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Susan Imperatrice 4 months, 1 week ago on Convictions overturned, prosecutors rebuked

There have been outrageous atrocities of Justice in the Gila County Court for many years. Acts committed by Former County Attorney Daisy Flores, Judge Cahill and Judge Duber resulting in the ongoing molestation of children, death of children, death of an officer and too many others to mention. It seems nearly everyone knows, even outside of Gila County, that these two Judges freely disregard judicial procedure and the law, why because no cared, no one stood up for justice. These court officials have created a culture of fear in which honest people are too afraid to speak up. What people fear is exactly what we see here, all of a sudden Cahill is all about over turning convictions, not because he's doing what's right, because if that were his intention why didn't he take such action many times before against Flores. I wonder how many cases were overturned during the time Flores was in office. Cahill wasn't having any luck beating new prosecutors into submission with he and Duber's abusive, demeaning and unprofessional treatment of prosecutors in court, so he is setting out to discredit them, even trying to destroy their careers. He seems to have no problem endangering officers and the community as a part of his vendetta and in an effort to maintain total control over the justice system in Gila County.


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Yep, just another case of their disregard for judicial procedure, something Cahill and Duber recognize only if it fits their agenda.


Susan Imperatrice 4 months, 2 weeks ago on Prosecutor faces Bar probe

Cahill and Duber both are abusive to the new prosecutors, they make it hard for them to do their job and for justice to be the primary focus of the court. There is a way to get a judge out, it's called a recall and it can be done at this time. Maybe we could see a spot for 2 judges on the 2014 ballot. It would be nice to know if Payson residents would support a recall.

We see all the time these judges letting repeat offender walk with only fines to pay. Except when the crime happens to one of them.

Back in 2011, 33-year-old Dustin Daniels took a plea in the Gila County Superior Court before Judge Robert Duber on charges of Trafficking in stolen property. Evidence implicated Daniels in the burglary of Gila County Superior Court Judge, Peter Cahill’s home. DNA was taken as a part of this investigation to help identify other possible suspects. While Daniels had 2 prior felonies convictions on drug charges, this was his first theft related charge. Judge Cahill and his attorney demanded Duber give aggravated sentences on all charges related to the burglary at Cahill's home. Dustin Daniels was sentenced in the Gila County Court before judge Robert Duber to 6 years in the Arizona Department.


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KQSS has received a letter from a listener regarding our continued coverage of the situation in which Ray Van Buskirk was arrested for Domestic Violence. The author of the letter writes because Van Buskirk is no longer running for office, that our ongoing reports and keeping the story on our website is for entertainment and that it is viscous.

This is not the first time that Ray Van Buskirk has been horribly abusive to not only his wife but to members of the community. KQSS has learned that the Gila County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Van Buskirk home regarding the domestic assault, but did nothing at the time. It wasn’t until later, after Mrs. Van Buskirk was taken to hospital that Van Buskirk was arrested. This despite the fact that one of the 911 calls says that Van Buskirk was hitting his daughter.

Ray Van Buskirk’s hostile behavior has harmed many families, including children, who also could not afford and ad, but we spoke on their behalf.

Van Buskirk’s family claims that our reports are false and continue to demand that we remove the 911 calls from our website that prove our claims are indeed based on fact. People deserve to know the whole truth, not just what the Gila County Sheriff’s Office wants you to know.

Our reason for continuing to cover this situation after Van Buskirk is no longer running for office, is because it is symbolic of the ongoing problem of members of the Gila County Sheriff’s Office covering up for each other and their family and friends. This is not the only situation where this is and has been a problem, as was evident in the recent call from former Gila County Sheriff’s Office Commander Claudia Dalmolin saying she was tired of covering up for the mismanagement and fibs within the Gila County Sheriff’s Office.

Dalmolin clearly thought twice about exposing the corruption, as she herself likely would be caught up in the repercussions of not only Sheriff’s Office Officials but her own misconduct.

KQSS will continue to report on corruption within the Gila County Sheriff’s Office until it stops which will likely require not voting candidate Adam Shepherd who has been directly related to that and other acts of misconduct that the Gila County Sheriff’s Office has become well known for. To learn more about this issue or to report your own issue call Susan K at 928-961-2700 or go to our website at


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Comment from Mother's Against Drunk Driving on Gila County Sheriff's Office Policy....... After examining the provided materials in regards to the Gila County incident:

In regard to law enforcement officers responding to emergency situations where they are called back to duty, we find it difficult to agree with any provisions that would permit driving an emergency vehicle after drinking alcohol, regardless of the nature of the emergency. This behavior is prohibited by law for commercial vehicle operators and pilots, and applying it to emergency vehicle operators only makes good sense. Carl McDonald National Law Enforcement Initiatives Manager Mothers Against Drunk Driving National Office 511 E. John Carpenter Freeway Suite 700 Irving, TX 75062