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Robert Jones 3 days, 9 hours ago on 892 Philippine President-Elect Rodrigo Duterte.

I don't get to tally up any such ledger. Besides, I don't think points are added or docked for fluff like smoking or imbibing. I think the points are based on more important stuff, like honesty.......... or grit.


Robert Jones 4 days, 5 hours ago on 892 Philippine President-Elect Rodrigo Duterte.

I kinda thought this so I did some checking. The Philippines monetary unit is the Philippine peso. It's value vs. the US Dollar is .021. Therefore 1 Philippine dollar is equal to 2.1 cents. I think that's how it works.

So, 107,000 will actually pay out at $2,247.00 U.S. Greenbacks. Not sure if that handles the cost of the plane ticket over there, but even if it does........that's a pretty cheap price on a human life........ even a drug dealers.


Robert Jones 4 days, 12 hours ago on Orlando: Is More Gun Control the Answer?

As long as we (the people) continue to believe that the 2nd amendment (as written) can ONLY be interpreted literally----giving each citizen the (embedded in LAW) "right" to carry any "arms" that (for example-Tom's "British arms") any "army" (ours or opponent's) can possess, we have no means to solve the problem--short of nullifying the 2nd Amendment through amendment OR otherwise (such as a revoking of it!). I hope and contend that will never happen!

But, such would be the possibilities and peril of the idea/concept put forth by Mr. Alexander. Nope, for me I'll stick with Messr's Madison, Jefferson, Hamilton, etc and their complicated but sacred verbiage anyday----rather than the collective work of a bunch of modern day self appointed "experts" on our gun problem at some Convention of States. The outcome of such a "convention" is too unknown and too risky and could very well result in an outcome wherein fools decide the only answer is "revocation" of the 2nd amendment in favor of some new "concept" far, far, far more dangerous. Hence my comment, the "province of fools", however arrogant you want to call it. I don't call it arrogant to point out how reluctant we SHOULD be to tamper with the work of the Founders! It's only been done (what?) 16 times in 200+ years, and NOT all of them were wise. One of those changes quickly blew up in our face! In fact, it might be said (historically speaking), that that led directly to the loss of your/my "right" to pack a machine gun! Just saying...........


Robert Jones 4 days, 12 hours ago on Orlando: Is More Gun Control the Answer?

Mrs Randall is likely right again.

Men are too stupid and stubborn to make the kind of compromise necessary to solve this issue. We can't even agree on HOW to go about beginning!


Robert Jones 4 days, 12 hours ago on Payson neighbors fret about bed and breakfast plan

Mrs. Randall,

I'm not a lawyer. The "subdivision rules" are not worthless, HOWEVER, in most cases (in practical terms) to the average individual land owner, they nearly are.

CCR's (deed restrictions), as I understand it, are only enforceable through lawsuit. When there is no HOA to do this bit of "dirty work" (lawsuit filing!) it becomes "neighbor vs. neighbor." Distasteful at best, and always the province of the wealthy. Only citizens with the "seed money" can initiate lawsuits. Lawyers won't work free.

The results of these lawsuits vary widely----with one exception. The system (lawyers, judges, clerks, legal assistants, etc) (all) profit(s) very handsomely.

The whole "scheme" (deed restrictions) stinks!! It's decidedly un-democratic, in fact has its origin in race and age discrimination, and in my opinion it is completely un-American and unlawful!! (As far as I know this concept has never been constitutionally challenged).

Imagine me selling you a blender, BUT even though I sold you all 100% of my interest in the blender, I cajole/insist on you agreeing to "limit" your usage of the blender to just certain "rules" that I implement on you (and anyone you sell the blender to) and perpetuate in perpetuity by publicly recording my "rules" as if they had some basis in law.

The whole "scheme" is preposterous. It was a way for a wealthy developer to sell his land/development/subdivision to peons and then "dictate" to those dumb peons what they could do with the land! You, nor your ancestors would ever had stood for such an unfair land purchase! Your Granddad was way too smart for that. I suspect you are, too!

Here, sucker, give me some $$$, I'll give you "title" to the land, except you can't............... (insert your own example). Imagine some idiot thinking he could sell off property adjoining where he resides to a young man/wife (who privately intended to graze a cow for milk or meat on their new property), BUT the idiot selling the land didn't like the smell of cows**t. You think he should be able to sell his interest (ALL of it!) in the land and then tell them they can't raise a cow on their own land? What's yours is yours, what's mine is mine. Simple concept. Rich racist developers succeeded in confusing such a sane, logical, simple concept.

Frankly I'm surprised you tolerate the very idea of CCR's/deed restrictions! I sure don't!


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I heard this on the news this morning. Seems the newly improved (widened) Panama Canal just (re)opened. First ship thru?? You got it. A big new super-carrier from China! Holding all sorts of new and improved "containers". I tend to wonder what's in all those "containers". I bet one thing for sure. I bet you can count on at least some unnecessary plastic objects being aboard ship. Headed for your local wal-mart, no doubt.

I'll bet it might even contain some of those plastic shot glasses shaped like revolvers with the City of Payson logo on the side I saw recently. Bet the tourists just buy those in scores. Good PR for Payson, too!