics policy".

Perhaps, I'm not well enough educated, but it would help me if the fine community members and folks who post here were clear in what they are intending to convey.

I gather that Ms. Jackson feels that our children's morals and ethics are shaped by the community (and world?) around them (i.e. "it takes a village") but other than that?????

Thanks for posting, though. Decent debate is always good. It's healthy that there are at least a few folks in the community who care enough about their world to "bitch" about what they perceive wrong with everything. :-)


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Ms. Jackson,

I believe you are correct in asserting that this median is insufficient to hold a "debate" over the role of Educational leaders. I was NOT trying to start one.

If I understand your comments (above) correctly it sounds as if you are parenting. That's wonderful. I, too, understand and appreciate that others (some of them teachers!) influence my children's opinions and ultimately their adult values. This is why it is a necessity to be involved in your children's daily lives (as you appear to be) and why a quality education of our children SHOULD be a partnership between the school and the home. To often, however, in practice many seem to just leave all the "instruction" (education is part instruction is it not?) to the schools.

When it comes to basic personal responsibility and some tolerable understanding of community accepted morals and public behavior the student should arrive prepared. Disciplined, so to speak, within the home. Teachers have plenty to do without having to teach basic behavior and respect to the students. That's a parents job and it is my opinion that the current state of our schools (educational system) is a direct reflection of the failure of we parents to do our job parenting.You want your kid to learn math at a superior level to you? (like most parents do) then (at least!) support the schools and teachers by instilling in your child basic respect, responsibility, and a desire to succeed. Perhaps even instill enthusiasm for knowledge and the information that hard working teachers try to present. Teachers can't be expected to be the "parent" who wasn't there to set the foundation of respect and responsibility. It ain't somebody else's fault!!! Stop blaming the schools. Who exactly is in those buildings?? It's your children and neighbors!

My initial comments had nothing to do with this case of stealing PUSD funds. I know nothing about it, nor do I know the family involved. I just jumped on the concept of "teaching morals". Probably I should have just left it alone. lol

Our "debate" seems centered on the usage of the word "morals". I contend we shouldn't want teachers teaching morals. Supporting good character, re-enforcing quality values, etc......certainly!!! But morals are for the parents. Otherwise, the problem quickly becomes, whose morals? The right?, the Left? Baptist?, or Hare Krishna, certainly not Islamic?? Talk about a cauldron of controversy. You can't even use Christian Morals as an example, can you? You will run afoul of the atheist children's own morals.

Teach but don't preach. That's for the homes, churches, synagogues, etc.


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Our teachers are overworked, underpaid, and largely undervalued, particularly within the political apparatus dominating our own state government. We want them to be "social workers", "child psychologists", "policeman", "government testing agents"..... everything but effective teachers. Now in addition to walking the fine line between teaching about "evolutionary biology" (for one example), but not too much about it, for fear of wandering into an area of parental ignorance while the child is still "developing" and within the parental authority (for good or bad), you want them to "teach" morals and ethics, too?

I wouldn't have wanted the public schools to step on my responsibility as a Father by "teaching" morals to my children. That was my job. They would NOT (IMO) have done a sufficient job. You shouldn't want teachers "teaching" morals to your child either. Your child might end up leaving you behind if they adopt "morals" that reveal your own values to be lacking.

On a side note. I thought there was no anonymous posting on this board? "Paysonmom" seems to me to qualify as anonymous. Have the rules changed? I haven't posted in years.


Robert Jones 1 month ago on $1,400 school theft

Fairly telling comment Paysonmom. It is interesting. "Hmmmm"........... I wonder whose real responsibility it IS to "teach" your children "morals and ethics"? Take a look in the mirror!

My daughter is a teacher and it is decidedly NOT her job to teach morals to your kids. That would be your job. Ethics, too.

Her job is to inform and deliver education in a manner that challenges and educates the children who she has the opportunity to teach. Her own ethics and "morals" should reflect positively on our society as a whole--and the educational "structure" (including within the classroom) should re-enforce and inform students of the fine particularities of "ethics" and what they really mean, but it's NOT the job or place of a teacher to "impart" morals. That would be the home. A child has guardians, hopefully parents. That's where that responsibility lies.

Most times, without an adult's love and guidance imparting responsibility and values, the child is lost before he or she ever enter the public school system. If no personal responsibility and individual morals have been learned by then; the "peer pressure" and group culture within the large mix of humanity present in ANY integrated school setting will render that child "lost" without the rudder of "loving guidance" that is needed at that young age in order to develop and grow into a caring, thinking adult. (Apologies for the long run-on sentence)

Our schools reflect us. They are full of our children AND our community adult members. How could it be otherwise? Give the teachers some freaking help!! Parent! You instill some responsibility, values, and yes morals into your kid BEFORE he/she leaves your home to go into the public arena. Then I'm quite sure my daughter will deliver a high quality educational opportunity to your child. In an energetic, entertaining and high quality fashion. Should your child have been taught the "value" of a quality education at home and therefore had the sense to seize the opportunity in school--he or she would have a very high chance of attaining success in the world at large. (continued to next post)


Robert Jones 3 years ago on McCain on bipartisan framework for comprehensive immigration reform

The first person I remember to openly speak out against immigration (both illegal and legal) was the much maligned, (and often thought of as a "leftist") and often despised for his blunt observations, novelist and "crank" Edward Abbey.

You don't have to like him to admit he spoke the truth on that issue and many others. He was no "leftist" by the way, though crank may be accurate in some ways. It's OK to call him that, too, because I think he'd be proud of THAT title. :-)

There is a videotaped interview available on Youtube with some Phoenix journalist taped sometime in the 1980's (Abbey died in 1989) in which he openly espouses his opinion about ending immigration. Just do a google search if you'd like to view it.

Of course, he was called a "racist" for his views on the subject, but I suspect he LOVED to be called by some "derogatory" label. I think it just validated (in his mind) that he was on the right track with his stated opinion. Of course Abbey just enjoyed pushing people's buttons. Used to openly say Carl Hayden ruined Arizona. Not a statement meant to endear one to most Arizonans. LOL.

We need a few more cranks like Abbey nowadays and a LOT less sheep IMO. He used to state----------you want to know what Arizona will look like if we have open borders? Take a drive to Sonora and look around. You'll have your answer.

Of course he also railed about global population, yet Fathered 5 children. LOL



Robert Jones 3 years ago on 119 Could this explain the holes in our southern border?

I just want to agree with both of you guys on that beautiful rifle and that wonderful movie.

Quigley Down Under (though a rather modern "western", and set in Australia) was just a super film. The movie had tons of "heart" and a quality message. Not to mention the basic excellent story telling and the gorgeous cinematography. One of my all time favorite movies, EVER.

Now, that Sharps. I'm not a weapons expert or a "collector" or otherwise knowledgeable about fine rifles, etc. However, having read numerous books (fiction and non-fiction) about the time period of the mid-1800's, I've read many accounts of the buffalo hunters and their pursuit of Buffalo hides. The Sharps rifle was the "preferred" weapon of choice for the most proficient of them.

Could either of you inform me? Was this fine weapon used in "Quigley" the same weapon spoken of within the tales of Buffalo hunters?? I suspect it to be "one and the same" gun but would appreciate confirmation from the more knowledgeable.

Man, that Quigley guy could sure shoot!!! Tom Selleck fit that role about as well as anyone could have imagined IMO.



Robert Jones 3 years ago on You should be afraid, very afraid!!

Mrs. Randall,

You have your "A" game on today!!

More good advice. Those 10 would be a wonderful starting place.

You have a nice day also!!