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Robert Jones 4 days, 11 hours ago on 882 Would you want some cold-blooded killer named after you?

I think he more than tolerates you. I suspect he likes you. Why wouldn't he? You have interesting viewpoints and some very amusing stories and anecdotes. (Not sure that's the right word).

Back on your hi-jack. (side topic).

I kinda think your Grandpa was pulling YOUR leg as to why he had the "scar". Also........ Centipedes most definitely can bite. Won't kill you though, most likely, long as you're basically healthy to begin with. I bet it hurts though!


Robert Jones 5 days, 3 hours ago on Orlando: Is More Gun Control the Answer?

Well done Mr. Evans. Though I'm trying to actually pinpoint incidents of Obama himself asserting that he was a "constitutional law professor" and having some difficulty doing so.

There's 1000's of times that he's been labeled such by the press and others of course. I'd appreciate a link to a clip wherein he makes the claim himself. It would make your comment all the more persuasive. Although a little late perhaps.


Robert Jones 5 days, 5 hours ago on Orlando: Is More Gun Control the Answer?

Mrs. Randall,

Nope, not yet anyways. I would prefer NOT to have to vote for a liar of any stripe. Therefore I expect I'll cast my ballot for Johnson/Weld. The ONLY other real alternative choice on ALL 50 state ballots!

Thanks for the opportunity to insert the "plug" for Johnson. Name awareness is apparently important for the average voter these days. For some that's about all they know about the candidates. I've tried to figure out why they don't think it's important enough to actually know something about but gave it up as a lost cause.

Not too long after I lost faith in "divine intervention" and the tooth fairy.


Robert Jones 5 days, 5 hours ago on 882 Would you want some cold-blooded killer named after you?

Mrs. Randall,

You wouldn't pull a fella's leg now would ya?

I've heard about that "track" you're referring to that the centipede leaves. I repeated the tale once.

To a 5th generation Arizonan who grew up "punching cattle" over above the Verde Valley. I thought he was gonna expire he laughed so damn hard and long. Then he tried to tell me that Gila Monsters had wings and could fly "just a little ways" plus they was "real good eatin".

Then he commenced to laughing again.


Robert Jones 5 days, 9 hours ago on 882 Would you want some cold-blooded killer named after you?

But Tom. I don't know what you have against Praying Mantis's. Or at least their own peculiar form of beauty. I agree with Pat on this one. As bugs go, they are kinda cute. Odd triangular shaped head, rather bulging eyes, muscular looking appendages, calm presence. I think you just haven't spent enough time with one. As to scorpions and black widders, I always try to squash them myself. Centipedes scare the what's it out of me. I once tried to kill one with a butcher knife (it had invaded the kitchen somehow) and when I accurately chopped it, I had two of the daggone things running around. Fast as lightning they seemed. Every woman in the household was on a table or standing on a chair. Finally smashed em with a frying pan. What a mess............


Robert Jones 5 days, 10 hours ago on Orlando: Is More Gun Control the Answer?

Michael... Yep, they exist all right. But can you trust them, OR their wisdom and intelligence?

Unfortunately I've had some experience dealing with some (a half dozen or so) lawyers over the last 3 or 4 years. I won't comment on the reliability and trustworthiness of someone BASED on their vocation----letting others make that determination for themselves--- and I fully understand that character issues (such as honesty and integrity) are individual HUMAN issues.

Lawyers have the reputation (generally) they have, some deserved, surely some not. BUT, I will comment on the ABILITY and competence of the lawyers I've had this recent experience with. Trusting the average lawyer to be able and competent enough to fully understand the issue at hand is gullible to the extreme!!!

My (personal) odds of attorney competence based on my (limited) interaction are approximately 1 out of 7. They other 6 "lawyers" will NOT be able and will completely "muck up" (that's a hi-falootin' legal term) anything they touch!!!

Messing with the Constitution is the province of fools, in my opinion. You one of them?


Robert Jones 5 days, 10 hours ago on Orlando: Is More Gun Control the Answer?

"Any one who has lived on this earth long enough to vote at least once and who still thinks that a politician -- make that ANY politician -- comes right out and says what he means, then it's voters like that who are the problem with this country!"

Mr. Alexander........ As to your quote (above), I'm figuring you're referring to the "gullibility" of "voters like that" through your denigration and accusation that they "are the problem with this country!"

While I tend to share your disgust at uninformed voters, (I even have distaste for "stupid" folks in general---but then I admit to, and know, that I'm quite challenged when it comes to tolerance of the lazy or slow, But Hey....I'm workin' on it!) :-)

Anyway........ I only have one question in response to your characterization (quoted above). I hope you'll be kind enough to answer it.

I agree that the ignorance of our citizenry is a serious problem. I'm just trying to discern if you (yourself) grasp the complete picture of the myriad of problems we face going forward, and just what the "cure" would actually be in order to restore liberty and re-ignite a citizen involved and a government RUN by citizens elected from within the people--(as opposed to professional con artists, which seem the majority of our "reps" nowadays).


You do mean all those (proclaimed) voters who SAY they'll vote for "Stubby" Trump--who (apparently!!) believe all that complete nonsense, garbage, offensive racist statements, and bald-faced lies that that ethically challenged "candidate" spews on an hourly basis, don't you?

You ARE including those "gullible" voters in particular, are you not?

I sure hope so.