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Robert Jones 8 hours, 20 minutes ago on 935 Does this statistic make you want to quit driving freeways?

That's probably why so many yokels have them 2 ton pick em-ups lifted 4 feet off the pavement with wheels/tires big enough to not have to worry about little old cars.

Guess i may have learned something. I always figured it was just a form of over compensation.



Robert Jones 8 hours, 23 minutes ago on 953 Here's what failing to send illegals home and slamming the door after them can do to a country.

Mrs. Randall, what say we deport everybody that moved here after 12/31/1999? I don't mean we should be mean about it or nothing, and I ain't talking about making them leave the country, but (after all) they CAME here from another place. I think they should be encouraged to pick another "place". ANY place they like. There's lots of other states and a couple of territories yet. Tell 'em to pick one. Arizona is too full. We don't have enough water for the citizens we have already. And some of the ones we allow to stay are gonna make babies.

It all has to stop somewhere! I say end of the last century. If you can't prove you RESIDED here on or before that date......... well, adios compadre! You got one year to vamoose! Scram.... get!

Pick a spot and hit the road jack, jill, and the whole damn family! Californie (one example) is a place you ought to be. We absorbed our share of those folks over the last 6 or 7 decades to be sure.

Anyway, this was a much better place before there was so many folks living in it. Time to reverse course, don't you think??

Will you say amen brother Jones? Or am I just being too acerbic........... Or is this all sarcasm.....?


Robert Jones 15 hours ago on 953 Here's what failing to send illegals home and slamming the door after them can do to a country.

This may throw us off track (if so, i apologize in advance) but I think one of the saddest things about this whole sticky and divisive issue is how ANYONE who actually tries to work on a solution to "fix" (or even partially "fix") the problem gets immediately attacked from all sides as if THEY are the problem. The so-called "gang of eight" was just pilloried from all sides for even suggesting ideas that required ANY compromise from anybody.

It's a serious dichotomy IMO. Few support "open borders" anymore. Fewer yet support "illegal immigration". yet we all want "guest visas" for farm workers, and who knows how many other less publicized categories of workers. (Landscapers come to mind!) Nobody wants to pay 5 bucks for a head of lettuce, but everybody knows our own current children will NOT pick lettuce (or cotton) at what the farmers can afford to pay!

Some say illegals are the new "slaves". A case (however sketchy) can be made for that.

We need a serious look at immigration policy as a whole! by serious folks with the will to change it for the better. In my view, we have ENOUGH humans living here already. Our continent is settled and civilized (well except for Tonto Basin :-) ) from sea to shining sea. The feds ain't giving away land under any homesteading act that I'm aware of.

Some compromises (by somebody) need to be made. I say...... (for the total worthlessness my opinion is) that we need to find a way to let those of the illegals we KNOW FOR SURE are lawful, working alongside us as neighbors--decent Moms Dads, Brothers, and Sisters (etc), stay and pursue the American dream and someday qualify as citizens if they so choose.......... BUT, at the same time, CLOSE THE BORDERS to ALL future immigration except in individual--approved by the highest levels of the government for national security (or other equally important matters)--- circumstances!!

No more boundless room for the world's unwanted. The melting pot is complete and diverse. Let's try to assimilate what we have and limit the population growth (and water issues associated with it) as much as possible. My 2 cents worth. Probably not worth that, or the time it took to type it..................


Robert Jones 15 hours, 23 minutes ago on 935 Does this statistic make you want to quit driving freeways?

That's a real good question Tom!

I know this much about that. About 12- 14 years ago the parent Corp. of the "Chili's" branded restaurants did an extensive study on the traffic flow on the beeline in Payson prior to locating their operation where it is now located. It's been in business now over a decade so............

Is the food THAT good? I leave it to those who dine there to chime in. However, it seems apparent that the Corp. believed that enough folks would stop for their food. Enough traffic will make even small percentages of "stoppers" work, if there is enough profit margin ......... or salt. lol


Robert Jones 15 hours, 30 minutes ago on Students keep music program going

Fantastic!!! Leaders being made right here, right now!

"Our children will lead us, or leave us behind"

Which will it be in YOUR family?

