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Ruby Finney 3 years, 10 months ago on 143 How do you feel about this incident?

It has always annoyed me that restaurant owners expect their customers to pay salaries for their employees. I say this as a former waitress who worked in the years before this was done by adding the "gratuity" to the check.

I believe a tip should be given if a server does give good service and the amount of the tip should be decided by the customer --- not the restaurant owner.

The change in the minimum wage for restaurant workers in California was initiated by the State Legislature by allowing the employer to deduct the cost of meals eaten by servers
(while on duty) from their hourly wage. As I remember, the amount which could be deducted was specified in the legislation. This has gradually evolved into the current minimum wage for servers of about one half the minimum wage. Ain't politics great ?


Ruby Finney 5 years, 1 month ago on Cain should drop out.

Tom, For the record, I don't think I said in my earlier post that I would vote for Cain. I think he added some interest to the primary election by raising some questions which all the candidates have had to respond to and has the backbone to offer his suggestions of ways to improve our situation. The more responses we can get from the candidates, the more we MAY understand what they are really about. In addition, he is not one of the good ole boys from DC.

As to your comments about the sexual harassment charges, if you check into them, you will find that they are actually pretty mild - comments which for some reason offended the complainer , such as, " you are the same height as my wife" ! Now that's really ugly, isn't it? In any case, one Fox News report which went in depth on the first two anonymous ladies, found that both had filed similar complaints on previous jobs and had received cash settlements. In this report they had attorneys who represented them at arbitration and agreed with the insurance attorney to accept an offer of cash rather than go to the expense of a trial. In that settlement they also agreed to remain silent on all details of the complaint. This is the reason they aren't speaking freely to the press.

Newt has more skeletons in his closet than you can count - all on record and not very honorable in anybody's book. Romney is apparently a good moral choice, but he is just way too liberal for my vote. That brings us down to Ron Paul and I'm not ready for him yet.

I have decided there's only one thing to do - I'm going to run for "Dictator" !


Ruby Finney 5 years, 1 month ago on Cain should drop out.

This is an opinion forum, isn't it? If so, I'll offer mine for what its worth.

Mr. Cain received the same treatment that Sarah Palin received in the last election. Remember how the press began to pick her apart and make all kinds of digs at her as soon as the audiences began to show they liked her? As long as Cain was in the low numbers on all the polls, he was pretty much ignored by the press and opponents, but as his popularity and poll numbers began to rise, the inuendoes began to show up and got plenty of press. As a political junkie, I watched the stories unfold from the "git-go". The first two "ladies" who announced received settlements from the American Restaurant Association after filing sexual harassment complaints against Cain, both of which were settled by arbitrators for the insurance companies, supposedly cheaper than paying attorneys for a trial. I have not kept up with the second and third reports and the 13 year story sounds pretty thin to me.But it has been reported that all 5 complainers have histories of filing harassment complaints in the workplace.

How many presidents in recent years have reportedly fooled around? Those that I remember off hand are FDR, John Kennedy, Bill Clinton and a long list of our Honorable Senators and Congressmen. So why do we ignore this in some cases, but not others? Obviously, the big difference is the amount of press commentary in each of the cases .

Politics is a dirty business and does not limit itself to sexual rumors .

I'm not sure if I will even vote in this election since I am definitely a conservative and the Current slate of Republicans does not appeal to me. I have to repeat again my feelings for the last four elections: " Where have all the statesmen gone?"


Ruby Finney 5 years, 2 months ago on It may be time for me to pass.


Sorry to be so late in sending you an atta boy message!

I can't believe you'd throw in the towel on the forum because I know darn well you're not that type of person. And of course we both know that you're very good at expressing your views clearly. I don't post often on the forum but do read it several times a week and always look forward to your postings -- probably because I agree with you most of the time!

So I want to join the others and say I/m glad you made the right decision and look forward to your next posting!


Ruby Finney 5 years, 3 months ago on Thought of the Week #3

"If you build it they will come" from a movie about a baseball stadium in a cornfield.

Build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door. Can't remember the wise man who said this.

Others will remember others - my memory isn't what it used to be!


Ruby Finney 5 years, 3 months ago on ASU and the Forest Service again

Before I left Payson , almost ten years ago, the forest service was planning on moving their offices to a location south of the reservation on the Bee Line. I'm not sure whether it was to be next to the event center of on the east side of the highway. But those plans were in the works at that time. I urged the town to buy the parcel the Forest Service was located on at that time ( I think it was about 15 acres) and hold it for a future park. Of course nothing was done with the suggestion. Forest Service land is available to municipalities at a minimum cost if they are to be used for public purposes,


Ruby Finney 5 years, 4 months ago on A question about watching movies.

Don't think I could manage every day for 3 years, but if its an interesting story and not full of violence, I enjoy a re-run after several months. I have a collection of what I consider "classics" on VCR tapes that I dig out during the winter months and watch again .

I re-read books I like, too, but not real often.


Ruby Finney 5 years, 4 months ago on Did the "Tea Party" influence the vote?

Thanks for opening a discussion on this question since I am really interested in your replies. Just one problem, not one of you has answered the question : "Did the Tea Party influence the debate on the national debt limit ?

Apparently this loosely formed political action group doesn't have an elected leader, but most support our constitution as written by some pretty savvy folks and insist that the people who are elected to congress should pay attention to it or go home.

Papa Bear, I can't find any reference to a muslim anywhere in Dan V's answer, so I wish you would just stick to the Tea Party .

I personally hope the Tea Party movement is here to stay and will continue to elect people who are eager to get our country back on a sound financial footing ,