Justin Eubank

Justin Eubank 5 years, 9 months ago on Chronic addictions to drugs and alcohol earns woman probation

It is unfortunate, that the judicial system has boiled down to a Tax Revenue generating system.

Probation, as beneficial as it maybe is to focused on the income it can generate for the courts - rather than the good it could produce through case-by-case assistance to defendents, to the restitution they can provide to victims.


Justin Eubank 5 years, 9 months ago on Top hospital in Arizona

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Justin Eubank 5 years, 9 months ago on School board considers sick leave cap

Its interesting to me - Payson seems broke. However, they spend money on "Roundabouts" because people are afraid of left hand turns -

Star Valley is buying businesses because it doesn't equal there values,

Road projects that need an "Environmental Study" with im sure, a private contract of "Environmentally safe size" that have been in limbo from what I heard of 5 years.

Get real - Get the council and mayor to take some money out of those "Life changing, real projects" (General Fund) and put it in the school district. Teachers arent teachers nowadays anymore - They just read from a book. but they deserve sick pay, a decent salary, and a pension (reasonable).


Justin Eubank 5 years, 9 months ago on Additional $600 million in cuts would kill the town of Payson

As a newly Payson Resident, from Tucson, AZ - I do not believe that Payson High School (Do not know about the other schools) Adequately teaches these kids.

Sure they can memorize and then regurgitate for a test a week later - But did they learn critical thinking skills? Ability to decipher information, research it themselves, ask questions?

The Freshmen class does not even have a clue about the Holocaust.

I believe a step away from Testing, and a step closer to real Parent involvement. Get the kids to learn something about Values, convictions, loyalty, and honor. So they hold something dear to themselves. Show them things that opens there mind when they leave school at 18. Other than " Im going to be a car mechanic"