Mike McLaughlin

Mike McLaughlin 6 years ago on How come them, but not us?

Pat, I have a day set aside for you to be Queen. You'll know when it gets here :)


Mike McLaughlin 6 years ago on Agenda for Jan 20 Council

Maybe the feds should leave the practice of medicine to the professionals. . There are many controlled substance pain relievers out there and I'll bet the two of you have used them at least once.How about Tylenol 3. This is a drug used to treat mild to moderate pain. Ever had a root canal? Ever had a tooth pulled? How about a severe sprain? Are you going to just say NO or ask for a glass of water to wash it down? Remember Codeine is a drug regulated by the feds!


Mike McLaughlin 6 years ago on Babies of illegals not citizens?

So, Tom, with your setup I could be a citizen of Arizona but not New Mexico? Would I have to apply to each state for citizenship? I'm with Bernice, It won't fly :)


Mike McLaughlin 6 years ago on Memorial Service or a happening?

“dispicable”. That takes me down memory lane! I haven't heard that since the grandkids quit watching Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck :)


Mike McLaughlin 6 years ago on New deer virus, but don't panic.

How can we not panic after you posted it twice? :) Like the old school days. When the instructor said it twice or wrote it on the board you had better remember it because it was going to be on the test!


Mike McLaughlin 6 years ago on Pole dancing to pot dispensing???

What do you think should Star Valley buy Pete's place close it down and turn it into Gila counties very own pot farm?
The speed cameras could still be used. They would only require a slight modification to catch people driving too slow :)


Mike McLaughlin 6 years ago on Hooray For Arizona

Repeal the first amendment! Did I read that right? If it has truly come to this point we surely are ready for the last resort to save our country. Lock and Load boys and girls.

I'm with you Dan, it seems that people have a tough time with simplicity. The simpler the amendment the tougher time people have understanding it.