Ted Paulk

Ted Paulk 21 hours, 22 minutes ago on Grand Canyon + uranium mine = crazy

See the Letter to the Editor in Tuesday's Roundup to see what the Tribal Leaders think...Gosar is a liar.


Ted Paulk 21 hours, 24 minutes ago on Watch out for speed trap

One final thought and then I'm on to other LIBERAL subjects like trying to stop the uranium mines in the Grand Canyon, lower University tuition costs, feed the poor children, etc. The mob of DPS officers south of Rye IS A SPEED TRAP. If you want to warn your friends and family to be alert in that area feel free. On the other hand, if you think it is unethical to tell your hard working relatives that a $300 plus fine awaits them on the only stretch of straight road for 60 miles, do your CONSERVATIVE duty, keep your knowledge to yourself, and let your loved ones pay the consequences. This is not the kind of police work that instills confidence or trust...not in the minds of sane people anyway.


Ted Paulk 21 hours, 34 minutes ago on Watch out for speed trap

Comrade Cline, :) (to use one of your favorite terms), Words, words and more words...droning on and on and saying nothing; much like your plethora of nonsense posted in the Opinion section of the Roundup. Yawn....


Ted Paulk 21 hours, 41 minutes ago on Watch out for speed trap

HUH or Duh? It's DPS not CPS. The speed trap is not on the curvy and steep part of the Beeline...It's on the SAFEST stretch of the Beeline. Can't you understand what you read?


Ted Paulk 21 hours, 43 minutes ago on Watch out for speed trap

Conservatives are not the brightest bulbs on the tree...you are a fine example of what I mean with all your gun pictures on your Facebook page...and your endless rants about nothing.


Ted Paulk 21 hours, 45 minutes ago on Watch out for speed trap

Yo Teel, there are NO cameras around Rye...I wasn't talking about cameras or rapists, or robbers, or murders, or vandals. Get a grip and study comprehension of what you read rather than flying off the handle and making stuff up.