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Robert Jones 3 years ago on Americans with no abilities act proposal Part 1


Your attacks are just so ridiculous. Now even I am an "enlightened/progressive" LOL!

As there are some folks that actually KNOW me and some of my political views around, they are laughing their rear-ends off at your erroneous assumptions.

I still don't get the POINT! of misusing quotes. Or of advocating violence against all your "perceived" political enemies!!

However, throwing attacks back and forth at each other is just an enormous waste of time and energy so I'll cease replying to this "triggering" event.

Neither you, nor I, will be around to witness this "new world" you are so afraid of anyway. Unfortunately there will be many left behind who will just say "good riddance" to the both of us.

That, sir, is quite sad. We should have left a better legacy than scorn and rejection!! I'd bet we're BOTH wrong on plenty of things. I won't bother pointing out to you my "concern" (Now THAT IS sarcasm!!) that you don't want to be friends!!


PS. I don't own a "burka" or even know for sure what one is. However, I recognize a pile of dung when I see it and do my best not to lie down in it. A practice you ought to observe!


Robert Jones 3 years ago on Keep and bear arms

hear, hear Mr. Sims!!!

I do hope he/she has a sense of humor!!

And LOTS of patience with his human creations!!



Robert Jones 3 years ago on Keep and bear arms

Mr. Sims,

Thanks for attempting to help. I'm not even sure how to respond. Other than to let you know that I am still searching for truth and faith. I readily admit that I do have some faith. I have faith in gravity for instance.

My "issue" is the faith to believe in what is supposed to be unknown to us humans. We are NOT supposed to know God's ways, Gods methods, at least that's what I was taught.

It's this lack of the physical that I have difficulty with. I have the same lack of faith in other things spiritual (other than Christan belief that is) like magic for instance. I don't generally buy it. I expect its a trick, a ruse, designed to deceive my sense of reality.

Please don't jump me for referring to magic as spiritual. I'm fully aware that THAT spirituality does NOT come from God!!

The spiritual is just something I have NEVER been comfortable with. I like to see things, feel things, touch and smell things, then I can determine the authenticity of something for myself. Without having to depend on some "guru" of whatever stripe.

Real things, like a gun :-) I (even though some folks probably read my musings and think I'm some sort of wacko lefty) would not surrender my 2nd amendment right to some new "political" force, I don't care what you term them. Socialist/Progressives, whatever.

That's one of the problems with a forum and comment sections such as this. People read stuff and jump to huge conclusions. I'm a human. I have lots of conflicting and competing beliefs, like most of us I expect. IF we could all just slow down with our judgments of each other, and really listen to and understand what each of us are saying---before setting our minds about somebody who has voiced an opinion that is vastly different than our own, we could go a long way towards ending this devisiveness (sic) and hostility between us Americans!!!

It would then be so much harder for the rulers with an agenda to divide us and manipulate us into getting their way.

I commend you for engaging with someone you probably figured was a political opponent. It shows me where your motives lie. I'd bet we aren't really opponents at all. Probably just two concerned citizens worried about the future. If you have children and grandchildren (as I do) how could you not be concerned? So, thanks for the well meaning words of scripture. I accept the good intent they were offered with.

I wish you the best in your walk, as well. peace to you Sims!!



Robert Jones 3 years ago on Americans with no abilities act proposal Part 1

well good for you Mr. Hinshaw.

I still don't think using quotes that are not actually quotes at all is beyond misleading. Mr. Evans has made his attitude towards his political opposition quite apparent. Advocating violence is reprehensible as a tactic to silence political opposition. I take him at his word. YOU won't effect my judgment about such statements by making belittling comments towards me. I have no intention of "getting over" anything.

My opinion of Mr. Evans is my opinion. Nothing less, nothing more. IF Mr. Evans would clarify that this post is INDEED a joke than I'll lighten up and laugh along. Until then, I don't find it amusing to be "making up" statements of elected officials and putting said statements within quotation marks. It's essentially lying!

Good day to you Hinshaw.



Robert Jones 3 years ago on 119 Could this explain the holes in our southern border?

Mr. Lemon,

That Grey novel was titled "To the Last Man" and is VERY fictionalized. As with all Grey's "western" novels (He did write some non-westerns) it is a basic morality play about good triumphing evil and has a romance angle.

It should NOT be taken as a historical account of the "conflict" in Pleasant Valley sometimes referred to as the "Pleasant Valley War". That moniker is a bit misleading as well as the conflict was essentially a feud between two "clans" and their supporters.

The very best historical accounts of this event are:

Mr. Forrest's "Dark and Bloody Ground" and (I think) the absolute best is Don Dedera's "A Little War of Our Own"

Dedera even came up with some missing court documents (they had been misfiled/lost) of Yavapai County (This all occurred before Gila County was carved out of Yavapai)

Dedera's book is meticulously researched, draws no conclusions based on opinions (Dedera's or others) and is a GREAT read. Dedera (of course) was/is a professional journalist and former editor of Arizona Highways for a time. Used to live in Payson as well, although I believe he moved away within the last decade.



Robert Jones 3 years ago on Americans with no abilities act proposal Part 1

Mr. Evans,

I find this contemptible even IF it is intended as sarcasm.

If you can show me that this is an actual proposed law, I will join you wholeheartedly in your disgust for our present government. I'll even join the "tea-b**#$ers"!!!

However, if this is intended as a joke, your usage of quotation marks surrounding statements allegedly made by elected officials is WAY beyond the pale. As is your advocating violence against your political opposition, which you have done repeatedly on this site!! Have you no integrity at all. Make yourself clear!!! If this is a joke I'll laugh with you, if not (and Boxer etal, did NOT make those statements).............. shame on you!!

