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We went looking for the seven airmen that had been involved to ask them how the hell they could have been so stupid, but we found out that they had been "graduated early," which I suspect was a euphemism for being tossed out of the service, but I do not know for sure.At the time I wondered how the Air Force could do something dumb as to just let such gross miscondcut go, but I suspect that someone tried to do a cover-up on the story, got caught at it and was teed off because he'd been reprimanded by higher headquarters.

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I won't mention their names (anyway, I only remember the name of the kid whose uncle was a lieutenant colonel) because it was a long time ago, they were duped by a well-trained communist agent, and Condo and I right there and then decided to just let the whole thing go. In fact, we planned on telling the seven kids that we forgave them for what they did, and telling all the troops that this was a war, and they had better know who their enemies were, and report anyone who tried something that did not smell right.

And now for the reason for this entire string....

The Commandant of the department in which we worked sent word for us to show up in his office. We had heard a few things about comments he had made — without investigating one word of the accusations against us — and we were mad as hell with the jerk. Condo said he was going to refuse to see him unless the Base Commander ordered him to, but I finally talked him into going, saying, "What the hell, Condo? How was he or anyone else here on the base to know that letter was such a phony? What would you think if you saw one like that? He obviously wants to apologize for what happened and explain that it was necessary to relieve of us of duty while there was an investigaton. Let's just be big about it."

Condo grumbled but agreed, so off we went.

Then, letting us standing at a brace in front of his desk after we had saluted and reported, the jerk was so idiotic as to say, "Well, I just want the two of you to know what as far as I'm concerned where there's smoke there's fire."

Now you know why I hate that phrase.

When it comes to fires, fine.

When it comes to people, do your job; investigate, gather the facts, and then talk!!!!!

The Question Is....

How the hell do we teach people to do that?


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For three weeks Condo and I went to work at the base (we were both married) and did nothing but sit and worry. Then one morning a runner came over and told us that the First Sergeant wanted to see us — pronto!

Well, by that time if someone had told us to stick to the ceiling we'd have d---n sure tried to do it. Condo had lost something like ten pounds in a few weeks, and I don't think I was looking very good either.

We zipped over to the orderly room, where the First Shirt pointed to some chairs and told us to sit down. We did!

We noticed O'Brien sitting there, but thought nothing of it. Then, three "suits" came in. They walked up to O'Brien. (I'm going to have to fudge the details here a little because I am not sure I remember the exact words after so many years, but "O'Brien" is correct and the county is too, although it could have been O'Brian. 57 years is a long time!)

"Are you Airman O'Brien?"

"Yis, sur."

"Cletus J. O'Brien?'

"Yis, sur."

"Cletus J. O'Brien of County Cork, Ireland?"

"Yis, sur."

"You are under arrest." They handcuffed him and took him away.

We never found out whether they were FBI men or OSI men, but we got called over to the OSI office, where they explained about the letter, told we were completely cleared, that they were certain that there was absolutely no truth in any of the accusations, and that we were back on duty.


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Many years ago I was an Air Force drill instructor. A communist named O'Brien came over from Ireland and enlisted in the Air Force with the avowed purpose of creating some kind of scandal that would damage the nation and the services. He managed to convince the bongo-brained nephew of a Lt Col in Washington that it would be "patriotic" to write a phony letter to his uncle claiming that some of the DI's were using cruel and unusual punishment.

To really make his point he selected the two best drill instructors on the base for his targets — me and my buddy, James D. Conyers, both two stripers with outstanding records, absolute straight arrows, two men who believed in the nation, the Air Force, the role of the military, and in "honor, duty, country."

The letter said that we were doing things like standing on the toes of a man while we shouted at him, or putting a man behind a man and then pushing a kid backwards over him, and all sorts of other things (I never heard all of them). The kid and six other basics signed the letter.

Condo and I wondered about O'Brien. He was an odd duck, very different from other basics. To begin with he was much older, very bright, very articulate, and in his middle to late 20's. And he was always hanging around Condo and me, coming into our little office and trying to be a buddy. WE treated him with resect, though. Neither Condo nor I were the type that thinks he is high and mighty just because he is training new men. New men are new; they donl;t know much, but your job is not to act some superior species of human, but to help them make the transition into military life.

We were, it happened, painting our little office at the time, it being Condo's Idea; he was a nut for personal neatness and the gray unpainted walks didn't appeal to him. He dug up some paint and we had at it — with the colors Condo liked best, baby blue and white.

And yes I know, they don't seem like the right colors for the walls of a room in a barracks, but that was Condo. He had a brand new 57 Chevy and he lifted the hood one day and showed me his brass radiator — gleamingly polished! That's the way he was about everything — including treating the troops right. That's how we became such good friends.

Anyway, we got called over to the Squadron Commander's office. We saluted and reported and he sat us down and began asking us bizarre questions, like, "Conyers, did you ever stand on a mans feet while he was barefoot?" And others like it. We, thinking he was kidding for some odd reason, just checkled as we said no.

