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Paul Woods 2 years, 7 months ago on HOORAY - 53-46 vote!!

I very recently moved to the great state of Arizona where my right to carry a firearm has not been infringed by the state govt. from the lowly state of IL where in order to own or even have a fire arm in your possession you must go through a very long and sometimes even painful process to become registered & approved. This has not lowered the crime rate or even hinted at doing so. If you wish to dispute that you would probably use the rather creative numbers of the murder rate in Chicago that is put forth by the Police Department.

When looking at the names & party affiliations I’ve noticed that they all have a D in front of their names, except for two who claim to be independents which I question. How can it be that the political party that professes to be the party of the people so many times seems to do all it can to undermine the law of the land, our constitution , and tries to take away our national rights.

I am so grateful that Mr. Evans has taken the time to research so many things that our government has and is doing to us and letting us know about it.


Paul Woods 3 years, 4 months ago on Another War

It seems that our so called leaders in DC are hell-bent on getting us involved in another ill-advised foreign adventure just like Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan. And it appears that something less than the truth is involved.

President Obama has disgraced his Nobel Peace Prize in his quest to out-war George Bush by attacking another Mid-east country. Syrians are killing Syrians. So, we need to kill more Syrians to make sure Syrians don’t kill Syrians? If you understand that, you belong under the same butterfly net as our war-mongering leaders. John McCain wants war because hearings provide him a chance to catch up on his I-Pod poker!

In Syria, we have a bad guy and worse guys, so why get involved? We never became involved in Rwanda when 700,000 Hutu’s and Tutsi’s slaughtered one another, so why Syria? We refused to support our own American troops who cried for help in Benghazi, but we’ll fight Syrians? The entire world thinks we are crazy and the UN refuses to support this insanity.

Turns out the Senators who voted for war received 83 percent more contributions from defense contractors than those who voted against the war. John Kerry even suggested the emirs, princes and royal families of Saudi Arabia, et. al. were willing to help pay for us to fight their war against Syria. All we need to supply is the blood of our young men and women! Russia is warning us to keep hands off of their ally. China is sending ships to the area, and President Obama and Sen. McCain insist on helping the flesh-eating Syrian rebels. Bet they never showed you the video of the rebel who tore out the heart and liver of a Syrian soldier for dinner. Good night!

Forget the phony merits of this war, the American people know better. We need Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents, to unite. We must challenge officials who sell their souls for dirty lucre, in exchange for the blood of our families. Let’s insure those Republicans and Democrats, who vote for war, never return to office. It’s up to the American people to be the grown ups. Our republic is in need of economic healing, not never-ending wars! Please put homemade signs in your homes and vehicles and call your leaders. Send Obama, Kerry and McCain to Syria! Get out and demonstrate. We must stop this insanity NOW.


Paul Woods 3 years, 5 months ago on Crooked Pols

Here we go again, another politician caught (how many haven’t been caught) and sentenced to jail time. Illinois is fast becoming known as The Jail Bird State. Governors, U S Congressmen, city of Chicago alderpersons and I’m sure somewhere along the line Cook County elected and unelected officials have been prosecuted and found guilty of theft or some other type of wrongdoing. Just why is it that the electorate of Illinois choose people of such low character to represent them? Or is it that politicians as a general rule are the type who believe that because they won an election they have the right to do everything they can to enhance their personal wealth & lifestyle at my expense? I thought they were chosen to represent me, not grab everything they could for themselves.

As things are going back here in Illinois I really think a very large fence should be erected around the borders of the state and just make it into a jail. But not before I can get away from it.


Paul Woods 3 years, 5 months ago on Scam about our computers

Perhaps ya'll might like to try my cure for obnoxious and unwanted scam/phone calls. After receiving a lot of scam calls and the phone co. and FBI told me they couldn't do anything about them because they came from outside the US, I purchased a portable air horn like the kind football fans are using all the time. Anytime I receive a call from a number I don't recognize or from an unlisted number I serenade the caller with a good blast. Sure hope it destroys a lot of eardrums.


Paul Woods 3 years, 6 months ago on Who Cares

Tom, being a member of the news media, perhaps you can answer why. Who really cares if Kate Middleton is having a baby? Why is it necessary to subject the American public to almost constant reports of her progress? Just what is being taught in our schools as news reporting? What a very sad state of affairs that things of the nature of maternal conditions warrant news print and air time when so much of real importance is happening in the world. Why not report on the condition of my hangnail or someones aching back. No wonder so many people have such a low opinion of the news media!


Paul Woods 3 years, 6 months ago on 289 The feds have done it to us again.

Hey Tom-3rd post☺ Still trying to sell this place so I can move up to “Gods Country”. Slow going down here, r/e market is in the dumps.

I did know Chicago was considered “Little Warsaw” at one time & may still be. There is an area of the city on the SE side largely populated with many Baltic state folks. And we do have some radio stations in Polish & a couple cable TV stations also.

That’s enough of a demographic lesson. Hope you & Lolly are enjoying the 4th. I’m getting ready to go to the local fireworks show, which is free paid for by the taxpayers.


Paul Woods 3 years, 6 months ago on 289 The feds have done it to us again.

Tom, Don't know if it's Polish as I don't speak the language. It's really an Americanism- Bend Over, Here It Comes Again.