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Robert Jones 10 hours, 14 minutes ago on 828 An excellent reason for not approving an Obama chosen supreme court justice.

"(Please notice how nice I was in that last sentence by using the term White House.) :-)"

I did Tom. There's a reward somewhere for that act of "niceness". Probably not an earthly one, though.

Have a wonderful Memorial day weekend!! (To all who read this). Don't forget to remember WHY............. and WHO.

Just a non-partisan hope from this "liberal", "fiscal conservative", active voter and opinionated citizen to all of all stripes............. and letters, too.

I'm picking my own letters........... H and another H, and an M. HHM............. sounds good.


Robert Jones 1 day, 11 hours ago on 828 An excellent reason for not approving an Obama chosen supreme court justice.


As to your point #2.

At the present moment is not Merrick Garland the chief judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit? Isn't that the SAME court NOW hearing the case on June 2? He's served on that court since 1997 I think.

IF it's "highly likely" that this same case is headed for the Supreme Court, then it would seem to reason that Garland would have to recuse himself if HE had been elevated to the Supreme Court. Seems to me then, that Garland would be the ONLY nominee that Obama could put forward that would NOT affect the outcome of this case.............. no?

I think you'll have to show me the facts and details behind WHO has a "reason to believe" and what that "reason" is based on. Otherwise it sounds too much just like more Obama bashing and obstructionism supported by the industry that would have to act (read that as spend $$$) to comply with the new regulations.

Eventually all those "new regulations" supposedly in the "Clean Power Plan" will be tested within our Court system............ as it's supposed to be, I guess. 1000's of lawyers will earn millions of dollars litigating. Court personnel, Judges, transcriptionists, janitors, etc. , They all need paid. This will just provide more days of dispute and more days of JOBS! :-)


Robert Jones 6 days, 15 hours ago on Re: ‘Arizona out of whack’

Mr Evans,

I appreciate the chuckle I got from your response (Thank You), however, I've never met "buddy Theodore", never been "at the legion", nor am I wallowing in misery or angry.

Based on your many comments here, I thought it was you that was so angry. You sure you and Ted ain't the same guy??? but split? you know....... the "sybil syndrome".... much of the anger I've seen around here seems to be between this "Ted" guy and you or this Mr. Cline fella?? Maybe you should explore this concept at your next therapy session?

Meanwhile, Lake Mead hits an all time low mark. Sure hope your expert global climate opinion turns out to be right---rather than the warnings of all those informed scientists who say otherwise. Personally, I suspect your opinion is nothing but mental gymnastics bent on denying the "inconvenient" (I stole that word, didn't I?) reality that you haven't the courage to accept. Intellectual arrogance I call it. I've seen it often in my many years. It's (Usually) Some guy who believes he's so wise that he knows better than those who are actually better informed and better educated. The same type usually hates all others who DO become better educated and despises all academia and the search for new truths. Out of fear of becoming obsolete.

You should recognize him, unless you don't shave anymore...............


Robert Jones 1 week, 1 day ago on 843 State preempts municipalities on fringe benefits.

Mr. Evans,

Get us the evidence. This "belief" you cite is fraud! As you state yourself.

IF Obama did this, he should be indicted and jailed unless the Law prohibits it! Even so, a class action civil claim on behalf of the American citizen should be able to collect BACK from Mr. Obama the amount stolen through the fraud PLUS interest.

Plenty of lawyers would be overjoyed to see such evidence and more than happy to pursue the case! Personally, I would be outraged as a Citizen-victim of such fraud and manipulation of truth. As I am at the moment by the anointing of the fraud Trump by the Republicans!

All partisan bickering aside Mr. Evans......... I would encourage, actually cajole if possible, you to check out the qualifications and history (as well as stated political beliefs/philosophy) of Gary Johnson, former N.M. Governor, whom I expect we WILL have as a choice for President--- someone OTHER than the two horridly disqualified candidates proposed by the two flawed parties!

Thinking people of ALL stripes NEED to come together this season and elect someone NOT corrupt or stupid! Gary Johnson is neither corrupt nor stupid, and WILL be on the ballot in all 50 states!! Please research him, I dare you......... all of you!!!


Robert Jones 1 week, 1 day ago on Re: ‘Arizona out of whack’

Mr. Evans,

Speaking only for me. The current Administration (Obama, etal) provided me with the opportunity to purchase health insurance that the corporate providers would NOT provide to me at all! It's commonly called Obamacare. It literally saved my life, then saved me from bankruptcy. It is good, quality insurance (if you choose a good quality plan---there were several options available!) and varies in price based on what you choose as to yearly deductibles and annual Out-of-Pocket maximum! Purchased from private---FOR PROFIT companies, that apparently still believe they can profit selling insurance!

