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Tom Garrett 2 hours, 17 minutes ago on 191 The Question Is.... School lockdowns.

Please read the article "Schools Locked Down During Search For Armed Robber" to get all the details for this issue. Thanks.

Here are some bare bones:


Around 2 p.m. on Tuesday, Rim Country Middle School, Payson High School and Payson Center for Success went into lockdown for 90 minutes ... as police searched the neighborhood for an armed robbery suspect."

Superintendent Wyman said the district had to prioritize communication.

First priority, call parents from the Julia Randall Elementary School whose students rode the Route 1 bus.

Although JRE was not part of the lockdown, the Route 1 bus would have dropped off students in the middle of the manhunt.

Next, decide how many calls to make to parents.

“Rather than send out multiple calls, we put a message on the website,” said Wyman.

He said the message was on the website for 45 minutes.

Meanwhile the police in cooperation with the Gila County Sheriff’s Office, the Department of Public Service and other agencies systematically searched the neighborhood for the suspect, who they captured with the help of a keen-nosed police dog.


The result of this is that the situation was handled at the schools. but some parents were not happy that they did not receive a phone call and are complaining about it, while other parents feel a good job was done.

The Question Is....

How do you feel about it? And WHY?


Tom Garrett 2 hours, 18 minutes ago on 189 The Question Is.... Deputy shoots dog.

Sorry, Pat. I never read the other forums. Tried it a couple of times a few months back and it did not work for me. I felt like I was intruding.


Tom Garrett 2 hours, 21 minutes ago on 185 The Questions Is.... Benefits cards.

"Tom, What do you think of the people standing on the corner..."

Don't think anything about them. To me they are totally transparent.


Tom Garrett 2 hours, 23 minutes ago on 183 The Question Is.... Official sense of humor.

You know what really gets me?

The number of people who took it seriously. Can you believe that?

I think I'm going to go into the aluminum helmet business and advertise my products as protection against the aliens among us and nasty thoughts from outer space. I'll be rich in six months.

I have another question: Why do government agencies have Facebook sites? What's that supposed to be all about?


Tom Garrett 2 hours, 28 minutes ago on 186 The Question Is.... Daylight savings — again?

"Tom, In Arizona farmers also work at night in the dark."

Sure. Why not? It's one of the benefits of electricity — lights on tractors et al. Which is another reason that we don't need Daylight Savings Time; namely that we can light up the fields as we work — if we want to do it.

I'll say it again: DST originated in Europe. London, which we often think of as a straight shot across the Atlantic from New York, is actually on the same latitude as Labrador and Hudson Bay. You should try living there; there's way too much daytime in winter, and almost no nighttime in summer. Can you picture the sky looking bright and cheerful at four in the morning? And the sun just managing to get below the horizon in time for the 10 o'clock news?

Here's a link that will show it all on the map so that you can see for yourself why Europe needs DST and WE DON'T!

The truth is, it works for them. Helps a little bit. But here? Want the truth? We should do away with it right across the nation instead of listening to silly people who want to put it back in place. Where do we get these people? Do they have people like that in the legislatures in all states?


Tom Garrett 1 day ago on 189 The Question Is.... Deputy shoots dog.

If you haven't already read the detailed article titled "Deputy Shoots Neighborhood Dog..." you should do it before you respond here because there are too many details to repeat.

Done reading the article?


Here are some questions for you:

TQI: Is the deputy trained in firearms safety?

TQI: Is the deputy an expert in gun use?

TQI: Was the deputy on his own property?

TQI: Was the dog illegally allowed to stray?

TQI: Was the dog on the deputy's property?

TQI: Was the dog engaged in killing animals?

TQI: Was the deputy within his rights in killing it?

TQI: Are there emotional factors that cloud the issue?

TQI: Are there any other factors to consider?

TQI: What is your bottom line position on what happened?


Tom Garrett 1 day, 2 hours ago on 186 The Question Is.... Daylight savings — again?

Back in 1967 the people of Arizona decided that daylight savings time was an outdated and useless waste of time and energy — which it is, of course.

Many people think that daylight savings was proposed to help those who work by daylight, such as farmers, but that is far from the real truth. In truth, fiddling with clocks benefits retailing, sports, and business activities that exploit sunlight after working hours, but it can big cause problems for work activities tied to the sun, in particular with farming.

The idea was originally adopted in northern Europe, which lies much farther north than any point in the United States. In England, Germany, and France, all of which have adopted DST sunrise, sunset comes at 8:30 in the morning in December and sunset at 4:01 in the afternoon — for a nice seventeen hour night. In June, the sun is up at 4:50 in the morning and is still up there in the sky until at 9:50 at night for a ridiculously long 17 hour day.

