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steve bingham 2 months, 2 weeks ago on 4FRI boondoggle

This what Tommie Cline Martin said about this terrible contract - way back in 2012: Gila County Supervisor Tommie Martin filed a sharply worded protest complaining that the 4FRI bidding process threatens to perpetuate a century of “failed federal policy and management direction” in the forests.

“From start to finish, the 4FRI request for proposals is an absolute reflection of that failed policy and clearly perpetuates the process right down to the selection of a contract that appears to include a crony that, as a high-ranking United States Forest Service employee, helped craft and establish that very wrong policy and management direction.”

She added that the winning bid based its economics on a plan to use young, knotty pines to make furniture and on the assumption it could build a plant that would convert brush and limbs into cellulosic biodiesel, “a process that already represents several spectacular government-subsidized business failures.”

Gotta love that gal! Not sure why Senators Flake and McCain didn't see this.


steve bingham 2 months, 2 weeks ago on Payson dusts off American Gulch plan

It's too bad about the Oxbow. One of the previous owners got it declared an Historical Landmark and spent a small fortune trying to upgrade it - and finally gave up. The Oxbow and the Winchester were two focal points for Main St. The Winchester burned to the ground under "suspicious circumstances" and a previous Payson Mayor, Ken Murphy, tried to save the Oxbow - only to spend a night in jail and be run out of town. (He had a running battle with the Fire Marshall) The problem with the old Oxbow was too many code violations and little tolerance from the town. These things cost a ton of money to fix. Nobody wanted to invest that kind of money with so much uncertainty. Then we saw two excellent Main Street restaurants bite the dust, the Oaks and the Heritage House. The Oaks became an office building (optical) and the Heritage House changed owners many times and finally just reopened under a different name. Four great and historic places struggling.

I can't imagine what this alleged park path will do for Main St. Too little, too late, and little real value.


steve bingham 3 months, 3 weeks ago on Arizona’s school funding still dead last

When the current teachers are ready to retire can they afford to retire in Arizona? (Retirement is based on teacher earnings.) State law enforcement and some fire department employees do well - teachers not so good. What a crummy future Arizona is building. Let this sink in next time YOU vote: Arizona ranks 50th when it comes to state spending — which totals some $3,116 per student.


steve bingham 4 months, 2 weeks ago on 628 It's Your Call.... The New Zealand crime wave.

Hey Thom, got a lot of money? (quite from Money Watch)

But the temporary retirement visa, available only to those age 66 and over, requires a significant economic investment. Retirees must invest about $605,000 into New Zealand (this could include the price of a New Zealand home, as well as New Zealand stocks and bonds) and have a minimum annual income of about $48,000.

Prices for many goods and services in New Zealand tend to be slightly higher than in the U.S., as does the cost of renting or buying a home (and many of the less expensive towns lack quality restaurants and hospitals). Travel between the U.S. and New Zealand, meanwhile, is lengthy and pricey. A round-trip plane ticket from New York to Auckland, New Zealand’s biggest city, can easily run $1,500 or more, and a flight from Auckland to Los Angeles can take 13 hours, plus another five hours of airtime to get to New York).

With a shortage of hospitals, restaurants, etc you better love the life style - and have lots of money. I won't even mention air fare from here to there!


steve bingham 5 months, 4 weeks ago on Jail and mental illness

Mental heath is probably the number 1 problem in the USA today. Our solution has been to build more jails and spend much more money on incarceration than mental health. And yet, our elected leaders - and we the people - insist. Sad.


steve bingham 6 months ago on Horns of a dilemma

We have two local fence people here in Payson. Why go to the valley. One put in my 6' fence and the other company put in my neighbors 6' chain link. Why would Chaparral Pines not go local?


steve bingham 7 months ago on 518 It's Your Call.... Police radar vans.


But check the numbers; because the signs et al are set up the way they are there has been NO significant lowering of the number of tickets issued, which clearly shows that they are NOT working. Clearly showing they are not working? Truth is, there has been a HUGE decline in number of tickets issued. This is a matter of public record. As the ex-mayor is a good friend of mine I have actually seen the decline of income from the cameras - which is pretty proportional to the amount of tickets issued. Star Valley is a lot safer than when I moved here 16 years ago!


steve bingham 7 months, 1 week ago on 518 It's Your Call.... Police radar vans.

Well, opinions are varied! I live in Star Valley and have seen a motorcycle doing well over 100 mph buzz through town before the cameras went up. And yes, more than once! In order for the cameras to go off you have to be going 11 mph over the speed limit - that's 56 plus! Before the cameras went up we had two major accidents off Highline Dr and the highway. I believe one person died.

The deal is, most incorporated cities along a major highway have reduced speed zones. Fail to notice this and get a ticket. There are a LOT of cars and RVs on weekends that are pulling in for gas, grubs, or whatever to the local Circle K. There are also three bars on this stretch of road (yeah, I know). Now add 4 trailer parks and a Ford dealership and you have a recipe for accidents.

Coming from either direction there at least three warning signs. Warning sings are there for a reason. Slow down!