Meria Heller

Meria Heller 3 weeks ago on Gila County Supervisors shoot down curfew proposal

good. What need is there for that in a town that rolls up the sidewalks at 7pm? Parents just need to parent.


Meria Heller 1 month ago on Sex assault plea

Christensen was on lifetime probation for 1999 child abuse convictions out of Maricopa County Superior Court. He has three adult children.

Yet, he was out on the streets and gets 1.5 yrs?


Meria Heller 1 month ago on Stuck in limbo

Sad story for sure. Especially since Arizona WAS Mexico before we took it. Our govt has stalled for decades on solving this issue with no solution in sight. Maybe she can do a crowd funding to raise the money for school. Racism is nothing new in this country, it's been here from the beginning with the slaughter of the Native Americans that helped the pilgrims survive. Maybe they should have rethought that one. These are kids. The same kids the pro-lifers want born. Well, step up and help them. I'm sure this post will attract the haters which will only prove my point.


Meria Heller 1 month ago on APS drafted anti-solar letter signed by congressmen

APS doesn't like the competition, nor are we moving as fast as Europe on alternative energy. With all the sunshine in Az we should all have solar...imagine the money we'd save and be ahead of the curve. Fossil fuel are dying and rightfully so. Surely in 2015 we can do better.