While I was there I almost went nuts. It's no surprise that Germany and Austria-Hungary organized the first daylight savings time way back in 1916. Nor is it any surprise that Canada, Norway, and Sweden are on daylight savings time.

The vast majority of the world wants nothing to do with daylight savings. In fact, no major nation in the world which lies south of us, except for Mexico and Brazil, use daylight savings.

But every once in a while — about five times since I came here in 1983 — some legislator comes up with the idea of putting Arizona back on daylight savings time. This time it's Rep. Phil Lovas, R-Peoria. He admits that there are some real drawbacks; in fact,he even mentions that moving clocks an hour ahead in Winter would result in some children going to school in the dark.

His reason for putting us back on daylight savings? He says having a three-hour difference with government and financial centers back east for part of the year is bad for business. He offered no proof of his claim, and did not comment on the fact that without DST we would still be two hours different.

Lovas acknowledged that after so many years of tradition he may have an uphill fight getting approval for HB 2014.

“But it's worth taking another look at,” he said.

Bottom line? From the East Valley Trib: Lovas said, though, that "a few weeks of darker mornings" (see note) should not keep Arizona from making a move that he said would be good for business."

(Note: That "few weeks" lasts for 8 months of the year.)

The Question Is....

Which would you prefer? Should Arizona adopt daylight savings time, or would you prefer the entire nation to stay on standard time all year?


Tom Garrett 1 day, 2 hours ago on 183 The Question Is.... Official sense of humor.

Have you heard about this?

"Officials" of the Arizona Department of Transportation went to the ADOT Facebook site on New Year's Day and posted an image of several dark objects along with this comment, "We might have spotted a family of sasquatches on SR 260 near Heber this afternoon. What do you think?" says a caption on the photo on ADOT's official Facebook site.

As of late Monday, 4 Jan 2015, the post had drawn more than 2,100 likes and was shared by more than 3,000 people. About 750 people chose to offer comments, ranging from saying they always knew the mysterious beasts existed to others who welcomed the comment as the joke it was meant to be.

There is no mystery about the "objects" — or "creatures" if you prefer — which are in an image taken by a snapshot, are clumped together on the top right of the photograph, and like all photos of Sasquatches, are blurry beyond the point of recognition. You can, if you wish, drive over there on 26o and see them for yourself; they are actually a clump of shrubs and trees.

Apparently, the matter has exploded into a bit more than the officials meant it to be, even making it as far as the British Reuters News Service.

"We were just having a little fun," department spokesman Tim Tait said. "People don't expect government to have a sense of humor, and we definitely have one."

Speaking about future hoaxes by ADOT, Tait was "tight-lipped."

"You just never know," he says.

The Question Is....

Let's just leave it open-ended and let you say whatever you are thinking at the moment.

If you haven't seen the image, you can go here to view it:


Tom Garrett 1 day, 2 hours ago on 185 The Questions Is.... Benefits cards.


I rarely disagree with you on things, but I do disagree on this one because it crosses thje line between letting people be themselves and over-control.

I do not think we should try to over-control people who have applied for and been found eligible for benefits. Other than liquor they should be allowed to use the money for whatever they feel they need. Making too many rules smacks of the socialist method, which is to give with one hand and take away with the other — the giving being money, and the taking being the freedom to be a normal, imperfect human being.

That's what the feds do now, and I can't tell you how much I hate it. If we let the socialists insert the small end of the wedge into benefits uses the next thing they will control is how much fat and salt are allowed in food stamp purchases. That's what they are like; they do not know when to quit.


Tom Garrett 1 day, 2 hours ago on A Simple Test...

"The votes are there in both chambers. They were there last session and this year is no different, maybe even better."

If that's true, and if the bill never comes up for a vote in the senate, then there is something very wrong with AZLEG!

"t seems to me to be something less than the American Way for one man to be in a position to decide whether or not my senator and yours and every other duly elected member of that chamber will or will not have an opportunity to debate this issue."

Mike, a large number of the problems with this nation lie in the rules made up by venal politicians to control the operation of the House and Senate, both at the state and federal levels. They should run as they were intended to run — as a place of free and open debate. Anything else creates a mockery of the term "free speech" because it is exactly in our legislatures that free speech is both so necessary and so precious. I haven't the slightest doubt that if some of those rules, both state and federal, were to be taken to court they would be ruled unconstitutional by SCOTUS.

"The members can stand up and demand that he calendar the bill... but only if we stand up and let them know that's what we want them to do."

They ought to know that without having been told, but — believe me! — I for one will tell them.