Richard Grayson

Richard Grayson 4 years, 3 months ago on Congressman claims ambassador tortured

As the article notes, I'm on the ballot as the Americans Elect party candidate running against Congressman Gosar. Unlike the conservative Democratic candidate, I'm the only progressive running in the race. Google me, "Richard Grayson," if you, like me, abhor the kind of right-wing nonsense that the Payson Tea Party soaked up from this politician who unfortunately and thoughtlessly repeats crackpot lies about Ambassador Stevens' tragic death -- which will be avenged -- spread by the kind of disreputable, sleazy purveyors of vicious myths. I understand that the majority of people in Payson are right-wing Republicans who eat up this nonsense and similar stuff, like the President being a socialist Muslim -- not there's a gosh-darn thing wrong with being either a socialist or Muslim American. If you're a sensible person -- in other words, not a Republican -- while Gosar will win in a walk, you can make a small protest vote in the congressional race when you vote for Obama and Carmona when you get your ballot. Congressman Gosar should be ashamed of his performance in Payson. But he knows he can get away with his venal lies.