Patricia Johnson

Patricia Johnson 1 month, 2 weeks ago on View of economic future

"As a result, in two years the town will have a conference center and hotel with smaller casita style spaces for businesses to rent out for conferences, said Evans. The site will probably include a winery and an imagination center." WHOA there! Exactly where is this conference going to be located? Perhaps on the so-called "university campus" for which we have no partner, and on property that is designated for educational purposes? Will the "imagination center" be excuse for the "educational purpose"? With over 600 hotel/motel/B&B units in Rim Country right now that can't keep a healthy occupancy rate, this new hotel/conference center is bound to harm some of them. Also, will the hotel be subject to the bed tax, so that they can contribute to the original intent of the tax: to promote tourism year-round in Payson? November can't get here soon enough.


Patricia Johnson 4 months, 1 week ago on Searching for webcam

Thank you, Don. I was just getting ready to say the same thing. For those who haven't seen the KRIM web cam, it's located in our studio at 1104 South Beeline Highway (Highway 87) and it faces the highway. We also video stream Payson Longhorn football games and plan to stream softball games this spring.


Patricia Johnson 4 months, 3 weeks ago on Most important wish for 2016

Thank you for such an important editorial message. The reluctance of our elected officials to enact such a code should be remembered in the upcoming election.


Patricia Johnson 5 months ago on Would you like to see a town park on the new university site?

How do you propose putting a "town park" on property that is not owned by the Town of Payson? That's like putting in a "town park" on the Tonto Apache Reservation.


Patricia Johnson 6 months ago on Horns of a dilemma

Two things I can't understand: 1) Why in the world would anyone buy a home in a forested community, put in acres of beautiful yummy grass and perpetual sources of water and NOT expect wildlife? More money than brains, I suppose. 2) Was this project put out to bid to local fence contractors? "Carol Mineart, board member, said the HOA has a good bid from a Valley fence company to put in an additional 2,200 lineal feet of fencing along the west side, north of the fence already installed off Tyler Parkway." I guess that whole "Be Loyal, Buy Local" thing is for the rest of us.


Patricia Johnson 6 months, 2 weeks ago on Charter school holds open house

So, it looks like the first property to be built on the proposed university campus will be a charter school for grades K-8.

McArthur said ALA has not signed on the dotted line for a location, but will soon.

“We’re looking at property over by Mud Springs (Road),” he said.

"Evans’ dream for the site includes more than just a school, but a host of community resources, like a hotel, sporting fields and even **a space for the charter school to build a campus. Representatives from the charter school said they plan to begin construction on the site for a 600-student campus in January, which could deal a potentially heavy financial blow to the Payson Unified School District by siphoning off students.**


Patricia Johnson 7 months, 2 weeks ago on Payson Community good guy Shot in Payson YESTERDAY!

When my father was a small child growing up in Texas, the only way his small town got news was by the U.S. Mail, which took several days and sometimes weeks to deliver newspapers and letters with news from home. When a radio signal became available to his small rural community, many people didn't have radios, thought radio was a passing "fad" or just continued to rely on the U.S. Mail. I guess times haven't changed much since the early 1900's for some.