maltesemom 4 years, 3 months ago on Surname's SEE and HOSFELT Family History Seeking Info.

I have found various Roundup articles written about the killing of Annie SEE by her husband John SEE (Jr.) in 1892. I am a decendant of Mary Ellen SEE (the sister of John SEE Jr.) Their parents were John and Louisa SEE of Tonto Basin and later Globe and then Los Angeles (place of death). Mary Ellen SEE married Charles Hosfelt (original register of the Butcher Hook brand and ranch in Tonto Basin/Cline area). My mother (living) is the grand-daughter of Charles and Mary Ellen Hosfelt. I am seeking any photo's showing the SEE's or HOSFELT's. Other information greatly appreciated. Any relatives out there? NOTE: Charlie See and his cousin J. Jernnigan were known to the Payson area...Photo's would be great.