John Lemon

John Lemon 5 months ago on 931 A Very Special Question Is ..... Reality.

Tom Based upon reading your posts over a period of time, I trust you to do a very good job of staying within the borders of reality. I am so very tired of posts that wander like a madman's mind. As Ms. Randall said, we can ignore or dispute what we wish, but "reality" is a common denominator. Some posts are simply so far out that they are not arguable. Might just as well have a discussion with a Hershey Bar.


John Lemon 5 months ago on 891 The Question Is.... The chicken and the egg.

Robbin, For a few days after Tom G. attempted to explain how your posts demonstrated a lack of focus, were generally unsubstantiated by factual references, often strayed from the topic at hand into the area of great plots, used generalities that betrayed you biases and prejudices, and often made readers angry, I had a little hope. You resisted for a few days. Now you again are returning to your ways. I enjoy opinions that are thought provoking and opinions that demonstrate true thinking about alternatives. Unlike Tom, who is a true gentleman, I will be blunt and state that your opinions irritate me because you are not a seeker of truth or a learner or a communicator. I will protect myself by not reading anything you write from here onward.


John Lemon 5 months, 2 weeks ago on 847 The Question Is .... The abortion clinic decision.

Robbin Flowers. Regarding the SCOTUS making decisions based on what churches tell the judges: you blithely disregard my questions. The judges are members of what churches? What evidence do you quote to show that the decision(s) of a judge follows the teachings of his church? What cases? Do you recall Roe v. Wade? How does that case fit into your statement when so many Christian churches disagree with the decision? ..."Hyper-religious Republican" ideology across the board? Surely you jest? Some of the judges have records that are considered to be "liberal" and are quite protective of individual rights. "ban rape"... We were are discussing the USA and SCOTUS, not the world. Robbin, not only is your logic specious but also is lacking reasonable facts to back it. I suggest reading your remarks before you post them and asking yourself if your statements are backed by reasonable amounts of evidence. So far, you are failing that guide.


John Lemon 5 months, 2 weeks ago on 913 Wolf comment is something everyone needs to read.

Tom, I was the person who posted some sightings of wolves. All were told to me by the sighter. The first was a sighting of 3 wolves in the Pine Creek bed - 2 females and 1 male heading North. The second came from a person living on the west side of Pine. He said that he saw 2 wolves on his lot on two occasions. He took a picture and took it to Az. Fish and Game people who said they were wolves. (Thankfully he did not ask one of the Feds.) One other person saw what he thinks was a wolf( because of the size) on the west side of Payson in the forest. Because of a lack of personal sightings, I will say that my OPINION is that they are here. Even if the critters are overly big Coyotes, the local folks had better change some habits.


John Lemon 5 months, 3 weeks ago on 847 The Question Is .... The abortion clinic decision.

  1. " Justice Roberts does what his church and the good old boys club tells him to do, just like the other male Justices on the bench...." What church does Roberts belong to? What churches do each of the other male Justices belong to? Do the other males on the SCOTUS have a clear record of siding with their churches? You appear to assume that the male justices are not capable of thinking on their own.
  2. "It is too bad they can't ban rape." It is unfortunate that you do not recall that rape is banned.
  3. "If you support Israel then you support their ideas, right?" Wrong because you assume an "all or none" position, as if people can not think and analyze for themselves. A person who deserves the label "thinker" takes many concepts and analyzes components separately. Check the difference between "inductive" and "deductive" reasoning.

John Lemon 5 months, 3 weeks ago on 841 The Question Is... Murder?

Tom, I may be in error but I think that in Az. if a person is killed while committing a felony, all parties involved in committing the crime can be charged with murder. The Mo. case is not different , is it?