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Robert Jones 6 days ago on 931 Another company, another myth.

I remember. I used to have these little "pedals" that you attached, one was for the dimmer switch, they looked like little gorilla feet....... had the toes and everything. Had a bigger gorilla foot for the accelerator. Bet they're illegal now. I remember teaching a whole bunch of gals how to drive in that car. Was the best way I knew to get them to agree to sit on my lap............ ahhhhhhh the good ole days. :-)


Robert Jones 6 days, 1 hour ago on 931 Another company, another myth.

I don't know them, but I sure see plenty of folks that can't see stop signs or the color yellow. Must be the same folks and some of them must live around here. :-)


Robert Jones 6 days, 1 hour ago on 930 They picked this woman to head their Institute of Family Studies?

Obviously this is something you know tons about. Me, not so much. As you know one thing we share is a love of reading. This topic kinda touches on the ironic in that area right now.

Have you ever read Steinbeck's novel "East Of Eden"? I hadn't ever picked it up. Heard of it for decades, of course, but never read it. Fact is, perhaps the ONLY Steinbeck I had ever read before was Of Mice and Men. Anyway............

I'm reading East of Eden now. Just started Part two of the novel. Fantastic writing. Splendidly tight, yet quite particular in detail without pretension or excess. Just flows off the page.

The novel appears to be an epic saga about 2 families who settled in the Salinas Valley of California. One of the families (it appears to me will turn out to be) seems a case study of a not so functional historically based family. Don't know yet how much "abuse" of one sort or another will rear its ugly head, but there's already been plenty of dysfunction and personal miseries created by so-called "family". Was almost a Cain and Abel parallel involved.

Sure is harder to put down than I remember Of Mice and Men being. Could be me though. Of Mice and Men was required reading. That pretty much ruined it for me likely. I had a lot more energy to waste on rebellion then.


Robert Jones 1 week ago on 930 They picked this woman to head their Institute of Family Studies?

Sadly I've learned of/encountered many "happy families" that suffered from hidden abuse of some sort by some family member rendering that outside image of "happy" to be nothing but a mirage perpetuated for the consumption of the outside world.

If you were fortunate to be raised in a family with no abuse you were lucky. Many are not. I suspect it is the same in Australia. Taking bad with the good, sure. All families have "moments". But familial abuse renders all else meaningless. The "happy family" can never exist except in appearances.......... for protection and privacy.

Perhaps that's a part of what she is trying to say through her examination of the term "happy family". I don't know, I didn't spend the time to go to your link and read the detail. But I know for sure that for some---the term "Happy Family" carries nothing but bittersweet memories and large amounts of personal pain.


Robert Jones 1 week ago on 949 Where did the Nice attacker get his ideas?

My wife and I haven't had the TV option for about 6 or 7 years now. Whenever the cable company in Gisela pulled out. Don't much miss it, and never did figure it was worth what the sellers thought it was worth. So, I never bought it. If Dish and that other company keep progressively sending me better and better deals pretty soon they'll be offering to pay me to watch it. I'll likely still decline their "offer". Their "programming" will still be of no interest to me.


Robert Jones 1 week ago on West Clear Creek: Stair step into paradise

Let's not give them any ideas. I won't bet you on it, but hopefully the most of the "morons" don't know the way in (it's pretty remote and kinda difficult) and those that do won't be able to tell anyone about it. Without some preparation and a tad bit of actual wilderness survival skills you truly will perish attempting an amateur slog through West Clear Creek. Anyone that stupid............. well I'll refrain for once.


Robert Jones 1 week, 1 day ago on We must end dark money corruption

Probably makes too much sense Mrs. Randall. Your comment is a good example of plain old common sense. Simply put, ban outside money! Certainly smarter than the way we do it now.