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We have two local fence people here in Payson. Why go to the valley. One put in my 6' fence and the other company put in my neighbors 6' chain link. Why would Chaparral Pines not go local?


steve bingham 4 weeks ago on 518 It's Your Call.... Police radar vans.


But check the numbers; because the signs et al are set up the way they are there has been NO significant lowering of the number of tickets issued, which clearly shows that they are NOT working. Clearly showing they are not working? Truth is, there has been a HUGE decline in number of tickets issued. This is a matter of public record. As the ex-mayor is a good friend of mine I have actually seen the decline of income from the cameras - which is pretty proportional to the amount of tickets issued. Star Valley is a lot safer than when I moved here 16 years ago!


steve bingham 1 month ago on 518 It's Your Call.... Police radar vans.

Well, opinions are varied! I live in Star Valley and have seen a motorcycle doing well over 100 mph buzz through town before the cameras went up. And yes, more than once! In order for the cameras to go off you have to be going 11 mph over the speed limit - that's 56 plus! Before the cameras went up we had two major accidents off Highline Dr and the highway. I believe one person died.

The deal is, most incorporated cities along a major highway have reduced speed zones. Fail to notice this and get a ticket. There are a LOT of cars and RVs on weekends that are pulling in for gas, grubs, or whatever to the local Circle K. There are also three bars on this stretch of road (yeah, I know). Now add 4 trailer parks and a Ford dealership and you have a recipe for accidents.

Coming from either direction there at least three warning signs. Warning sings are there for a reason. Slow down!


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Exactly, Tom. The human race is over breeding. The rich get richer and the poor immigrate. Soon, there are shortages: work, shelter, food, water, and a happy life. And so, they immigrate. I would! The funny thing is, many social institutions seem to encourage this! Think of the religions that encourage this over breeding!

I hate to be hard-nose, but I think anyone wanting to be a USA citizen should at least speak and read English - at a minimum. This dual language stuff must stop!


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Another point of view - from an educator of some 33 years. (I taught, or was an administrator, in grades K-12 and college.) I can tell you that education in America is taking a beating because the Federal Government is playing politics with learning! It's that simple.

My goal was always to teach a love for learning. When I was successful, the student would exceed far beyond my expectations. Some charter schools do this. Some just fake it - like the one here in Star Valley that went out of business.

Quality teachers are rare and most are under paid and over worked. After observing the Payson school district for some 23 years I can tell you it is in deep trouble - and getting deeper. Unfortunately, I see very little help coming from either the State or Federal governments. What I see is more mandates and less money.

A few years ago we got a chance to vote on a sales tax increase, with the money allegedly going to education. They lied. The money over the past few years has gone to prop up the failing Arizona economy. None went for education, and, in fact, education budgets were cut - from elementary school to the university system.

Pogo was right. ". . . the enemy is us."


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As the person who first brought KRIM to Payson (13 years ago) - Arizona's 1st LPFM station - I am thrilled that we now have so many dedicated supporters. KRIM owes Blain Kimball and Chris Higgins a great deal for continuing to provide Payson with such outstanding programing and generating such community support. KRIM really is a radio station for a community that cares! I am sure they, and their incredible and hard working staff, will continue to provide Payson with all the support this wonderful community deserves. Thank you, people of Payson.


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Well, here is the other side of the story. The elk are simply finding other places to hang out. The Rim Club, and then Chaparral Pines have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars (maybe a million, combined) trying to keep the elk out. Here in the Knolls drivers are having to dodge elk almost daily (or nightly) - except during hunting season. I have had as many as 12 elk bedding down in my front yard. I have had elk in my patio - 3 feet from the front door. I have had elk severely damage 20 beautiful aspen trees and eat every flower plant in my garden. It got so bad I had to spend a small fortune installing a 6' fence to discourage them (and yes, they can jump this if they get frightened).

One neighbor less than 1/2 mile away had his dog killed by an elk - in a fenced back yard for the dog. Another elderly lady was attached in her own front yard. My dog was kicked in the ribs. Now here is the deal in Arizona. It is against the law to harass wildlife! That means elk, javelina, and bobcats (I had one of these in my patio also).

When we moved into the Knolls I saw, and photographed, lots of elk, javelina, and deer. Now all I see is dozens of elk (as many as 25 in a herd).

I don't know what the answer is, but humans sharing with urban wildlife is becoming quite a problem. I just threw money (that I didn't necessarily have) at the problem and sort of solved it. Many more choose to simply not plant things . . . and golfers to watch where they step.

Still, I love it here and it is what it is.


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Wow. I really don't understand this, regardless of whether I agree or disagree with the petitions, this should not be happening in a tax supported public library. Thanks for the heads-up, Don.