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Reed Watson 4 years ago on The Payson Roundup's Treatment of a Good Man

Thank you Tom,

  That is all well said and I appreciate your insights.  We are doing great and are living in Tigard, OR and I'm especially happy not to be a government employee anymore.

  As for the other....  I have offered Donny to write a letter on several occasions because of the constant repeating of his demotion when there is no need for him to be slandered over and over  He gets dozens of calls from other friends as well saying, "The Roundup did it to you again!"  And they offer their support as well.  But, Donny has always taken the high road and said something like, "Thanks for the offer, but don't write to them."

  This last time he finally said, "Do what you want to do."  He still didn't encourage my writing, but I could tell he's fed up with the image that the Roundup portrays of him.

   I know I delved right back into a topic you said we should drop and and I'm sorry for that.  However, I felt you might want to know the type of integrity that Donny displays on a daily basis, including not seeking any kind of retribution towards those that treat him with very little dignity.

  I hope you and your family are well and I appreciate you reading what I had to say!



Reed Watson 4 years ago on The Payson Roundup's Treatment of a Good Man

Hello Tom,

  I just wrote a letter to the editor of the Roundup.  But, I thought I would share it directly with you.  I know that you have the greatest of integrity when it comes to sharing your opinion and how you carefully consider all the facts and state your opinions the best that you can.

  I used to be somewhat of a regular on these blogs.  I was also a member of the Payson Police Department for six years.  You may or may not remember me.  However, I was tired of the treatment of Sgt. Donny Garvin in their paper.

  And, before any bloggers get too harsh or passes judgement, I give you my absolute word that Donny did not do even a small portion of what Chief Engler accused him of.

Here is the letter. I would appreciate you taking a look at it and then maybe providing a response as to your opinion on why the Roundup has to bring up a defaming paragraph about a truly good man regarding something that occurred to him over two years ago? The same guy who has consistently went the extra mile for the Town of Payson.

I thank you in advance..... Here is the letter I wrote to the editor.

" I am writing this letter to call on you to stop smearing a good man's name. I am speaking of Sgt. Donny Garvin of the Payson Police Department. It seems that you find some far reaching method to denigrate his name in a large proportion of the articles that you write regarding the Payson Police Department. The last article was about personnel shortages in the police department and you bring up his demotion of two years ago?

  Why don't you mention he has been the Officer of the Year over a dozen times in your own newspaper’s polls?  Or that he is a great leader of the SRT unit?  Or how he worked with DARE kids for years and years?  Or the countless hours that he has spent serving the Payson community?

  Many of the claims made against Sgt. Garvin in the demotion process were patently FALSE.  If you do not believe me, demand that Chief Engler show you his "evidence" of sexting.  There is none and there never was - because it didn’t happen!

 I have been a close friend of Sgt. Garvin's for 18 years.  I have never seen him do anything that would compromise his character.  He is one of a handful of people that I would completely and totally trust with the lives of my family.  That is the highest form of a compliment that I can provide.  Please stop defaming his good name!

Reed Watson"


Reed Watson 4 years, 10 months ago on How do you feel about someone asking Mitt Romney to do this?

Mr. Garrett,

I had to log in and commend you on how you presented this issue. I have seen the Baptisim for the Dead issue be presented by so many pundits as something "strange" or as an attempt to make it seem a clear example of how a "cult" might behave.

Yet, you presented it EXACTLY as the doctrine reads and is taught by the church. I just wanted to thank you for that! And, considering the elements as you presented it, it's clear, at least to me, that the doctrine is from a God who loves ALL of his children and desires to afford each of them the equal opportunity to accept his son's sacrifice on their behalf. It is a practice that has existed in ancient Christianity as well and is reference in the New Testament. Interpret as you may.... 1 Corinthians 15:29.

Anyway, as for the Romney thing, I think it is very easy for him to answer that question. He can cut his losses regarding those people that think it an abnormal religious practice. Or, he could give ammunition to millions more that suggest he is a flip-flopper. If he were to denounce a practice of his own religion, surely he would come under fire for bowing to the "winds" of the political moment. It's the same ol' same ol' as with any political discussion. But, I sincerely believe the reason Romeny has not tumbled and remained steady in the polls is because he is a moral and good man that has no controversial skeletons in his closet.

Again, thank you for such a unbiased and fair representation of the Baptisim for the Dead ordination in the LDS church! You are truly a fair man and I have always appreciated that about your opinions.


Reed Watson 9 years, 3 months ago on "Truth."

While I agree that this may be an accurate picture of the human perspective of truth, I do not believe that it is universal.

I recently read a book in which the author tells this story. He was sitting on a subway on a quiet Sunday morning on his way to church. A man and his children enter the subway and the entire mood changes because the kids are being noisy and rude. Going so far as to push other passengers on the subway. The father did nothing but keep his head down. The teller of this story finally gets the father's attention and says something similar to, "Can't you calm your kids down." The father then said, "Oh, I'm sorry, we just left the hospital where my wife and their mother has just died."

This changed the author's perspective entirely of the father and his children's behavior. He could have tried and tried to understand before the truth, but, once he knew it.... it changed everything.

No different in the river analogy. You could yell and scream all day long that the branch or tributary is the truth, but you'd only know half of the truth. Find a higher perspective, maybe an eagle's view, and you would know the truth. I think that's the true challenge for anybody.... To find the higher perspective that provides a greater truth. That's my take....

