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Nice work Tom. SOLID framework for discussion and comparison.

I'd be very surprised if the majority of your questions aren't ultimately answered with a negative conclusion. Making a PROFIT through providing education that has sufficient breadth and depth to prepare students for today's world--without charging tuition--has proven (for a very long time) very illusive. I can think of NO private school systems in this country wherein the education is self-sustaining through tuition ALONE. I'm quite sure that most (the vast majority) religiously affiliated schools are supported partially from sources in addition to any tuition charged.

And that's generally WITHOUT having to provide the expense of transporting kids to and from school, which public schools do for the rural (and other) kids. Most private/charter schools provide no buses or transportation to and from school. That's on the parents. Hardly a level playing field right there.


Robert Jones 3 days, 16 hours ago on 668 It's Your Call. Should cities, towns, and counties be able to count illegals?

Ramble on. You have every right to in this country. Besides you speak candidly. That makes it interesting to read your posts even when one disagrees with your comment. Our differences as people who, despite our difference, chose to pull together as "one country" is what made our country great and guaranteed our present freedom. Remember the Buffalo Soldiers, or the Navajos in WWII?? They contributed despite!

We as a people need to find a way to "pull together" or I am very afraid long-term for this Country.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Randall, Ramble On! You've earned that right, at the very least.


Robert Jones 3 days, 21 hours ago on 668 It's Your Call. Should cities, towns, and counties be able to count illegals?

Tom, don't get too hard on T. Roosevelt. Nobody is perfect and nobody is always right. Even TR. I could point to other statements made or even to things TR actually did that I (Personally) wish he hadn't done. But that's thru todays lens with my twentieth century understanding(s). Teddy had neither when he made the statement you (or I) might disagree with.

MOST of the time, Teddy Roosevelt stood with honor and on the right side of things when it came to leadership. At least that's my opinion of the history surrounding TR.

Without question he did some great things and led our country to a better place for his having served it/us!


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One clarification. I did not (personally) say that I agreed with the Germans claims.......

Nor did I write the lyric I posted. Just hoped it would spur some good honest debate about a longtime contentious issue.

One more. I also did not intend (nor do I personally believe) that immigrants are "illegals" nor are the words inter-changeable (IMO).

As to what Mr Nash is attempting to state in his lyric I can only surmise his meaning. Perhaps others can inform us IF they have information (like comments from Nash himself) as to his meaning(s).

But, jeesh Tom please don't get upset. I was NOT calling you angry. At least I didn't think so. Did I?


Robert Jones 3 days, 23 hours ago on 660 It's Your Call. Will illegals affect German thinking?

I've only spent approx. 2 weeks in Germany so I'm daggone sure I can't speak for Germans. Most of what I learned from the Germans I interacted with was that: A. German food was the world's best. B. The wait for a beer was worth it because their beer was the world's best and you can't carbonate that good quality beer until just before you drink it. C. There were a couple of other contentions but this family friendly blog is not the place for those. :-)

However, I kind of thought this spot might be a good spot to insert this "thought" about immigration...... as this is a topic about "illegals"

WARNING!! IF you're subject to high blood pressure AND are anti-immigrant you might want to refrain from reading further. This was written a LONG time ago by well known "hippie/communists" (according to many folks on the right) so........... well, you know. It was the 60's right? A time for many of idealism and a questioning of the status quo........ and even then this debate raged on.

"There I was at the immigration scene shining and feeling clean could it be a sin? I got stopped by the immigration man he says he doesn't know if he can. Let me in -

Let me in, immigration man, can I cross the line and pray I can stay another day Let me in, immigration man I won't toe your line today I can't see it anyway.

There he was with his immigration face giving me a paper chase but the son was coming 'cos all at once he looked into my space and stamped a number over my face and it sent me running

Won't you let me in, immigration man can I cross the line and pray I can stay another day Won't you let me in, immigration man I won't toe your line today I can't see it anyway.

Here I am with my immigration form it's big enough to keep me warm when a cold wind's coming so go where you will as long as you think you can you'd better watch out, watch out for the man anywhere you're going.

Come on and let me in, immigration man, can I cross the line and pray take your fingers from the tray. Let me in, irritation man, I won't toe your line today I can't see it anyway."


Robert Jones 3 days, 23 hours ago on 668 It's Your Call. Should cities, towns, and counties be able to count illegals?

Blockquote "Maybe a law should be passed that everyone should have to carry legal papers showing they were born here or became citizens."

I'm sorry to have to remind you as I'm sure it will upset you but.............. (poor student of history that I may have been) hasn't that been tried by white folk before??? With rather disastrous results...................

Methinks that when we STOP living our lives the free way we always have then the terrorists have already won.

Ms. Randall, you'll succeed in requiring this natural born citizen to carry "papers" about as quickly as you'll disarm Hamrik. I expect I'll have a whole lot of company of citizens refusing that particular "change" in my way of life!


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I could NOT agree with your final comment more. I also believe you could have made the same observation every presidential election in memory.

I think it's also shameful that such a large part of our citizenry ACTUALLY professes support for a blatant blowhard with such obvious major character flaws to be the leader of a major political party, (no matter who misogynist or rudderless), who MIGHT actually get elected to be OUR President! C'mon folks! He's a clown at best, and a dangerously egotistical fool at worst. A man whose own ego is so out of control he equates popularity on a "lowest common denominator" RealityTV program with real abilty/talent. Get real!!!

Ability at what???? What has he really done??

Divorce a couple times, declare bankruptcy a few more times,............. Most of those buildings that have his name on it aren't even owned by him. Just what IS he good at?? Manipulating developments with other people's money????

He's not a leader of any sort. He's a shameless opportunist attempting to cash in on whatever limited appeal he has, as is his latest (and nearly ONLY) endorser-person. McCain should be defeated and thrown from office just for that single little lapse of judgement............. Palin really!!! One heartbeat from the presidency!............. what a foolish decision that one was. And now he gave us the "media darling" Palin............... a thoughtless airhead who couldn't even finish a term as governor of Alaska.

Is this really the best we can do? The deepest we can think about things?? It is shameful.

Let's elect the Donald.............Crass and obscene. the Caped Crude-sayer.

The world might laugh.......... or cry when his tyrannical tendencies get loose. Anybody ready to say Heil??


Robert Jones 1 month ago on Setting a good example for children critical

I question whether or not Ms. Jackson understands "hesitate" very well as this is the second time she's gone to the effort of posting this.

I think her initial post had some connection with a recent theft from PUSD and I believe Ms. Jackson had somehow connected the offender/thief with this new proposed Charter school. I guess that's why it is posted here again.

I'm just mainly confused, both by Ms. Jackson's connection/assertion regarding this theft and the Charter school and by Evans comment about the Town officials and employees "ethics policy".

Perhaps, I'm not well enough educated, but it would help me if the fine community members and folks who post here were clear in what they are intending to convey.

I gather that Ms. Jackson feels that our children's morals and ethics are shaped by the community (and world?) around them (i.e. "it takes a village") but other than that?????

Thanks for posting, though. Decent debate is always good. It's healthy that there are at least a few folks in the community who care enough about their world to "bitch" about what they perceive wrong with everything. :-)