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Tom Garrett 20 hours, 42 minutes ago on 329 We need more tourists?

Pat, you've got me all wrong. I meant that MY reply had nothing to do with this string, not yours. I just thought it was an interesting coincidence that I was reading a book with that title.

(By the way, for Agatha Christie fans that's one of only two of her books that I do not recommend. I have every one of them, by the way.)


Tom Garrett 20 hours, 47 minutes ago on 328 How can we resolve the Fossil Creek problems?

"Tom, I didn't read all of your article ..."

Try reading it. And click on those maps. They explain a lot!

"one thing struck me when you said who made the decisions or what ever....."

I see. Your story is very interesting.

The important fact in the current issue are that the decision to shut down the power plant came all the way from Congress and the President. I don't ever remember reading that anywhere, but it explains why the poor Forest Service people always appear to have their hands tied when it comes to decision making.

Also, anyone in the Valley who is interested in using the facilities at Fossil Creek would be wise to get out Google Maps, put it in satellite view, and compare Map 2 with what he or she can see in detail of the access of the creek from the Strawberry side.

A look like that clearly shows that the only viable route to the eight parking, camping, and recreational sites along the creek is from Camp Verde. There are eight parking areas that can be reached that way that put you right where you want to be, but there is no way to drive to any of them from the Strawberry side.

Also, the negativity apparent in the discussions about whether or not the millions of dollars needed for road access from Strawberry will ever be found very strongly hints that it will be a LONG time, if ever, before anyone will have reasonable access to the creek from the Strawberry side.

On top of that, you would have to be out of your mind to park on the Strawberry side and have to hike 5 miles each way over a rough, unfinished trail that only gets you to Fossil Springs, with yet another four miles to hike each way to get to and back from the first of the designated camp sites. Why would anyone want to hike nine to twelve miles each way to get to a place that he or she can drive to?

It is obvious that someone is not doing much to facilitate access from the Strawberry side, and the people down in the Valley need to be honestly and openly made aware of that. It is only fair to them!

Once again, here's a link to a place where you can download or print a very large map identical to Map 2. I recommend you do it; it's a great help to understanding. And if you know anyone in the Valley who likes using Fossil Creek send them the link.


Tom Garrett 21 hours, 18 minutes ago on 331 Misuse of report on foul and immoral Taliban tactics.

"Please don't tell me they are not war zones just because no one had declared war."

Okay, I won't.

What I truly do not understand is why that story was twisted around so that instead of reporting the horrible things the Taliban do it makes it look as though we did something wrong?

And two other questions:

  • Does the MSM want to to lose?

  • Since this happened while Obama was still in office why are they reporting it the way they did?


Tom Garrett 21 hours, 24 minutes ago on 329 We need more tourists?

"That is my job in my retirement years."


"Oh by the way are they putting up a traffic signal to go into the Evans shopping center on the highway to Star Valley?"

This reply has actually got nothing to do with this string. It just seemed interesting to me that I happened to be reading an Agatha Christie mystery titled, "Why didn't they ask Evans?"


Tom Garrett 21 hours, 30 minutes ago on 290 Example of type of hacker taken down by FBI/Interpol.

"You all may as well give up. Tom will tell you when he is ready and sure of what he is telling."

Right! What I meant, of course, is that I will comment on our new President as each he tackles each problem instead of wasting time on biased garbage.


Tom Garrett 21 hours, 34 minutes ago on 327 The Milk Ranch well can't be "fixed."

"My opinion. Before we spend another dime on that blankety blank well someone needs to do a complete audit on just how much the community of Pine and Strawberry have spent on it so far. Audit should cover the money lost on trying to fix the unappraised well prior to purchase, this is money that was never deducted from purchase price as promised."

I forgot about that.

"You will see some familiar names."

I see that those links can't be reached. makes me wonder why.

" least one old board member is up before the court but the State is probably too busy to look further."

If that one board member were smart he'd be offering to turn state's evidence in return for a lighter sentence. The lid would come off if he did that.

Failed links. Try these

Milk Ranch Well needs filter after all by Max Foster

Failed links. Try these

Milk Ranch Well needs filter after all by Max Foster

They worked! Very interesting reading! THANKS!


Tom Garrett 21 hours, 45 minutes ago on 313 Can you believe this level of pollution?

For some crazy reason this article reminds me of something in the cartoon The Wizard of Id.

A soldier reports to the king and says, "The peasants are revolting!"

The King answers, "I know! I know!" :-)


Tom Garrett 1 day, 21 hours ago on 313 Can you believe this level of pollution?

Smog — smoke and fog — is dangerous because it is a mixture of water vapor and small solid particles that can be breathed into the lungs.

The safe level according to the World Health Organization is 10 micrograms per cubic meter; that about as much dust as you can carry on the head of a match. On New Year's day the level in Beijing rose to 500 micrograms, or 50 times the safe level.

Planes couldn't see to take off, drivers couldn't see to drive, and people were wearing gas masks. The level has dropped to a mere ten times the safe level, but will no doubt rise again.