After suffering a heart attack within my 1st year of coverage, and seeing FIRSTHAND, both the level of care received and also the related medical bills that ensued, I can tell you about (at least) one thing this President accomplished to help this citizen, and the millions more like me, who had been locked out of insurance by CORPORATE policies!

I could tell you about more, but as you have another agenda, and an organ too full of bullsh*t to recognize real facts when presented with them, I won't bother. Many years ago some folks just never would believe the Earth wasn't flat. Went to their graves believing they were right. You share the same kind of mental capability as they did, an unwillingness to accept facts that shake your own per-conceived notions. It's called ego, and fear. I'll seek for blessing to be given you. Please enjoy your Memorial day holiday, but pause a moment to remember WHY it's a holiday!


Robert Jones 1 week, 2 days ago on 825 How do you feel about this?

Excellent. laughing again. Y'all are awesome.

"The very best thing that could happen to this nation would be to see a third party arise from the ranks of independents who do not believe in extremist ideas of the DEM or the crooked business stand of the GOP"

I agree completely Tom! 'Plug' for Gary Johnson here!! Go research Tom. Dare you.



Robert Jones 1 week, 2 days ago on 831 How do you feel about this policy?

Helps a bunch. Had to re-type this 5 times because I was laughing so hard I couldn't see straight.


Robert Jones 1 week, 3 days ago on 825 How do you feel about this?

And just why not sir? Just who was steering this ship of state when we corrected course and managed to stave off financial ruin and economic collapse, if only for a time?? And, as you correctly pointed out, without a lot of help from the "opposition" party.

I get a little tired of all the Obama bashing. He has made far far less serious mistakes of judgment and "course steering errors" for our ship of state than our last president. It's mot even comparable in my book. W inherited a budget SURPLUS (for the 1st time in how long???) and within 8 years of poor judgment and Republican policies designed to benefit CORPORATES and the rich, left us on the brink of ruin financially!

Same thing happened in the 1920's under Republican rule. Why anyone thinks the Republicans are better at managing our economy than the Dems is beyond me. The historical facts clearly say otherwise!!


Robert Jones 1 week, 3 days ago on 843 State preempts municipalities on fringe benefits.

"If you own and run a company what you pay yourself is your business. A CEO is nothing more than a lousy employee; he has no right to collect ten cents more than he is actually worth to a company. The same is true of all the %$#@! blood-sucking corporate employees who sit behind desks happily soaking up the profits! They are the reason that "corporations" as so often seen as crooked. A corporation can't be crooked; it;s nothing more than the words on a piece of paper, some buildings, some machinery, trucks, and whatnot. IT'S PEOPLE WHO ARE CROOKED!"

This statement by Tom is exactly right! Completely accurate.

And the source (root cause) of nearly every other issue/problem we argue about all the time on here!

Look, in my mind it's simple. Truth is it is we the people that ARE the problem. We need told the truth. But, how effective do you think it would be as an election tactic to tell the "public" (those are potential voters!) that they need to get better informed, actually give a da*n and maybe research, etc, BEFORE making up their minds on issues or candidates?? You know, "hey folks, you're uninformed doofusses being misled by media manipulators and charlatans into voting on the basis of some mythical idealogical "side". An R or a D. It's hogwash!!

The truth is we americans have become like petulant children. Spoiled brats who think we know WAY more than we do. There is NOTHING worse than delusional arrogance and we have it in SPADES! Hence the Trumpster. Con man supreme! I'm so rich and brilliant I can make a deal on our National debt............ meanwhile he won't release his tax return information. You heard it here first folks, why won't he........ because the details will reveal he's a financial fraud. Worth squat!! It's all a financial framework of debt, his REAL value is little. Hence he pays little to no taxes! Hell, he told us....... he said "I'm the king of debt".

I'm gonna jump in that same boat with Mrs. Randall and be called some kind of bad names (like bigot, etc) for this one, but IMO.......I think everyone, and anyone, who has actually VOTED (cast an actual ballot) for Donald J. Trump for President of these United States should be immediately expelled/deported from this Country for a minimum of 10 years or until they have demonstrated some actual human intelligence!

Vote for Trump! make America White again indeed! Moronic! Might as well vote for Kelly Clarkson, or the winner of "dancing With The Stars", how about (Pat might like this idea) the winner of the Nascar Cup?? Or Gumby? I can't fathom such stupidity. Why is it the older I get the dumber everybody else is??

Anyway, I found my candidate for President. Someone I can vote for with conviction, who ain't a potential felon or a conman. His name is Gary Johnson. Y'all should check him out. Find out what he's done...... and what he stands for! You know?, Vote on the basis of something other than "reality life". This is real, folks!