But then I noticed he was reading from something. "Lieutenant Heber," I asked him, "why are you asking us all these crazy questions?"

He quit with the questions, told us about the letter, and added that we were under investigation and were relieved of duty as of that moment.

Never been so shocked in all my life! Except for once that I am about to tell you about.


Tom Garrett 4 hours, 13 minutes ago on 234 The Question Is.... Catch phrases.

Catch phrases, such as, "Where there's smoke there's fire," can be valuable is saying something in a very short and meaningful way. But if there is any phrase I hate, it's that one. While it may be very true when speaking of an actual fire, it is to often NOT true when speaking of human activity. It becomes innuendo, the worst of the worst!

While do I feel that way?

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Tom Garrett 4 hours, 13 minutes ago on 234 The Question Is.... Catch phrases.

Catch phrases, such as, "Where there's smoke there's fire," can be valuable is saying something in a very short and meaningful way. But if there is any phrase I hate, it's that one. While it may be very true when speaking of an actual fire, it is to often NOT true when speaking of human activity. It becomes innuendo, the worst of the worst!

While do I feel that way?

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I'm happy to see that no one thinks either one of those two is a shining citizen.

"Both parties are reprehensible, but the man committed a misdemeanor and the woman committed a felony."


Crimes committed for profit are the scourge of this nation, and most other nations; we need to understand this and do our best to get such people permanently separated from society. Personally, I don't care if you stick them on island where they can live out their lives with each other, or you drown them. They are trash. Take out the trash!

What good does it do to just imprison them for a while? Unless they are under the threat of permanent removal they just go back to what they were doing. It's not that they can't learn what is right; it's that they refuse to do what's right?


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"The current "select committee" just found out that the Secretary actually used a private email system for all her correspondence while in office. Not one of those emails were ever provided the first formed committees, so one can imagine in light of her critical role in all this, that those committees were simply working without some very key input."

That answers that, doesn't it?

Better we should find it out now instead of in some history book. It may very well be that Clinton with run for office. This places her in a bad light, and the people have a right to know the truth.

"Just be sure your motives are the search for truth and not politics."


I am not completely trusting of the news services, but I know that they by and large search for the "truth." And yes, that "truth" may be affected by bias, but I suspect that most of the time that bias is due to honestly help beliefs. Not always, of course. I stay away from news sites that are obviously political.

"You are certainly right that where there is smoke, most likely there is fire."

Often true, but I have good reason to hate that phrase. One day, I'll tell you all about it.


Tom Garrett 4 hours, 51 minutes ago on 232 The Question Is.... Benghazi attack.

Well, I'm back, PO-ed but resolved. I will never again enter a long post directly into the forum. From now on I write everything in a word processing program and paste it in. I am sick of losing things.

"When do you give up looking?"

I haven't been "looking." In fact, we never discussed this thing on the forum at all. Yes, it was a tragedy, and yes, there were some questions asked about the competence of those in charge, but as long as the mainstream media seemed satisfied with the info being given there seemed no point in getting into it.

"Are you still wondering and asking questions to find out if Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone? Whether the U.S. has a captured Space Alien at area 51?"

I generally let the nuts worry about the conspiracy theories. In fact, in my reading, which is fairly broad, I am often quite unhappy with later-day-gurus who rehash some event in history, letting current day knowledge and attitudes stray into criticism of the ordinary people of the time. Mind you, it's okay to say what we think of things that people have done, but it's mot okay to criticize the people of an era for accepting the mores of the time. It's what we do now, isn't it?

"By the way, never been to an air base in a Muslim country, but did spend eight years at Ramstein A.B. in Germany. Loved every minute."

Been there, Chuck. Nice base. I was stationed at RAF Upper Heyford for four years and assigned the duty of teaching NCO's how to run training programs and teaching them the basics of teaching (so they could pass on their knowledge and skill to others). If a base anywhere between the Azores and Turkey needed classes I was the victim who taught them. Saw a lot of Europe as a result. Was a good job except for the fact that I took me away from home too much, which is one reason why I retired right afterwards. I'm a home guy. Love my wife, love working with my hands, and love being out of doors. I'm mostly German, basically a peasant; I like to work.

It occurs to me that someone might ask, "How does a guy who loves the out of doors become a training NCO?" Answer: Simple. I'm color blind and so could not fly or hold a technical job despite my interest in such things. I didn't want to fly a desk, so I turned down a commission, chose to become a drill instructor, and was happy as a pig in you-know-what until the Air Force decided to replace professional DI's with ready-to-retire NCO's. So, having to find some way to stay out of an office I made a career move that at least kept me on my feet instead of on my behind.

It was a good job — in many ways, one of which was that I spent some time on the firing range with the troops, even after I left basic training.


Tom Garrett 5 hours, 19 minutes ago on 232 The Question Is.... Benghazi attack.

Oh, my God!

I just spent a half hour answering this and clicked on Pst Comment without first taking the precaution of copying my post. The %$#@! net service went out and I lost it all.

I would give a lot to get my hands around the necks of those who oversell internet service!!

I'll have to cool down a while before I try again to post anything.