We used to read about smog in places like California and London, but we don't hear about it anymore now, do we? Why not? Modern nations learned how to build "scrubbers" into chimney stacks of manufacturing plants and how to cut auto emissions down to almost nothing with catalytic converters and clean burning fuels. The Chinese, while they build cars pretty much the same as anyone else, just do not bother will chimney stacks or fuel quality and now they are paying the price for it.

This is pretty much the way things go in socialist dictatorships. They talk about equality, but do virtually nothing about it in places like China, North Korea, and Cuba. The article I read about all this had some interesting comments in it though:

"Late on Sunday, the Ministry of Environmental Protection said 62 northern cities had issued yellow, orange or red alerts."

"In 2014 China, worried that its unregulated heavy industry was tarnishing its global reputation and holding back development, declared a "war on pollution."

"Despite that declaration, public anger is mounting about pollution and what many Chinese see as government talk, but little action, to end it. That anger has occasionally spilled over into protests."

I wonder? The USSR fell of its own weight. Not one nation in Europe that had been a socialist republic because it was under the heel of the USSR chose to remain a socialist republic; every one of them immediately overthrew its socialist government and returned to a capitalist democracy. The North Koreans are very unhappy with their lives under oh-so-wonderful socialism. So are the Cubans, who are obviously just awaiting the chance to get their nation back.

Could it happen? Could the Chinese finally be getting ready to take back their lives?

A lot of people may have to die for that to happen but one thing China does have is a LOT of people.

Could it happen?


Tom Garrett 1 day, 21 hours ago on 329 We need more tourists?

Well, don't say I didn't tell you so. In the string entitled "Payson is not a business" I did my best to point out that the ordinary people of Payson have been sitting on their hands on election day, allowing tourist-oriented businessmen to get in office and do exactly what the people who elected them do not want, and certainly do not need! And here they are, at it again!!

If you didn't read the article, "Payson Will Protect Night Skies" you should do it. One thing it says is, "If you like to go outside at night and stargaze, you aren’t alone." That's true. It's something we all enjoy. Payson, Pine, Strawberry and Star Valley are all places where seeing the night sky from our homes is no problem. And right now it is not costing us any extra money or making any additional problems for us, but I was curious about the statement that Payson wants to become a "designated International Dark Sky Community."

I wondered why. Why do we need a change in our town code when the one we have now is just fine? The answer was the Town Council hopes that it will be a "tourism draw."

Are they kidding? Have they never heard what the people who elected them have to say about what has happened to our four great little towns? They hate all that tourist traffic! Why it has become almost impossible to drive to a store on some weekends!

The simple truth is that what the people here want is four towns which are self-contained, towns which draw residents, people who enlarge the shopping base and help to provide us with more places where we can buy things. But what are we getting? The loss of all those stores we used to love! In case you think I'm kidding, just go look at the number of empty storefronts we have, or consider the number of great shops we once had which are now gone.

What we don't want is the mad rush of vehicles we have now — or an even bigger one. If we are to have growth could it please be growth that helps us instead of growth that turns the center of Payson into a freeway with a long line of fast food restaurants which do us very little good half the time because we can't even get to them.

Of course, maybe you like all those tourists. After all, where else in the world can you go outside on the weekend and enjoy the cool fresh non-polluting breeze of 23,000 cars zooming by?


Tom Garrett 1 day, 22 hours ago on 331 Misuse of report on foul and immoral Taliban tactics.

I looked at dozens of reports on this incident, and I am willing to bet that you did not get the same honest and even-handed report that was issued.

For example:

  • How many of the reports you read or heard carried headlines that simply said that we had "killed 33 civilians?"

  • How many stuck the true facts contained in the official statement so far down in their reports that they were probably missed?

  • How many failed to report that the fierce fire fight in Kunduz cost American and Afghani soldiers their lives?

  • How many failed to report that there were so many Taliban fighters involved that more than 50 of them were killed or wounded?

  • How many failed to tell you that the American report clearly stated that we fired back in self-defense, or that 5 American or Afghani military were killed and 11 wounded in that fierce firefight?

  • How many failed to report that that the statement we released included the fact that, "It has been determined that no further action will be taken because U.S. forces acted in self-defense and followed all applicable law and policy."

  • How many felt it necessary to bring up and repeat old news about a similar occurrence last year when when actual mistakes by military personnel ended up with an AC-130 gun ship mistakenly being sent out to fire on a hospital in Afghanistan, and additionally failed to report that the military itself reported at the time that grievous errors had been made and that we had quickly taken action to discipline 16 American military personnel, including one who was no less than a two-star general?

The "fog of war"exists. Innocent people sometimes die because the evil actions of other forces cause us to fight back when attacked from areas where they have hidden among civilians, and at times because we sometimes make mistakes.

But how does it help if the mainstream media choses to report matters in such a way that they reflect in a negative way on our efforts to help allied nations remain free in our global war on terrorists?

And what, I might ask, is the motive for that type of reporting?

There has to be one. What is it?