You have shown your stripes. They are obviously a mean spirit, and unusual disrespect of our OWN country and system.

Please clarify and INFORM me on this POI "act". If real, I will take back all my opposition to those of you wanting to use arms (even AK-47's) against those tanks when the feds send them in. You'll still be slaughtered, of course, but you will have died with HONOR!!



Robert Jones 3 years ago on Transition Town comes to Payson

Mr. Hamric,

"Willie's Roadhouse"
Ahhhhhh, more agreement. You apparently have good taste in music. :-)

Now you and I can both be attacked as (???) for having such questionable taste. LOL Have a pleasant weekend!!



Robert Jones 3 years ago on Keep and bear arms


Not to pick on the LDS, but as an example only, their belief in the age of our planet is in direct CONFLICT with known science. You won't get far with me attempting to convince me the Grand Canyon is not as old as any minerologist or geologist can prove it is through the testing of materials exposed by the erosion.

Belief must be based on truth, not hokus pocus theories. Otherwise it becomes little more than witchcraft and ritualistic mumbo-jumbo.

There is righteousness!! I'm in total agreement. I just don't share your "faith" that that righteousness ONLY emanates from some religion. I'm willing to bet that somewhere there is someone who is righteous but that does NOT believe as you do, or that even may be a NON-believer in the Judeo-Christian practice of belief.

As churches are being emptied year by year, I sure hope so!!! May you be blessed with serenity and happiness. Live well and do good work. It's all we can really do.



Robert Jones 3 years ago on Keep and bear arms


First I want to Publicly apologize to you for tactics I took in the zeal of debate with you about a year ago. My actions were beneath my level of normal behavior and unacceptable!!!

I sincerely beg your forgiveness and assure you I learned something very painful about myself. I like to win far far too much! I will not repeat such actions I assure you. It has humbled me greatly. While we may disagree, I have no doubt about your honor, or your sincerity of belief!

Now, if I may ask? Where the dickens did you get the idea that I believe righteousness does not exist? My Mother was very righteous, bless her soul. I'm quite sure she resides with the maker. That was her belief and I'm quite certain she lived it daily and righteously.

While I do fail miserably on occasion, I myself, try to live a righteous life as I define it. I won't steal, I don't lie, I try to practice kindness, etc. I readily admit I have some trouble with toleration.

I will also completely agree with you that IF all of us actually walked in careful observance of those commandments given to Moses all of our societal problems would melt away.

I sit on no throne. I have no power at all, other than the power to speak, walk, and set an example to my family. That happens when I succeed or fail in walking correctly. BOTH are examples.

I deny nothing of the spiritual. I just admit that I (personally) long ago LOST my ability to have faith in dogma. Of any sort. My spiritual issue is "lack of faith". Not In the creator perse (sic) but in HOW to worship. How to understand what is God's truth vs. what is some long ago group of men's twisting of God's intent for their own personal aims of control over the masses. It is my inability to believe in the religion espoused by men in all these churches and assorted gathering places.

I am an infidel. It is NOT a pleasant reality to know that, but it is true. I was raised VERY religious (pentecostal) and saw so much hypocrisy that the result was a complete lack of faith in the dogma of belief. Not just personal hypocrisy. I'm smart enough to understand that that is inevitable and everywhere. But indeed, hypocrisy of belief itself, within the dogma. The creator is NOT going to be in conflict with what we know to be scientific fact.

(please see next SHORT post)


Robert Jones 3 years ago on How the right helped the left gain totalitarian power

Mr. Sims,

I will not comment on the immoral person that was in the WH before Mr. Bush. While HE was in office (enjoying that hot tub and those cigars) I was trying to raise young girls, and instill proper values, morals, respect, etc.

needless to say He didn't make that task any easier. It got so I didn't want my daughters to watch the dag gone news in the evening. So sad!!

As to George W. My gut feeling and my held opinion IS that He is a very affable fellow. I'm quite sure I'd rather hang out with him than Obama for instance. I don't mean that as an insult to Obama. IF I wanted to play basketball I'd prefer Obama.

I think to just visit with, chop wood with, barbecue with, or have a beer with, Bush would be swell.

BUT, you need to really investigate his adult (I could care less about his college shenanigans, drug use, whatever) history. He failed in the Oil Business, he failed at this, that, and seemingly, every business venture he attempted. If not for that silver spoon he was born with, we'd have NEVER heard of the man. Certainly his successes in the private world of enterprise would NOT have elevated him to the stature of potential leader of the free world. Heck, he even traded Sammy Sosa away (when sammy actually could still play--before he hit the steroid aided 66 HR's) That's just a bit of humor, pardon me. I know, very little humor.. :-)

Mr. Bush is, IMO, (as you indicated) an honorable fellow who just got completely dominated and overshadowed by the "men in the shadows" while in office. Guys like Cheney. Plain and simple just not smart enough for the job.

Almost the complete opposite of another very honorable (and honest) President we had (Jimmy Carter) who, while very very intelligent, just couldn't figure out HOW to "work" effectively in the cesspool that is Washington DC.

Just a tidbit for you to go look up. On this disaster we face as a country (our Nation's huge debt!!). Check out just who it was that exploded our deficit and multiplied (by many times) the National debt. You'll find, if you go look, it was W's daddy!!!

History shows me that it is the Republicans that have always mangled our economy NOT the Democrats. Do a google search on the debt by timeline. Then do a timeline of who governed when and compare the two. You'll see what I refer to. It is a complete fallacy to believe that the Republicans have been better at handling our economy. Quite the opposite is actually true.