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Re: Roundup article, APS Backs Off


Arizona Public Service has decided to drop its bid to triple the monthly fee for customers with solar power, capping months of controversy and accusations of conflict of interest that have swirled around the Arizona Corporation Commission, which regulates the state’s utilities.

APS had asked the Corporation Commission to boost the monthly fee from $5 to $21, saying solar customers don’t otherwise use enough electricity to pay their fair share of operating the electrical grid.

The Corporation Commission had approved a hearing on the proposal separate from the overall rate hearing, overruling the recommendations of an administrative judge. That decision provoked considerable controversy because APS has reportedly spent more than $3 million on the campaign, mostly to benefit commissioners Tom Forese and Doug Little, who both supported the APS request.

Now, APS has withdrawn that request citing “political gamesmanship” by solar companies.


Frankly, I think the reason that APS has backed off is because of the massive negative publicity concerning the influence of corporate money on elections of ACC officers who are charged by the law with regulating corporations in the best interests of the public.

Now, you all know that I believe very strongly in private enterprise as necessary for the health of any democracy, but by no means do I believe that letting corporations get their paws on elections through campaign funds is in any way, shape, or manner equally healthy. In fact, I STRONGLY support the move to pass an amendment to the Constitution which would clearly state that the right of free speech is an individual right, that corporations DO NOT have the same rights as individuals, that when something is done wrong by a corporation the charges for doing must be filed against the individual or individuals who made the decisions, that limits may be placed on how much any one person may contribute to any political campaign, and that all contributions made by anyone, anywhere must be done openly and publicly.

The Questions Are....

a. Do you think that APS has backed off for the reason I suggest?

b. Having read ALL of it carefully, how do you feel about the amendment I would like to see passed. (Careful! There's a lot to read!


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"don't paint everyone with the same broad brush!"

Good point!

Good for you, Pat. Marines are special people.


Tom Garrett 19 hours, 5 minutes ago on 500 The Question Is.... Cutting of cables.

I see that we now know the reason. That's good. It's a lot better knowing than worrying about it. I see that the town fathers are all up in arms about all this. I wonder why? It isn't like it was the end of the world.


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Poor Joe Biden! The poor guy takes such a beating. It seems a shame, and yet it does make you wonder, doesn't it? But why? Nothing happens on TV news these days that doesn't happen for some purpose.


Tom Garrett 1 day, 18 hours ago on 472 The Question Is.... I'm just kidding around.

Here's a comment from ABC News which put a smile on my face.


'Give It a Go, Joe': Pittsburgh Union Crowd Cheers on Biden

Hearing chants of "run Joe, run," Vice President Joe Biden marched in Pittsburgh's annual Labor Day parade on Monday as speculation swirled about a potential late entry into the Democratic presidential campaign.

The vice president donned a black-and-gold United Steelworkers union hat and told hundreds of union members that the gap between the wealthy and poor was hurting the nation.


I am just kidding now, so do NOT take this seriously. A joke is a joke, and I think that in light of the news we have watched for several years this is a fair one.

The Question Is....

How many of those people chanting "run Joe, run" do you suppose were Republicans? :-)


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"I felt like Ronald Reagan when he was asked why he left the Democrat party for the GOP. His response was 'I didn't leave them, they left me.'"

Yep! That's it! That's what happened. And I blame it on two things in the Vietnam era

a. When the mainstream media, for reasons I did not then and do not know understand, led the charge FOR the Communists and AGAINST the United States.

b. Why Lyndon Johnson threw away all the great progress of the century before him, progress toward genuine freedom and replaced it with a mix of boggled civil rights legislation and downright socialist thinking. Instead of standing firm for the need to fight Communism wherever and whenever it appeared, he turned his eyes away from what was happening in the our colleges, where leftists were advocating giving up and letting the Commies win, and focused entirely on staying in office. I blame him for a lot of what has happened to ruin America.


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I could see that, Ron. I don't think of myself as "military," "ex-military," or even "former military" — just as plain old me; but the Marines are, and always have been, very special. And even my days in the Air Force, though not comparable by any stretch of the imagination to a hitch in the Marines, taught me two things:

a. This nation is worth fighting for.

b. The mission comes first.


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Right, Pat. Telephones are the basic link in our safety system. Without the ability to call for help in an emergency we go back to the dark ages. I have a cell for emergencies that happen when I am AWAY from my phone. It went through last year without once being turned on, but it costs almost most nothing. For everything else I use my regular phone. Why would I want to change?


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"What is the wildlife authority going to investigate?"

I don't know, but I'll bet it isn't what they should be investigating: Why the tourists were in an area where a lion could calmly walk up to a group and charge it. Can you guess why they'll do their best to avoid commenting on that?


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Beats me, Pat. No use me commenting with an opinion on something about which I know nothing. I do know this, of course; the revenue from its recreation use had proven to be very high everywhere where it has been made legal. I don't think that is necessarily a strong argument for doing it, but it's one of the many reasons, main among them being the fact that prohibition simply does not work because this is a nation in which the people are supposed to make the laws, and when you write laws to which the people are opposed you aren't just interfering with their rights, you're shoveling you-know-what against the tide.