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Melissa Durbin 2 years, 11 months ago on Thought I'd reply to this letter.

I agree with Mr. Doyle, and by the way the whole ASU conversation "went to the dogs" sorry I couldn't resist after reading what was wrote and the quotes..... ya'll are very entertaining, agree or disagree.


Melissa Durbin 2 years, 12 months ago on Is banning places of worship okay?

What get's me is why anyone (people) is so against the One who said "love your neighbor as yourself" and those who want to do the same.


Melissa Durbin 3 years ago on Be careful what you wish for

(I think fasting and praying would have been a great idea to add to what Jeff wrote after all many many many of our family have fought and loss lives for this freedom to do so!)

Maia Jeff wrote:

President Obama has told the world that the U.S. is not a Christian nation and for a short period I strongly disagreed with this statement. I know that this nation was founded upon Christian values and principles, but in a short period of time, we have rejected these principles for selfish desires.

Our Founding Fathers were men of faith and religious conviction and many lost everything to form this nation.

Today, spiritual and religious leaders are substituting conviction and passion for political correctness and social acceptance. I know that many of these leaders have memorized the Bible, but yet, few know the meaning of the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven. Somehow, we have allowed weak men to lead the church who no longer possess three necessary qualities for the U.S. to remain a Christian nation; honesty, faithfulness and mercy.

In general, I will not agree with our president, but he has correctly identified that we are no longer a Christian nation in which luke-warm actors in the pulpit are completely responsible for this apostasy, not our president.


Melissa Durbin 3 years ago on Is banning places of worship okay?

I think Freedom of "religion" would not require death if you apostate such as the hadith does. Oh how about Quran 4:34 orders a man to beat his wife if she does not obey. No worries when they die an honorable death (911) they will have all those virgins or wives. Maybe that's why they came up with 4:34, crowd control. On the other hand if we would stick with the 10 commandments and spank them...... What a nice place it would be.


Melissa Durbin 3 years, 3 months ago on At last it comes out.

Could someone refresh my mind and tell me what the major will be for this 4 year degree?


Melissa Durbin 3 years, 6 months ago on About the water rates in Pine/Strawberry.

All Public water systems have a system ID and report Water Quality to Arizona Department Environmental Quality. Pine/Strawberry (Comunity Water System) does the same/simlar sampling and reporting as Town of Payson. They are under the Safe Water Drinking Act. FYI


Melissa Durbin 3 years, 6 months ago on EPA overstepping its boundaries

I agree, they already have the clean air act! New buzz words for same reworded laws. What’s the difference, Environmentally friendly and now green! I think I’m turning blue…. is my orange organic... or is it just a orange. Sorry to much info overload these day's and wishing I had only 5 channels to choose from.


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Wow, all the comments :( .... but it would be a shame not to show my gratitude. My son had a very hard time his last few years in school but thank's to the persistence of Mr. Sandoval, Mr Fruth and the beloved Mrs. Goode, my son graduated in 2008. He strugled just like many and he did not walk because he made a bad choice on a end of year prank however he is finishing his second year in college, getting married in Jan. 2011, is a lead camp christian counselor and is in a internship position in ministry. I will always be very grateful for those who work with our young adults. I'm sure that the Lord has something special for Mr Sandoval and Fruth and sometimes it requires being moved in order to touch the lives of others. Thank you