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Patricia Johnson 8 hours, 10 minutes ago on Payson Community good guy Shot in Payson YESTERDAY!

When my father was a small child growing up in Texas, the only way his small town got news was by the U.S. Mail, which took several days and sometimes weeks to deliver newspapers and letters with news from home. When a radio signal became available to his small rural community, many people didn't have radios, thought radio was a passing "fad" or just continued to rely on the U.S. Mail. I guess times haven't changed much since the early 1900's for some.


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For the record, information on the shooting was posted (by me, from my home in Whispering Pines) on the KRIMFM Facebook page within 3 minutes of the dispatch call to the Payson Fire Department requesting that they respond to a call at Home Depot to render aid to a shooting victim. Updates were provided, when available, throughout the afternoon and evening on Facebook. I know of no local media able to afford the expense of 24 hour a day, 7 days a week news monitoring and/or reporting. I just happen to be an old woman with a $40 scanner and Facebook, which is free. And I wasn't paid to do it.


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My money says that the first structure built on that property will be a church-affiliated charter school. But I could be wrong. I once said there was no way it would take 7 years of negotiating to bring a college here.


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I would like to correct the misinformation that is posted in the comments about this poll. Arbitron began including non commercial radio stations in the fall of 2006. They include low power FM stations in their ratings as well. If you look at the information below you will see that they do in fact rate LPFM stations and they are included with commercial station ratings in every market. The are licensed the same as a commercial station and they are protected the same as any commercial station. Are their rules and guidelines different.....Yes, but then sponsors and supporters of LPFM know that.


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Pete: As a 25+ year property owner in Whispering Pines, I want you to know that yours is the most accurate article I have ever read on the subject. Thank you!


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John, As a Board member of the Mogollon Health Alliance, would you accept a council appointment to the Rim Country Educational Alliance, knowing that the Educational Foundation (part of MHA) will be involved in the acquisition of land for the university, or would you consider it a conflict of interest?