Have a great day all.....


Reed Watson 9 years, 5 months ago on Pat Tillman

Hello Pat,

  Probably the reason for such extensive investigations was the fact that his death was highly publicized....  And, at his memorial service there was a considerable dialogue about how and by who he was killed.  Other Rangers on the scene later said it was all made up.

  If you want the best story that I have found, go to and do a search on his name.  There was an extensive four or five part series done on his entire story.  It was detailed and included interviews of witnesses at the scene.  If you cannot find it, I will find it for you and get it printed out....



Reed Watson 9 years, 5 months ago on Pat Tillman

Sure Dean, anytime.....

Susan, I must adamantly disagree with your statement, "no one has said anything negative about Pat Tillman." Are you Serious?

Just from Ms. Randall's first post, which initialized this thread, we read: "Maybe he had something in his life and wanted to be killed." And, "No one is going to apologise, (sic) to the family nor should they." Are you KIDDING? Those aren't negative comments about Ranger Tillman. Suggesting that he "wanted to die" and that he was suicidal? WANTED to DIE???? That is ludicrous and goes against anything that has ever been said about the man by those who knew him.

Secondly, if it took his celebrity status to bring to light cover-ups of this sort,then that is one good thing that may come from that same status. And, without an inkling of a doubt, the Army sure as HELL owes his family an apology!!!! As they would any other soldier's family that died under the same circumstance.

To criticize his legacy and his family shows a bitter and ugly stance against those things honorable that a human being, such as Ranger Tillman, can stand for in these difficult political times in which we live. I know what I know, which in many cases is not much.... but, I know what Ranger Tillman did was patriotic and heroic! End of argument....



Reed Watson 9 years, 5 months ago on Pat Tillman

This is a real touchy subject for me because Pat Tillman is an extraordinary hero to me and many others. I am confident, after reading as much about Ranger Tillman as I have, that he would not have considered his life any more important than any other soldier's.

However, he was much more patriotic and idealistic than many others serving next to him and I believe that most of us know it down in our souls. It was not because of his pro athlete status, nor because of how he died. The real reason is becuase of his DECISION to sacrifice more than most of us ever would have considered. The NFL is, and will always be, full of able bodied persons that could volunteer at any point to sign up for the military and go serve their country. How much they make is not an argument for this thread. Nonetheless, Ranger Tillman had arrived, so to speak, in his football career and he was about to get seriously paid for his talents. Millions and millions of dollars and lots of celebrity status. Do you know how many millions of boys in this country dream every day of such a lifestyle? Yet, he said no to the millions of dollars and the celebrity of pro sports. Why? So he could do what he thought was right.

I believe that 99.99% of us know that we would not have made a similar decision given his circumstances. And, if you do believe you would of, then you are simply lying to yourself. That's why his story is only ONE.... and there exist no others in the NBA, MLB or the NFL volunteering to tred the same path. You have to admit the COURAGE it took to give up such a dream life to volunteer to serve in that middle eastern hell... all towards the benefit of your country.

His family deserves the truth and he surely did not sacrifice his life for a nation that would be willing to lie about the circumstances of a soldier's death.

Pat Tillman once gave 15 seconds of his day to my son and made him feel special with an autograph, and, by asking his name. The only Arizona Cardinal that day that asked him his name. It made him feel special and Pat actually thanked my son for being a fan. I will never forget the attitude that he seemed to carry with him and the generosity that seemed to pour from him easily.

So, if anything else negative might be said about Ranger Tillman on this blog... Save it, because you will only show your malice and bad spirit towards a true hero that deserves our respect.



Reed Watson 9 years, 8 months ago on The NBA sucks!

One of the most frustrating sporting events I have ever watched. I guess it's because I've been a Suns fan since I was a kid. But, it appears that the NBA will be the next professional league that I lose all respect for.... It happened with the NFL for me a couple years back when the Steelers were outplayed severely by the Seahawks, but the Refs made sure that Pittsburgh won.... Now this crap.... David Stern is an absolute moron and his pompous and arrogant attitude as he handed down his opinion on Amare's suspension was astounding. Acting as if everybody that didn't understand the rules as he did were just stupid.

All I've got left is the NHL and the Coyotes.... At least that league knows why people watch and the guts those players demonstrate is amazing. Even though it is chock full of thugs..... I still love it....

What's strange is, I know I will still watch every moment that I can of the Suns series, but I wish I could just turn away!


Reed Watson 9 years, 8 months ago on PAYSON POLICE DEPARTMENT

It was a pleasure, both to meet Dean and have her observe the Payson PD up close....


Reed Watson 9 years, 10 months ago on Officer fired.

I'm leaving to Disneyland tomorrow with my family for a week.... Suffice it to say that you are way off base in your assumptions. I will gladly meet face to face with any of you and discuss every circumstance and the actual occurrence on that day. The paper gleans facts and does not even go into any of the who, why, where or what circumstance. Nor does it say anything about my role or it's overall context to the picture. Go ahead and imply that I'm stupid and less than a "luminary" in the chandelier of life. It does not hurt my feelings. Let's just say that assuming you understand something that you truly know very little about makes for ignorant opinions. I invite all opinions and look forward to reading them..... Glad I could add make such an appealing target for all of your venom..... Have a great week, I KNOW I will.... Reed