Linda White

lwhite 4 years, 4 months ago on Indian Rodeo Association stages major event in Payson

We wondered what was happening at the rodeo grounds last weekend, sure would have been nice if it was advertised. We asked around and no one knew what was happening.


lwhite 5 years, 11 months ago on No free use of center

Just one more event that will go by the wayside for our kids and families to participate in. The Mogollon Montoneras have spent many years and a lot of hours volunteering to put on these events for good clean family fun. So, Mr. Evans, think about that comment of yours..they can afford it ... if a family is only entering one child maybe. But many of the families that participate have three and four children to enter along with themselves, this becomes costly. Add on top of that gas/diesel for a vehicle to get to the arena between $3-$4 dollars a gallon it has become an expensive day.

And, remember these same families participate in the Town's Barrel series which supports the Town's effort....they may want to rethink that (I have-I won't participate anymore), why should we support a town that doesn't support the groups that are doing a good thing and keeping family tradition alive. So, the way I see it, the horse events will be gone, and the event center will sit empty not making anyone any money.


lwhite 7 years ago on Students heat things up with Food Network star

Congrats! I was at this show and all the kids did a great job! I am jealous I wasn't on stage helping him!!


lwhite 7 years, 8 months ago on Council rejects cut in event center manager’s contract

It never ceases to amaze me that members of the town council think that the people who live in the County shouldn't be allowed to use the facilities in Payson. Who the heck do they think shops in Payson on a daily basis, buying groceries, gas, eating at the restaurants,etc. You guessed it the people that live out of town. If we all stopped shopping, eating, and supporting the town of Payson, wouldn't you be in a world of hurt. Everyone supports Charlene (yes, even those of us who live out of town) and the great work that she does at the event center. The kids that are learning to take care of their animals, etc. aren't in town wondering the streets. If the town of Payson would allow horses in more areas, than the residents wouldn't have to move out of town to keep their animals, which in turn keeps their kids out of trouble.


lwhite 7 years, 11 months ago on A once in a lifetime pet

Jessica-my heart goes out to you and your family! My dogs and I have participated in many events with you and Gus over the years (and you both won many times). Your love and dedication to him and him to you was very apparent. I am sure he will always hold a special place in your heart forever.

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