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Bernice Winandy 1 week, 2 days ago on PSWID Board Meeting Thursday August 21, 2014

The agenda shows that the PSWID is working hard to obtain a better water system for the community. I hope the community shows their backing of the board by attending this important meeting.


Bernice Winandy 2 weeks ago on 878 The Question Is.... Children and joy rides

Tom, you called me out. I remember a time when we didn't know exactly where our youngest was and she was about 4. My husband and I and the kids were in the back yard raking leaves. The grownups were quite busy raking and raking. Then we heard a car beep. We continued raking. Then another beep. Finally, we looked up and took in the scene. Our youngest was not with the other two. We ran out in front and there she sat in the middle of the road with a car staring her down. A very embarrassed mother ran out, picked her up and brought her back where she belonged.

I would not bring shame on either of my parents because I loved them and they loved me. I knew that if I did something wrong I would hurt them, and I didn't want that to happen.


Bernice Winandy 2 weeks, 1 day ago on 878 The Question Is.... Children and joy rides

Tom, you have to consider the age of the children. While the 9 year old might be allowed some leeway, I believe that the 4 year old should be watched more carefully. He definitely should not be placed in the care of the 9 year old who has a past history of car joy riding.

When my kids were 4 yrs. old, I knew where they were all the time. At age 9, I probably gave them more leeway, but then they didn't steal cars and go on joy rides.

I doubt that charging the adults with a crime probably will do any good.

The parents should do the punishing. However, they seemed to have missed the opportunity to do so with the first offense of car stealing or at least the "punishment" didn't "take. "

Frankly, Tom, from what you have supplied, I think the kids might do better in a different setting.


Bernice Winandy 2 weeks, 1 day ago on 851 The Question Is.... Whose body is it?

I have said nothing about Bloomberg motives. And how in the world did the U.N. enter into this discussion?


Bernice Winandy 2 weeks, 3 days ago on 851 The Question Is.... Whose body is it?

Tom, we have been over this item before. At that earlier time, I posted that I believe Bloomberg has overstepped his bounds.

However, there is at least one interesting point that might be worth exploring and discussing. There is no doubt that excessive ingestion of sugary food items can lead to obesity which can lead to Type 2 Diabetes, heart problems and all the related health issues that have a root cause in obesity. What effect does obesity caused chronic illness have on health insurance costs? Should the obese be required to pay higher health insurance premiums just as smokers are required to pay higher health insurance premiums? Is it fair to the non-obese to assume the additional costs of covering the obese? At the same time how do you define obese? 30 pounds overweight, 20, etc.?

This might be off topic, but at least it "kinda flows" from the main idea -- not like some other entries. :-)


Bernice Winandy 2 weeks, 3 days ago on WALMART POWER OUT

Didn't Wal-Mart lose power a couple of years ago? At that time weren't they without power for 2 or 3 days?


Bernice Winandy 3 weeks, 2 days ago on 910 PSWID board needs "advice of counsel?"

I have just read the article that Pam referenced. Which leads me to have the following questions:

  1. Back in December, 2012, PSWID did have an attorney. In fact, he was present at their board meetings. What did he advise regarding the Auditor's request?
  2. Is this latest request a request for the same documents asked for December, 2012? or, Based on the information gained from the first request, does the Auditor now want additional information?

I don't think the Roundup does investigative reporting, but it sure would be helpful in this instance if they did.