The buck stops with you Dad (and Mom!). It's far past time we stood up for our kids. The educational apparatus in Arizona is broken. The "anti-education" forces within the state legislature have succeeded in creating a severe crisis that our KIDS are being impacted by. Here, now, and in almost every school district in the state save the wealthiest few!

They (apparently) believe the way to keep our kids from leaving us behind is to keep them as stupid as we are............... God forbid they become smarter than us, they might realize how irresponsible we've become........... or worse yet become really knowledgeable about something we're not......... that would make them elitists, then!

Vote smart, Vote them out! Vote against our current incumbents! In EVERY case!

Thank you for thinking................ and Hurrah for these fine young band members!


Robert Jones 1 day, 15 hours ago on 941 Just a bit of news you may have missed.

Mr Eby. Please fill us in.

Is he an American citizen? I'd like to know that before we start spending money on "treatment" of his mental health issues. If not, that should be someone else's issue IMO.

Some might say that these last 3 years of "psychotherapy" didn't seem to work out all that well. Others might say that that is likely the problem. 3 years of "psychotherapy" will probably make most folks crazy.

But you make a real good point. What DO we do with the lunatics once we (society) have identified the individual with the lunacy?? We were way too slow and (apparently) did little to nothing to stop the Tucson lunatic, whose name I will (purposely) omit.

There are folks who actually think we shouldn't be able to stop "folks" (even lunatics) from legally purchasing quick reloading military type assault rifles. Nope, can't risk it. Slippery slope. You ain't taking my "piece". You and me (or Gabby Giffords) ain't enough to bring about some sort of epiphany on their part. Too much inbred fear of the Gov't coming to get their little "firearm". They've been conditioned by decades of propaganda from the NRA and others. Just simply pointing out the silliness of their argument will never change their minds. Too closed.

Therefore, with the coming anarchy. I'm visiting gun shows, etc. I want my own bazooka. Ain't nobody gonna come around messing with my constitutional rights. I'll blow their asses straight to hell. (sarcasm intended!)


Robert Jones 1 day, 15 hours ago on 953 Here's what failing to send illegals home and slamming the door after them can do to a country.

That's one of the things I like about you Ron. There's just no mistaking your opinion. It makes for opportunities for candid debate.

Likely that's what Tom is desiring here. Plus, once in a while you're right. :-)

Someone must have spiked my coffee this morning. I'm way too agreeable.


Robert Jones 3 days, 10 hours ago on 936 Are you tired of prosecutor overkill?

Tom...... Your statements concluding your comment above are powerful truths that SHOULD be central in every action undertaken on behalf of the people. Too bad human ego (and greed) get in the way. But well said anyway. We share the same belief.

Pat (May I call you that here Madam?),

As to your point: "Give me a pile of Sh-- to step in any day."

I have to respectfully disagree just a bit by pointing out to you that not all sh-- is as inoffensive (and relatively innocuous) as Cowsh--. Some sh-- is just plain nasty. Disgusting even! Trust me, you'd prefer spit on a Mesa sidewalk (particularly after a few seconds of drying) anytime to say, Emu sh--. Or baby giraffe sh--. For that matter, did you ever step in Coatimundi sh--? I tell you, if you ever do step in fresh Coatimundi sh--, you'll know for sure you really stepped in it then. Their sh-- is particularly odiferous, and sticky, too.

Tread lightly everywhere these days I say.


Robert Jones 3 days, 15 hours ago on 932 Should we legalize most drugs?


While generally correct, some of your thesis is a bit outdated. I have been informed recently that many of the "younger" (millennials?) have found other ways than smoking to consume their cannabis. Vaping is a popular method and they're using sources other than what you or I would call Marijuana. The general term for these "sources" are concentrates.

From what I've been told you've probably already been seated next to (or encountered in public somewhere) someone smoking an e-cig type contraption that actually "vapes" the "source" and that person has been "toking up" right next to you and you never even noticed it.

They have sections/areas now in Las Vegas casinos where e-cigs are allowed and as it's "medicine" for some........... guess what that guy at the neighboring slot machine is as likely to be smoking as a smelly cigarette? Yep, you got it............. it's a Brave New World no?