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kate moore 3 years, 7 months ago on Old men should not decide a woman’s rights

I don't have a problem with all white males. My white male husband and I, however, both have a problem with the attitude that women should relax and enjoy everything white males have given us and just keep quiet. People of all colors, ethnicities, and religions have built a society that we all enjoy and sometimes criticize---including white males---and have done so while supporting babies and their mothers. The attitude that we should all just be grateful to the white males is disgusting, to all people of both genders. The attitude that we should not criticize white males who take positions we find to be objectionable is the antithesis of what this country is supposed to stand for. Only weak men are threatened by strong women.


kate moore 4 years, 9 months ago on Religious freedom not exclusive to employers

Thank you, Judy Bowers; you expressed extremely well the irony and near terrorism of current thinking. Too many politicians SAY they want small government, but what they MEAN is that they want their own government, and lots of it, with total control.


kate moore 6 years, 3 months ago on Should the State restore funding for the Gifted and Talented Program?

We often compare ourselves to other countries in terms of eucation, and feel we come out on the short end of that comparison, but one very real difference between our school system and educational systems in Asia, for example, is the value placed on students of the highest academic ability. As a gifted facilitator, I often hear that 'those kids will get what they need anyway' and monies spent are begrudged. The fact is that dollars invested in our strongest academic students are dollars invested in the popultion that will provide the top flight probhlem solvers---and we surely have a sufficiency of problems to solve. Americans all too often fear that celebrating and investing in our brightest scholars will lead to elitism; that is shortsighted. Bringing our gifted students to their highest potential will pay tremendous dividends in the future.

Kate Moore Gifted Facilitator Manhattan High School Manhattan, Kansas 66502 former PHS English teacher


kate moore 6 years, 11 months ago on Pets react differently to shelter closing time

Shame on landlords who arbitrarily refuse to take pets, even without meeting the animals! And double shame on those who force families, in these economic times especially, to choose between housing and their pets.

I am a landlord, so I know the potential problems. We rent a nice, three bedroom home.---and we take pets. We may negotiate with the owners, but we take pets. The way we treat animals is indicative of the way we treat people, so please protect me from those who feel empowered to turn away a family's beloved pet just because s/he can. The above referenced landlords might do well to remember that what goes around, comes around.

Kate Moore Manhattan, Kansas 66503 Formerly of Payson