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Robert Jones 2 days, 3 hours ago on Reader comments about Nikki Bagley

So are you saying that she only became a corrupt tool of the "bosses" in Phoenix recently?

Oh, OK then. No wonder we're in the mess we're in politically.


Robert Jones 3 days, 11 hours ago on 781 Is this our official policy on nuclear weapons?

Tom, The answer to your first 3 bullets is No.

I can't answer the last bullet. As you did use the word "impression", maybe that's getting at it. Perhaps, your impression is not shared by others, or ????


Robert Jones 4 days, 4 hours ago on Reader comments about Nikki Bagley

Maybe so. I can't speak for Mr. Christensen but I sure know I've done a stupid thing or five. Of course I'm not an elected (and Paid!) representative of the people of this district.

Is the following stupid?

In today's (wednesday) Arizona Republic it was reported that Ms. Allen (OUR so-called representative) voted for a "change" in state law, supported by the "illustrious" David Gowan, to loosen restrictions on Pawn Shops (eliminating the fee imposed by some cities and transferring oversight to DPS) which is an apparent pet idea of his (He's tried it at least twice before). Her stated reason? (in her own words), she voted "yes" out of respect for the speaker, even though she wasn't so sure it was a good change.

I don't think that's stupid at all. I have another word for it when you okay a law change you don't necessarily think is good as my so-called "representative", for that stated reason. It's failure. Dereliction of duty. Her "duty" is to represent us, NOT cast votes for the wishes of special interests, or the pet ideas of party bosses!

There's actually a better word for it. What is it when you get appointed to your position by the party leaders and then cast votes to support what they want regardless of what's best for the State, or your constituents? It's corruption, that's what it is.

Mrs. Randall, I've done my research. I didn't want to tell you what I found as I had hoped you'd go look it up yourself. But you, apparently, have some reason you DON"T want to know just exactly what any such research reveals about how Ms. Allen does the (appointed) job she wants us to elect her to do. You can lead a mule to the waterhole but you can't.......

Stay thirsty my friend!


Robert Jones 5 days, 11 hours ago on 782 Common sense handling of fireworks.

That's because for the largest part of the time they don't vote by usage of "reason" or common sense............. they vote based on the little letter that follows their name. If it's an R, their told to vote one way, if it's a D, the other way. It's a game..... like charades!

One day the charade will fall apart, what happens then? I truly don't know and likely won't see it myself. I hope our Republic survives the chaos, but I have my doubts.

Did you hear the one about the rabbit who went into a bar and ordered a drink..........


Robert Jones 6 days, 11 hours ago on Reader comments about Nikki Bagley

Perhaps I should follow up here.

First, my comment (since reprinted as an editorial) was NOT intended to be a letter to the editor, nor was it an "endorsement" of Ms. Bagley.

It was a response (perhaps an indictment of) to the two comments (and commenters) who had responded, with what I viewed to be, rather shallow and unnecessarily critical comments intended (apparently) to ridicule Ms. Bagley for "inexperience". I was just attempting to point out to the two "commenters" how Ms. Bagley's willingness to step forward and put herself on the line as a citizen was exactly what our Country's framers had in mind when they designed our governing apparatus.

Apparently, someone at the RoundUp understood, agreed with, and decided to reprint my polemic in another fashion. I have no objection other than I do wish it had been re-printed complete--and with the two comments that inspired it preceding my "opinion". Let me make clear, I have NOT (as yet) endorsed Ms. Bagley. As I stated in my little rant however, given the "baggage" carried by her opponent in this "contest", I expect to have little trouble coming to a decision to cast my vote for Ms. Bagley.

In response to Mrs. Randall. The short answer is no, although I am quite aware of the "roles" Ms. Allen has served in during the last couple of decades. Mainly just from the resulting coverage and publicity she, and those positions, have garnered.

As I know (and as you've demonstrated before) you Mrs. Randall, can do research and speak your mind quite clearly on any issue, I'll just suggest, and leave it to you to do that task of researching positive "things" Ms. Allen has done for the State and it's citizenry and post it right here on the blog. I bet the RoundUp would love and welcome it. I know I would.

I'd recommend that you compile your information carefully and spend ample time on the task, if you decide to take it on, as the list of "things" Ms. Allen has done that has negatively impacted our beloved State and it's citizenry is quite accomplished and lengthy in my judgment. Therefore, it should take a decent sized list of "positive accomplishments" to create some sort of apparent balance on the ledger/tally. However, you would be doing the voters a real service should you uncover a whole bunch of good "things" all the journalists have missed all these years. Please, have at it!