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Robert Jones 4 days, 4 hours ago on Watch out for speed trap

Mrs. Randall. The same thing happened to me between the East Verde crossing and Payson. I, too, was speeding and the officer kindly wrote me the same type ticket. Saved me some money and doesn't get reported to your ins. co. as points on your record.

Learned my lesson and didn't cost a fortune. DPS officer was very professional and nice! You are right about the attitude bit. You get what you give away. Kinda like a mirror. In the east parts (at least east of St. Louis) I think they call it karma.


Robert Jones 4 days, 6 hours ago on Vote yes on Prop. 123 at May 17 special election

How can you be pro-education and anti-science?

ANY competent geologist knows quite certainly that the Earth is far older than 6,000 years. You can't really be an effective steward of the education of the state's children and future and also contend that all the sciences are wrong on basic facts such as the earth's age.

That's not logical or believable. Neither is Mrs. Allen's judgment.

It just can't be trusted when her "advice" flies in the face of every State treasurer in recent memory save one.............. her current republican crony, Ducey.

Who should we believe, Ducey and Allen, or every other former state treasurer on the record stating that this is a bad deal for future generations of children??

Mrs. Allen was part of the problem with the money wrongly appropriated by the legislature that caused the shortfall, why would we ever trust her word now?


Robert Jones 4 days, 9 hours ago on Watch out for speed trap

Great read here. Lively debate.

One thing is missing. The link between speed and safety seems to be assumed in most of these arguments.

Yet, some of the MOST dangerous drivers on our highway are NOT speeders, necessarily. Hesitant, unsure, too slow for the traffic drivers create more incidents per traffic hour than ANY other type of driver (other than the drunk or distracted--texting, etc).

No one seems to target them for THEIR unsafe practices. Nor do I see ALL the drivers with phones stuck to their ears getting tickets.

IF we're talking personal responsibility and safety.......... a little fairness and enforcement implementation BASED on all unsafe practices ought to be practiced.

That little stretch of highway is an awful attractive place to "patrol". Slight downhill almost all the way. First real open stretch of highway since Slate Creek grade. Most of the locals KNOW it's patrolled and make sure to stay under the limit always. Not so for the out-of-area drivers. They get popped. Often. Good and bad, I suppose. But not really playing totally fair in the end, I think.

Now, IF DPS is ONLY ticketing real excessive dangerous drivers/speeding then I take back most everything I just typed. But I kinda doubt that. I bet they ticket nearly everyone they pull over.......... otherwise, why bother!


Robert Jones 4 days, 9 hours ago on 807 Finally! The real reason for all the flack over Merrick Garland's confirmation.

Excellent logic Tom.

But then, how do you explain former SC Justice O'Conner's (sp?) statements and view on this issue.

Reagan appointee. Good republican. Excellent Jurist/Justice.

She says they should hold hearings and vote. Why won't the republicans just show some spine and vote NO if that's what they feel is best?

Something else is at work as well. The whole thing smells fishy. As does Trump deciding to run THIS time, just when Hillary is going to be the Dem nominee. Awful convenient. And (perhaps) the ONLY way she could ever be elected............. by the Repubs. running someone who even less folks can tolerate.

Smells to high heaven like an inside job to me. Call me cynical. Ron oughta smell it too then?


Robert Jones 4 days, 9 hours ago on 783 An interesting question concerning Socialism.

"I'd like to see that before I go."

Me too! Simple as a, b, and c as you put it.

Very eloquently I might add.

Is there anyone anywhere in this Country who could disagree with those three simple precepts?

I sure hope not.

Pose it to Donald Cline and Ted Paulk. You might find something they both agree on. It's a start.


Robert Jones 5 days, 10 hours ago on 807 Finally! The real reason for all the flack over Merrick Garland's confirmation.

Easy. Then the Senate should wait until AFTER the present Court case (post June 30) and then ACT on the nomination. Turn it down if they like. BUT, do their job.

July is not too long to wait, and then there would seem to be no reason for them NOT to act. They should have the votes to turn his nomination down IF they feel that is appropriate.



Robert Jones 5 days, 10 hours ago on Reader comments about Nikki Bagley

In some attempt at fairness and balance, and following Mrs. Randall's suggestion to "go back as far as when the mills were shut down up north,,," I spent just over an hour this morning early (had insomnia) using a search engine "searching" for information on Ms. Allen, the mills up north, etc. Mrs. Randall may need to get more specific however as to just what she is referring to while "following" Ms. Allen, as I'm not sure I found the good public service I would have hoped she was referring to.

I did find some news reports during the time of the Snowflake mill's closing wherein Ms. Allen voiced her "condolences" for the workers who lost their jobs. As well, I found plenty of statements afixing the blame on environmentalists, etc she (apparently) voiced during that time period.

I went clear back to when she was a Navajo County Supervisor but could NOT really locate anything specific she had done attempting to actually act on some plan to save the mill(s) and the "300 jobs". Perhaps someone else can do better. I only spent an hour+.

I did, however, find the following:

During her tenure as a county supervisor, Allen was said to have attempted to interfere with an internal investigation into the conduct of her son-in-law, a detention officer, who worked with female inmates in the Navajo County jail, where he was employed. K.C. Clark, the Navajo County Sheriff, threatened to arrest her if she continued to interfere.

Years later, (March 2015), as a member of the Arizona Senate---( and Our district's rep.)--- Allen filed a senate bill that would provide detention officers, like her son-in-law, with greater protections from disciplinary investigations.

This information was easily found and is courtesy of the Wikipedia page on Mrs. Allen, complete with the respective sources.

Surely this kind of abuse of elected position, and attempts at using one's influence are not the kind of thing Mrs. Randall was referring to, is it?

It is however, in line with the cronyism and "backroom" shenanigans which I referred to earlier when commenting on HOW she uses and abuses her votes on my so-called behalf.

I could really be concerned about her view that our globe is only 6000 years old but I'll just chalk that one up to "belief"............ you know the Lamanites and all that.......... and try to just stay more concerned with how her view will impact the State's children, what with her position on the Education committee and as Senate Pro-Tem.

Mrs. Randall, hasn't she done enough damage for you yet?


Robert Jones 5 days, 12 hours ago on Watch out for speed trap

Mr. Hamric,

I live close to that area and therefore see the "regular" patrolling of that one stretch of highway. I was not "hating" on the DPS officers, however, the "connection" between citations written and income received by the state is rather obvious!

As well, there is the "issue" of all the surcharges "added" to citations/offenses these days to fund various functions on the backs of the "lawbreaker" unfortunate enough to have been caught.

I admit my mentioning of the rest area was just an "example" of an area in which the state has lacked funding for years. There (likely) is no direct connection.

Sounds like you need to relax a bit, have a stiff drink and take a breath.......... we're still on the "same side" as concerned citizens.


Robert Jones 6 days, 2 hours ago on Watch out for speed trap

All true, but it sure helps to know that they "work" that area often. It must be quite lucrative for the state. Gotta get that rest area open somehow............ and pay off Ducey's cronies too, no doubt!


Robert Jones 6 days, 3 hours ago on Reader comments about Nikki Bagley

So are you saying that she only became a corrupt tool of the "bosses" in Phoenix recently?

Oh, OK then. No wonder we're in the mess we're in politically.